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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
9:51 pm - been quite some time . . .
5th year now at gv - almost done.

not sure who gets on here anymore, most likely nobody. maybe randy.

election day has just passed, and what a relief it is. i just mean that i'm just glad its over . . . as conservative as i am, i kinda didnt even care anymore - i just wanted it to be over. im kinda disappointed in america, and the way it is heading . . . it seems the the US is just being "liberalized" with each passing day, month, or year . . . and while most may think that's a good thing . . . it makes me nervous.

im just kinda disappointed in that so many people can be won over by a "smooth" candidate. i'll agree that barack obama is an excellent politician, who knows all the right things to say. he came to GR and i watched his speech - never have i heard a more generic speech. all he has to say is "change" and the crowd went wild. I just dont want the average person to give up their ideals because of a smooth politician. ahh, theres so much more, but i dont wanna get into it. im just frustrated - why am i surrounded by people who think nearly oppositely of me? i am frustrated because of the america haters - those who say they'll leave the US if mccain were to be elected. dont get me wrong, i didnt love mccain either . . . but come on . . . dont be an america hater. regardless of our leadership . . . appreciate the great country we live in - sounds so cliche, but people . . . your hatred is a disease, it spreads . . . and those who look up to you suddenly "hate" this country, but have no idea why.

im not saying you have to be conservative like me . . . just dont be mindlessly liberal, or mindlessly conservative - and dont be mindlessly swayed by campaigns . . . pleease. i had someone tell me today: "i cannot believe you didn't vote for obama - i thought you were a pretty smart guy." they then proceeded to tell me pretty much a verbatim script from a commercial i had seen the other day (and a million other times) . . . "i just wanted change i can believe in, don't you?" . . . ahh im just frustrated. Randy, please move back to GR, i need someone near me who thinks like me. is it me, or am i alone? i dont know the last time i talked politics because i am surrounded by so many haters and seemingly socialists (sorry). i dont wanna get into it . . . i dont care to because it doesnt matter . . . maybe its just me, but anytime i have a discussion with someone quite liberal . . . all logic is tossed out the window. i guess what i want is to be surrounded by logical, sensible people - i am not. thats all i want. it would be quite refreshing . . . mm . . . someday, maybe.

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Friday, February 24th, 2006
2:24 am
i need some music . . . . and i need it right now . . . and i need the good stuff. music . . . thank God for music.

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Monday, February 20th, 2006
9:35 pm - well letss see hereee
what to say, what to say . . . . long time no see, i knkow you alls missed me, its okay - im here to let ya know im alright . . . and still the awesomest dude that ever wore pants.

ahh so these last couple weeks have been rough - but i get by. i try to stay impervious to stress . . . but it gets to me, and i hate when it does. sorry to those who i'm a complete dick to, i dont mean it, honestly. i try to a good guy . . . just doesnt always seem thtat way. moving on.

got a good chunk of the old Sea - mest - errr done . . . and it feels good. but, im wearin thin. wake up gets harder every day, and i feel like butter spread on too much toast. i need . . . . spring break. i wanna just chillax and kick it . . . with the woman, friends, and family. got any plans on spring break, anyone? hit me up . . . i miss a lot of people. very much.

played in the alumni game this past wknd, it was fun . . . gotta love it. we got beat, but its alright (dan wood, okay with losing? - - im workin on becoming tolerable). i had fun, and it was a good time to see a few faces . . . raddy didnt show, but thats cuz he had a game. wish i coulda made it to his last game . . . sorry, buddy - - in hindsight, i probably should have gone to see you play, instead.

also, played in the IM playoffs . . . we made it to round 3, we play next week monday. hope for the best, we've got a lot to improve upon. my eyes from the outside (woman) can help us with that, hopefully . . . maybe not the easiest pill to swallow, but i know she knows her stuff . . . i listen.

alright enough for tonite . . . just in case you were all wondering (of course im speaking to nobody, cuz nobody reads this foolish thing) . . . im still really busy. not sure if im busy being awesome, or just busy doin other things. buttttt . . . im still awesome. and im still very happy. this year is actually goin pretty fast . . . and although im workin and stressed . . . im enjoying it, and the people that are along for the ride . . . take care all, wish the best - see you next update - - - DWOOD20

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Friday, January 20th, 2006
2:35 pm
every time i think i understand, i get confused again. i somehow expected myself to memorize different functional groups in organic chem, but didnt. i somehow expected myself to understand every vector in calc 3, but didnt. i somehow expected myself to nail physics 2, but fell short. i think i understand a few other things . . . and im more confused than ever. im confused again . . . and i just want to understand.

