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Monday, January 17th, 2005

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    Strange yet sad
    Well today was Martin Luther King day and I really didn't do much other then homework. We've been really broke the past few weeks with Tony not work. He applied for unemployment but his call in date isn't until next monday, so we're bummin right now. We're mostly just laying low, not spending too lavishly and hoping to go we come into some side cash this week. We want to go to the Auto show this week/weekend but we're too broke and we are going to have to put our money into going to a funeral tommorow. We just got news on saturday night that a boy we knew died on friday. Apparently his really shitty ass parents have been redoing thier shit ass house and ripping up the walls and shit. Long story short, somehow thier kid contracted spinal menigitis and died on friday. He was only like 13. I feel so bad for that family, they have been going through some shitty ass things recently. I hope things turn around for them. Other then that I didn't get anything done today except homework. Well that's all for tonight. Later!

    Current Mood: sad
    Current Music: Fear Factory - Archetype

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