Douglas Thomson's Day

Sunday, September 7, 2003


Went to church today for the first time in three weeks. Lots of women congratulating me on getting into oxford. they do that every week. Was Carol Booth's first sermon. She suits a pulpit :) Actually arrive 10 minutes late, so missed my favourite hymn, couldn't stay long either, which is ok because church is a bit like a gossippy marketplace after the blessing.

Blurty took ages to believe I was who I said I was today. It's annoying.

When I got home today, the house wasn't deserted. I couldn't actually get in, so I broke in. Well, I didn't really. I borrowed the neighbours' key. But we're splitting hairs here. Granted, they're pretty big hairs, but...

So I got the house to myself for four hours. Perhaps I should have invited lots of interesting people round. But then again, no. So I sat, a solitary piano player, belting out "The Maiden's Prayer" at a volume mum would have found unacceptable, and which the Maiden probably wouldn't have liked either. *grin*.

I got two things from UCAS yesterday. It's amazing what they'll attach an official UCAS label to. One was a blatant advert from Orange telling me that my mobile phone, and music system wasn't good enough, and that I'd never fit in at uni if I didn't get their mobile phone integrated music system. Or at least that's how I read it. I never liked orange anyway. I always preferred green. I was in that mood when I opened up the second package, which had a couple of ASDA adverts on the outside. Turns out it was actually a really interesting magazine on student life which i really shouldn't have chucked into the bin.

Since I haven't done anything today, there's not really much to blurty on about. Mil Millington's home page has moved, and I don't know where it is. This pisses me off, for it's one of my favourite humour websites. Grr. Also, I can hear "Fame Academy" from the other side of the house, which makes me glad I'm moving in October. Don't mean to be bitchy, but I haven't heard a single good rendition on there today!

Mum sat me down in the garden today after putting me to work on the lawn, and we chatted about all the minutiae of moving to uni. Like how we're going to get to Oxfordshire by 12 noon on 7th October. I mean, if we set off now, we could probably make it... But I think I'll have to enlist jamie to look after the dog and the sister while me and mum go down on the 6th.

Talking of Jamie, I think I'd like to do something with him and lindsay say on the 5th. perhaps a sleepover or something. I've said it to them both before, but I don't think they really noticed, that I'm going to miss them terribly. Partly because by the time I get back, after 8 weeks, I may not recognise them anymore, personality-wise. Jamie's personality has a habit of changing over very short spaces of time. I guess I knew it'd happen eventually, so I shouldn't really be shocked that this whole leaving-home thing is finally happening. In any case, I have a new Jamie now, and since i think Jamie doesn't really like me as he once did, maybe it's not too sad. It is a pity though.

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