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
1:33 am
hey hey . . . been a rough couple of days here, and my exams havent even started. im hangin in there, and im doin OK. i gots chem and bio on wednesday, and a 10-12 page paper due on thurs. hopefully i get that done tomorrow morning tho . . . we shall see.

"Rain, rain, rain go away
Let the sun come out and all the children say:
Rain, rain, rain go away . . . "
- of course a lil Kanye for ya . . . it's been what i've listened to lately . . .

its gonna be a lonely christmas break . . . i might be here til christmas eve . . while everyone else leaves on thursday, all the roomies and kelly . . . i'll be here. anyone have any time to kill, i'll be here so give me a ring . . . thats like 9 days by myself. uugghh. alright i'll cut this little bitchfest short . . . maybe i'll head to bed in a bit, i might be starting to get tired . . . we'll see . . .

"I gotta testify, come up in the spot looking extra fly
For the day I die, I'mma touch the sky . . ."

nite all . . . catch ya later

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Monday, December 5th, 2005
1:35 pm
ooohh . . . lets see here:

the semesters almost over . . . hang in there dan, hang in there . . .
lets update . . . im flat broke, the brokest joke that ever spoke . . . i work 24 hours a week and still have zero money. i suck at life because i promised myself that i wouldnt skip any more classes for the rest of the semester, and then i work up 15 minutes after bio class started. fuck me. but, i can read the book . . . and understand what i need to know - i gotsta ace the final, and in chem . . hahaha. always a crunch for those last points that i so desperately need.

other things to look forward to:
CHRISTMAS. i love (as everyone should) christmas, and its pretty f'in sweet. not only the presents, food, friends, family (which should be enough in and of themselves) but the BREAK. not a break from work, mind you . . . but a break from my brain. not that i use it tons . . . but oh my goodness, sitting on my butt is the best ever. i wanna go 2 days without showering, and i wanna wear the same clothes. i wanna not have any responsibility and not have to go anywhere. i wanna just chill without purpose. basically, i wanna be pat horn . . . at least for a few days . . . hahaha
DET vs. MIA. kel and i are goin to the game, goin' to a casino, and not sure what on the way back yet . . . but its gonna be a good time. another escape from school, work, responsibilities. im real excited.
SKIING. i will go skiing with anyone, once i have money. i wanna take kelly, and i know ryan wants to go. i have to make sure i go at least once . . . anyone up for it? i'd love to go more, so we'll see. i love skiing way too much . . . . ahh so much fun.
i guess thats all for now . . . as much as life is gonna suck in the next 2 weeks, i will just keep thinkin . .. "christmas, pistons, skiing . . . food, friends, family . . . no school, no school, no school . . . and i'll make it through just fine.

take care, im outta here . . . see ya next update

current music: Brian Vander Ark - A Million Things

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Sunday, November 13th, 2005
11:36 pm
i wish i always knew what to think . . .

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12:54 am
i wish i always knew what to do . . .

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Thursday, November 10th, 2005
6:50 pm
ahh one more week almost down . . . and i realize exactly how much i suck . . .

but, i got my new job at mobil, worked two days training this week, and i am gonna like it a lot more than gap. its way closer, i get more hours . . . and i might actually be able to get days off in the weekend. plus, i have to work so many more hours now . . . i have to make money . . . fast. my car blows now, as the heater core went out and it came out to be about 1000 . . . and i have to get the transmission checked out . . . crossing my fingers . . .

i thought i hit "the wall" months ago . . . but i hit another one this week. you know, the wall where you cant get yourself to care about anything . . . going to class, doing homework, trying . . . period. well, yeah that wall came this week . . . its only thursday and i have skipped 4 classes this week . . . uugghh . . . and i have missed 4 of the last 5 biology classes. and im not even trying to do it . . . uggghh . . .

my grades are starting to even out . . . i got an A on the last bio exam . . . and then i got a B on the last chem . . . bringin it down, but i'll get it back up, i promise.

i just get so frustrated with myself . . . i need to MOTIVATE myself . . . uuugghh . . .
" . . . so hold me now and say it's not forever . . .
. . . Things WILL go my way . . .
. . . so take my hand and don't let me surrender . . .
. . . Things WILL go my way . . .

i want it to be thanksgiving. i want to not think about school. i want to not think about money. i wanna think about my friends, family, and food. i want it to be christmas . . . and i want to go the pistons - heat game with kel. i want to be done with school . . . and be all f'ing growed up . . .

