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As much as you are all sad, I moved to needlesspanic. My username there is etnies (ahah thanks to Heather). So if any of you have a needlesspanic username, comment there and I'll add you!. I love you's so much and I'll miss you's!.

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Read First: Hello. Welcome to another friends only journal. If you want to be added, comment. Don't add me first or I won't add you at all. I'm very opinionated in my entries so if you will take offence of it then don't bother to comment. I'm also picky who I add so try your luck. I will not add you if you're just looking for a large friends list or trying to be 'cool'. I hate when people do that, they never comment. I do not help with journals/layouts. If you ask me to add you just for journal help then you won't recieve it. But if you're one of my good blurty friends then I'll surely help you out on what you need. Yes I do sound like a bitch and you are oh-so-right. So go and comment now bitch! <3


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