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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005

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    So long sailor
    Vacation is nice. So is having a new car. I've named him Faolan, which is Gaelic for "little wolf." He's grey, and little, so I figured it works. Pronounced "Feh-LAWN", in case you don't um speak Gaelic. I haven't had that many passengers--Matty was my first one, we took the car out after work Friday night and got frozen cokes and combos to celebrate his last closing day. I threatened him with certain death if he spilled in my car. And then Saturday night was going to be Matt's surprise b'day party, but everyone bailed b/c of the "bad" weather. I guess I really didn't want to drive Faolan in the ice either, considering I'd only had him a day, so we rescheduled for Monday night--which meant I had to break the surprise to Matt, who was secretly pleased I think, that everyone wanted to celebrate with him.

    So yeah, Monday night was the snowcheck for his b'day at Maggiano's...lotsa good food and apple martinis and good people. Ran, Eric, Sally, Ruishon, Stevie K, Lee, Matty and myself...huge bill too, but what the hell. It was his last day at work too.

    Jackson has gotten it into his head that he's going to trick out my car. I'm like "this is NOT Pimp My Ride, kiddo." I don't think that Courtney and a tricked out Civic really mesh. I'm kinda bummed with him right now, so yeah. That's all I have to say about that.

    Last night Sonya and I went to Peking Garden for yummy food and catching up. It was a lot of fun--I missed her. She got to be my 2nd passenger! And then we went to her Roger's house so I can see the new paint scheme in the kitchen--very nice very nice. I got to play with Blue--yay doggie!

    So vacation, very nice. I've really not done ANYTHING, and I love it. I've read, relaxed, watched DVD's, tried to sleep in, but can't past 9 or so, oh well. Tonight, Matt and I are cooking dinner and watching a movie at his house, tomorrow I get my hair highlighted, and then Friday, Matt and I are eloping to Charlotte. ha. We've decided that we're gonna make every other Friday night a going out night--so yeah, he thought it would be a way to keep close--not that he or I had our doubts that we wouldn't, but it'll just be like a thing. But it'll be a shock for me when I go back to work next week and I'll forget there's no Matt there. It will not be the same--I think I need to really start thinking about moving on, I dunno. I'm secure in what I do, I guess, but I don't wanna be there forever. Growing up sucks.

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    Current Music: The Doleful Lions-"Breather Bulls"

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