" . . . You know if this earth should crack
I'll be your solid ground
I will be there to catch you when you fall down . . ."

" . . . ever the same . . ."

blurty . . . good work, got my mind off of things once again . . .

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Monday, October 31st, 2005
9:13 pm
hey hey . . . been awhile, but im back . ..

took my car in today, and its gonna have to have 400+ dollars into it . . . for things that seem trivial . . . uuuggh frustrating.

other than this . . . life is good, i got my bio exam back - got an A . . . and i should receive word (that i dont wanna know, really) about my chem exam shortly. had a pretty good weekend . . . i went to the zoo on friday with kel . . it was pretty neat to remember all those things. i kept havin little flashbacks of field trips from over 10 years ago . . . man that place hasnt changed a bit. it was fun, tho . . . kel got a really awesome picture of a tiger - it was soooo close to us. cant forget the spider monkeys either, they were just the same as well . . . wow that was a long time ago.

also, i went to see Saw II this weekend . . . and we ran into jen and ryan, that was pretty neat. that movie was f'in awesome . . . .soo freaky and gorey. . . but i liked it a lot. craziness . . .

also, the gap officially pissed me off . . . and i applied at mobil on 48th, and i have an interview wednesday. hopefully i can get the job . . maybe get better hours . .. and save a lot of money on gas. we'll see how it works out . . .

but yeah, this is an update for blurtyland . . . and surprsingly, im not so much the bringer of bad news tonite, other than my f'ing car . . and that exam . . . otherwise, ive got a paper due on friday - and a week off of work . . . til my friday - sunday rampage at the gap . . .grrreeat.

i got a lovesac at their opening day promotion . . . kel drew a 53% off, so it came out to like 94 bucks . . . which i now regret spending because of my car . . . but oh well . . . i just gotta keep working . . . but the lovesac is just a small one, but its still real neat . . it came supercompressed, and you have to break it all apart . . it was pretty cool.

i guess that's all i have for now . . . later dudes

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Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
1:49 am
ok ok ok . . .

so heres the deal, i got a C on a test, an A, and a B+ on a paper. Somewhat of a rocky start, tho, considering the C . . i thought i got an A . . . and the A . . . i thought i got an F. whoa dan, whoa. and sorry to all of you that i was prrroobbably an ass to, on the day i thought i failed . . . i was not happy . . . nnnnooott happy. moving on - not too much new here, just kinda makin it through, day by day . . . "one day at a time . . ."

was kel's bday today . . went pretty well, cassie morgs kel and i just kinda hung out and played some games . . .

so here's the thing . . . its stupid that one test can make me doubt my major sooo much. it kinda pisses me off cuz i know that i love chem, and it somethtin that has (so far) come really easy to me. i thought i failed that test, and then it turned out i got 4th out of 130 . . thats how stupid i am when it comes to knowing how i did. i have so many different things goin on my head about where i could go with myself . . . i mean, chem, bio, biomedical science, public health, math . . . cripes i dont know. i could picture myself doin just about anythin, but nothin for very long . . . haha . . ahhhhh

so get this, i have been f'in loopy lately. i dont know whats goin on . . . everythings screwed up in my head. i am . . .absent minded, i guess is the "term." i'll lose my shoes, my keys, my wallet, my shirt, my books, my calculator, my pop, my f'in crackers (that was today), my glasses, my watch, my pencil (i have forgotten a pencil to class about every other day), my assignments, i forgot to bring shoes to class, i forgot my f'in shoes to class, i forgot my notebook to my only class i had at that time, i forget to eat, i forgot my wallet when i went to work, had to ask morgan for money for food, only to find out that i forgot that my wallet had fallen under the seat, after flipping out and ransacking my entire apartment . . . ahhhh i have shit for brains and i dont know why . . . everytime i try to leave for class, i have to run upstairs to grab sooomething. EVERY time. grrrrr . . .

