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pic [17 Sep 2003|02:31pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Told you I could get a pic done 100 times faster then shannon. Theres me, my bike, and my car.....

*Editing Note*
(even though i shannon am now fixing it in his journal so everyone else besides his dumbass can see it, what a moron :)

hey what a surprise it works when i do it, to anyone reading this, he is a moron lol)

as if Im a moron :\

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FRIENDS ONLY [12 Sep 2003|10:44am]
I have made my journal Friends only

Leave a comment

and i will add you

But just make sure you can handle the severity of what i have to say

i speak only the truth

And thought it may be blunt

I feel its the best way to get my point across.....
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