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Monday, February 9th, 2004

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    beina punk...SUX..!!!!!!!!!
    well....todaii i went punk for a dai cuz i had a bet whit mii sis ..by seeing who can eat the most pickles...nd of course i lost by only eating 5 pickles nd mii sis ate 6....also todaii in school this kid that i lyke a lot finally told me that he lykes mee.....buht i am not goin to go out whit hym cuz i like this kid jon. buht i don't know whut i am going to do from herr....well nothing else went on todai except for i almost got into a fight whit this gurl brittny r....she sed to this gurl amanda.."eww....she looks so bad in that.." so i went up to her nd comfronted her that she did sai that nd she kept o denying iht the whole time.....she is sucha dukin bych nd she knows iht very well..lol..well i gotta go nd ill write in u soon.......thats if i'm not lazy..lol.....

    P.S. I LOVE JON...!!!!!!! A.A.F.

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