ok ok . . . im probably gonna try to sleep - although im not tired cuz of my screwed up sleep habits . . . later dudeees

current music: The Killers - Change Your Mind

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
10:53 pm

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
12:52 am - here for now . . .
oooh man. ok i'm frustrated. im in my chem class and my prof just flies through this stuff . . . im just sittin there and im like "whhhoooa!" i look to thome and am like - did YOU get that?? he says no . . .so i say "are we the only kids in this class that are retarded??" and then like 8 people all around are like "NOO" at the same time. haha it was funny . . . this prof just flies thru stuff and doesnt care who learns or doesnt learn.

i also went running today, and im in the worst shape of my life. my legs felt soooo dead after 2 1/2 miles, and i wasn't goin all that fast, and i even took 2 short breaks. i really need to just get myself to be motivated in everything thats important to me . . . including school. ahhh im just frustrated and its probably annoying everyone around me. i just want things to be like normal . . . i wanna understand everything the teacher says . . . i wanna do fine on the tests . . . and i wanna not have to do the reading. i wanna just relax and hang out with my friends - and i want to just be all set. i wanna f'ing know what im gonna do with my career . . . im having my doubts about chem now, just cuz i dont wanna work hard. its ridiculous. plus, i have 2 jobs now, not tons of hours, around 19 hours a week . . but still, it just kinda dampens my relaxing time. now i shouldnt complain too much . . . i really shouldnt. ok ok im gonna go over some good things, just to get my mind off of my frustrations. hold on, one more frustration . . .hahaha. my little brother got pulled up to varsity, and i know it means a lot to him for me to see him play. i thought, oh for sure i'll go see him play - easy. but it seems like every time i think about it, somethin comes up . . . plus i work saturday mornings real early. i feel bad cuz i cant go . . . and he did real well last game. i need to just go and then come back home after . . . but its so hard to put that into the schedule. uuughh . . . im so bad at relationships and just the overall concept of doin' what you should, because it means a lot. im selfish, and i only care about the things i want. i reeeally need to get over myself and just be a good person. i like myself so much better than a few years ago . . . but i have so many bad traits . . . that i need to work on. i try i really do . . . i just wanna be well rounded and a good person. thats all . . . why is it so f'ing hard. whhhhyyyyy. ahhh anwyas . . back to the GOOD things. here we go. im glad i have classes this sememster with people i know. i know that im capable of doing without that, but it just makes it easier to enjoy the class and keep up with everything. thome's in my chem and bio classes . . . plus jimbo and kelsey are in my holocaust class. and in bball ive got adam and grant. so it's not too bad at all. also, even with working this year . . . i've found time to hang out at least some of the people i care about. i get to hang out with kel a couple times a week, which is always fun. and, i havent been terrrible at keepin in touch with Bk and dickey - adam and all them. pat criticizes me about not ever hangin out with him or at the apartment . . . but now that we got into tennis, it shouldnt be too hard. it was hard before, just cuz nothin was ever goin on . . . so i would just find other stuff to do. another good thing: i solved my money problem. i came into this year wondering if i would get any of the jobs that i applied for, and wondering how i was gonna pay for my car. well, i got 2, and thats a big relief . . . its a good thing, but a bad thing . . haha. im glad i didnt have to go back and work wknds at wesco or anything . . that woulda been awful. ahh this is getting REEEALLY long . . . so i think i'll wrap it up . . . sorry for all the blahh blah blahhh . . . i dont recommmend this as reading material . . .unless of course, youre sick and twisted and like that sorta thing . . . hahaha lattterr dudes

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Sunday, September 11th, 2005
11:11 pm - . . .
so im pretty tired . . . lets review:

the week was decent enough, only had class W-F - thanks to labor day. Friday night, i didnt do a whole lot, went to the mall in grandville . . . grabbed some food at applebee's . . .then just hung around the place with kel. pat weirded me out this week, he left on friday afternoon (somewhere) . . we dont know where. for like 5 hours. i do know he didnt take his car anywhere, and he wasnt playin sports or anythin like that. he said he was 'out and about' . . . which doesnt help his case, cuz theres some group called out and about . . . which is not a heterosexual group, we'll just say that. but yeah, thats just weird and creepy - especially cuz he just will not say anything about where he was at all.

saturday morning i had the holland recreation basketball clinic, and it was pretty fun. we kinda split into pairs and just took a group of girls . . . my partner was pretty cool - and i think we did the best job at teaching the kids, too. our kids were the only ones that would yell and get into it . . . everyone else said the girls hated them or didnt wanna do anything . . . it was pretty funny.

then, after that . . . i rushed to ionia to cater a wedding for adams mom. that was pretty neat, i didnt do a whole lot. i just kinda tried to stand around as much as i could . . . especially cuz i didnt know what to do. i still helped out, but you know . . hhaha. it was fun tho, adams mom gave us each a "care package" with tons of food. mmmm sweet. then i came back to kel and cassies place . . . just to kinda relax. i thought i was gonna pass out at first - but i found a way to wake up. i ended up stayin up too late for myself, and got very little sleep - no worries tho . . . i took a 4 hour nap this afternoon . . . wow these weekends are gonna wreck me. wrreeckkk me.

the more i think about it, the more i realize i wont be going home at all this year. all my weekends are booked, and thats really the only time i would be going home. i just cant get a good enough reason to head back . .. granted im only a couple weeks into the year. but, its just a drive back that i dont know if i need.

more and more i just wish i knew where i was goin . .. in what field . . . and to just be all set. i just wish i had what i needed to be on my own. i wanna be with who i'm supposed to be with . .. do what i'm supposed to do . . . and live my f'ing life. i dont hate school . . . i like it a lot. i don't hate my life . .. i love it. i just wanna fast forward a little is all . . . just a lil bit.

no worries no worries, i only wrote this cuz i was listening to music. when i listen to music, at least some types . . . i "rethink" my life . . . hahaha i just think about why i dotn work hard, why i cant motivate myself, why i skip classes, why i wake up late, why i dont keep in touch with my friends . . . dang music . . . dddaanng music . . .

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Sunday, September 4th, 2005
5:06 pm
what do ya know . . . dan gets bored on weekends . . . hhaaa

well, i'd rather be bored than working . . . cuz from here on out . . . my wknds probably wont be taken up by "i wonder what i should do . . . " and rather . . . "i f-ing hate working" . . . but i gotta do it - so i will. I got a job at the Gap Outlet in Holland - and doing a bAsKeTbAlL clinic as well . . . at least i get to mix it up a little bit. if i can just keep some money in the checking account - i will be good . . . to pay off the car, and eat eat eat.

im a little frustrated right now with my knowledge of chemistry . . . its my major, i love it . . . but i seem to have forgotten how to do it. i know i know . . . i have to review in order to catch up . . aka "work at it." bbuuut i hate reading, i hate reviewing, and i hate working at anything. the only thing i like to work at is my "shots" . . . as in my basketball shot and my golf shot. grrr i really just wish i wasnt me . . . and instead one of those easily motivated people. thats my real problem . . . motivationnnn. ahh . . . ok

also a little frustrated ( alittle risskkkaayy here, im not sure who reads these) with whether or not i will do as much socially as i did last year. for starters, im working . . . so that cuts out a lot. also, the time imnot working . . . im at my apartment with jim and pat, who dont go anywhere - ever. and then eric, whos an all around good guy - but he'll probably gone somewhere else. so that means im gonna have to work at something again . . . i gots to put effort into makin sure i still hang out with my friends . . . working at that . . . how lame is that.

but forget my complaining and my whining . . . i guess its better i do it in here rather than actually TO somebody. im just tryin to kill some time whhile i wait for my laundry . . . ok fellers . . . catch y'all later . . .

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Sunday, August 21st, 2005
1:43 am - is it true that if you don't use it . . . you lose it??
alllright . . . almost move - in day . . . and i am pretty ready to hit up A - town. I dont want the classes . . . gosh no . . . buut i am ready to see what this apartment life is gonna bring me.

this summer has been pretty good . . . i really should have worked more, and i didnt . . . so i am pretty mad at myself. i did relax quite a bit . . . but didnt do a whole lot otherwise . . . basketball was fun, tho. i didnt even do a whole lot of hangin out . . . ryan was gone a lot . . . so i only saw him in basketball or other occasions . . . randy, i have no idea what he did all summer long . . . but he just never called or anything . . . and if i did call, sometimes things didnt work out . . . or maybe he didnt even get the messages on that derned answering machine. pat worked at carwash . . .and so he never even wanted to do anything . . .he even turned ryan and i down cuz he wanted to play a computer game. wow . . . that hurts. morgan had classes all summer and i barely saw any of her . . . that sucks to have class so much . . . although i kinda wish i had, cuz then i would have at least accomplished something. next summer dan, next summer, you'll work your ass off. got it?? ok good . . . so the only person i really hung out with was kelly . . . cuz we were the only ones who were a) bored b) home c) that wanted to hang out . . . cuz i actually just think pat and randy didnt wanna hang out anymore . . i cant blame em . . im not exactly a "riot." . . haha i just like to hang out and relax . . .just do whatever. thats when you can really get to know people . . .and i guess thats why i think i dont feel like im that close with anyone anymore . . (or maybe its just cuz i had a boring day, who knows). i have only hung out with kel on a consistent basis . . . except for when i go back to school. then i'll be back to just hangin out like always . . . i guess people have said it all along tho . . .friends change . . . but i think i'll be stubborn just a little bit longer . . . you know meee, as stubborn as they come. im not big on losin' friends . . . done that too many times . . .

oh by the way . . . pllleasse dont read this blurty if youre looking for something interesting . . . i should just make it private and forget about it . . . butttt i havent updated in awhile, and it'll be a long time before i do again . . . sooo here you go blurty . . . youve been a good buddy thru the years . .. llllllatterrr.

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Monday, August 8th, 2005
1:44 am
pretty good day today . . . went to chicago this morning to pick up april . . . got back about 5, and then went out and played 9 with wayne and jeremiah . . . i didnt putt well at all, but i guess i did okay for hitting it in the valley hazard twice . . . shot 46, wayne killed us and shot 38 . .. and jeremiah shot 50. it was a rough day of putting . . . those hick nasty greens got me all F'd up.

then we balled for llike 3 1/2 hours . . . and it was awesome. we had a good amount of people, rads, ben, chris, joe, ian, jeremiah, shuan, jeff, nic . . . not a bad night. exceeptt now my whole body is sore. lets start from the bottom. both ankles are a bit swollen and ache (not uncommon). . . both knees, especially the right knee, is throbbing. both hips and tailbone feel like someone grabbed them and tried to pry 'em apart. the back is just plain tired.. both shoulders and elbows have their creaks goin on . . .and then my right wrist that i landed on and sprained awhile ago is sore. also, my thumb is pretty frickin sweet too. hahaha . . . and . . . it's worth it. thats the best part. i loveeee it. basketball me . . . basketball . .. i love it.

ok . . . so i havent been updating . . . and this is not the night to do it . . .im barely gettin through this . . .and the eyes are dryin out . . .sooo. . . i will say goodnight .. i have a whole lot to update on, but i just cant really do it now . . . maybe sometime, or maybe i'll pretend like i did . . . which is all the same . .. alright, later dudes

current mood: cloud 9 . . .
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Thursday, July 28th, 2005
6:19 pm
sooo frustrated . . .

current music: back into lifehouse . . . you and me

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Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
12:49 am
oooh my goodness . . .

ook this week was alright, i am real exhausted . .. but not tired. get it? ok.

yesterday i went down to Ionia to visit adam, a buddy from school. we just kinda hung out last night, doin nothin much . . . watched hitch, grabbed some dinner, you know . . then this morning we got up and hooped it up in Portland . . . and it was co-ed at an outdoor court . . . i guess i look like im bad at basketball, cuz they put adam and i on the same team . . .and we would dominate for the next 2 hours. then, it rained a bit. . .and then we went and played some golf. it wwas ridiculous humid . . and we played pretty bad. had a few doubles, did have a birdie and a few pars . .. but it was ugly. i had a HUGE slice goin' on.

so im kinda TO'd that kel and morgs said they won't ever go golfing again . . . they OBVIOUSLY arent serious .. .but i just wish i had someone around here that liked it even close to as much as ido. ..or liked it at all. ohhh well . ..

so i get home from ionia and had to go pretyt much striahgt to work . . .and it was double time cuz of the 4th . .but man was i tired. and when dan gets tired . . he gets grumpy. every single person was annoying (almost) . . and i was pretty frickin annoyed. little kids kept comin in and crying ... and i kinda wanted to kick them out. plus, people ask stupid questions . . blllah. let me continue my complain-a-thon . . .hhaaa kidding . ..

anyways, ludington macker in two wknds, and i should see a bunch of friends from school then .. .should be a good time. plus, hoopin' it up is aaallwways fun. i loveee it. oh my goodness i get so pumped just thinkin about playin competitive basskkettbballl again . .. it seems like the last several times i've played it's been with people who are really bad . . . so yeah you want to win still . ..but its just not as fun. .. and you dont play with the same intensity and all out mentality. ahhh i love it . . . anybody wanna play for real . . HIT ME UP . . .IM SOOO IN. ryan's back this week, so that should help a bunch.

soo i think im goin golfin with pops tomorrow . .. ben and dad, we'll probably hit some balls then head out to hickory. i think thats what he said he'd like to do . . .that'd be neat. he used to like to try to get into golf, but then he just sorta stopped. anyways . . Tiger went 73-66-67-66 for a 2nd place. BUMMER DUDE. i thought after that eagle . . he had it for sure . .. but ohhhh well. had Jimmy been in the same pairing as Tiger, he'd have pulled it off. Nobody can beat Tiger head to head . . . but jims a good competitor . . lotsa respect for the furyk. he's the next best pick . . . Tiger's lookin' like he's in good shape for the British .. .look from him to start out slow as always . . . but come Sunday, Tiger will be set to make a run at St. Andrews . .. the true home of golf. hahaha . . this gets me so excited . . sorry im lame, and yooou dont care ... but hey i guess its my journal . ..you gots nothin on me . . .

alrighty fellers im OUT . . enjoy the evenin . ..

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Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
12:38 am
blurty blurty . . . you got my back, buddy . . . and here i am - back to give ya the word in D's life . . .

well i did coach a tourney this wknd . . . and we went 4-1 . . . we should have won all of them, but we won't go there. the guys are fun to coach, but they just have a little bit of work left for me . . . little things about just knowing the game, in general. it's so crazy how so much of the game can't just be taught or skilled . .. there's a knowledge aspect . . . and an instinct . . .that can only come from true experience and seasoning. it's that look in the kids' eyes . . . that look of desperation and panic . . . where all they really are thinking is: "get this ball out of my hands!" . . . or it's that mentality you need to have on offense . . . to exploit your defender's weaknesses. always play to a team's weakness . . . and always play to your strengths . . . if you're bigger, then use your dang body to get the job done, if you're faster, then blow by 'em with a fake or juke . . . anyways, moving on . . . sorry about that.

soo . . . i got a call from Manpower today, and i have to call them back tomorrow morning . . . i really don't want to work more hours .. . but i know i should. i have to get as much money in the bank as i can . .. so that i can make my car payments only by donating plasma. that would be sweet. i could have however much saved, plus make 50 bucks a week at biolife . . . and i wouldnt even have to get a job. but we'll see . . . it doesnt seem that things ever go to plan . . . so who knows.

so this summer's fadin quickly . . . im not sure if im happy or not . . . granted i dont want to not have summer . .. but i liked bein at school a lot. plus, kelly's transferring to GV and i know she's havin her doubts, but it'll be fun to have her along for the ride. then again, i dont want to have to write papers and put up with bull from profs . . . but i'll settle back in, i know. my classes are only going to get harder . . . and i better shape up. i still have HS habits, and they need to leave.

so i've turned yet another blurty into a giant long entry, and im sorry. if anyone's that interested into this babbling, im sorry that you're more bored than i am . . . but yeah, check this out . . . i've got less than 2 months left of summer, and i have nothing to show for the 2 months that i've already been here . . . other than being in debt. but now that i have a car, be sure that i will keep in better touch this year . . . and just not be dependent on anyone. i hate being dependent . . . it goes against everything in my personality . . . but i guess it's good to tone it back a little . . . just keep in mind that the goal is to be as well-rounded in personality and character as is possible . . . and God knows i'm far from it . . . but i'm workin at it . . .

til next time . . . keep on smilin' fellers . . . catch ya later

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