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    Wednesday, May 28th, 2003
    5:20 pm
    really happy.......................................... for some reason
    yay! we got out of school early and i'm sooo happy because i hate school and i think that most teenagers do- so i won't go into detail about it.
    i'm really realy happy because my best friend told me she was going to commit suicide * i won't say why* and so like didn't know what to do, so i called up my friend Tony, & he was all like "shit! i've never been in a situation like this- ummm i think i remember the number- 1-888-suicide"- yeh and he helped alot because he's really nice-yeah but i don't wanna gush out all my feelings because i'm not really that sentimental, or melodramatic- this is a really short entry but i don't care
    5:05 pm
    hey eveyone i had the most perfect day today!! i don't know why it was- it just was. lol- yeah well i can't really describe my day because it was so cool.
    Yeah sooo yestrday, i found out that my friend Bryan liked my friend Katie, and Katie liked Bryan- i got so goddamn pissed off because i liked bryan BEFORE i realized that i liked some1 else *strange huh?* then i ended up telling Bryan that he wasn't good enough for katie- because i was sooooooo jealous, and then he got pissed @ me and i got pissed @ him. Then i told katie how i felt- and she was like "OMG!! i'm like soooo sorry- it's always friends first if u don't want me to go out with him i wont"- yeah katie i changed my mind- b/c i luv both yall to death i don't care anymore- yeahhhhh. lol buddha.
    So right now i'm sooo happy b/c things in my life couldn't be better- my sister has finally set a date for her fantabulus wedding *August 7th 2004*, and i'm just a realy happy person- yeah.
    soo ummm if ur reading this- don't comment on it because i know that it's really gay and doesn't make ne sense-
    peace out- luv yall 4ever,
    1:30 pm
    i had a fun day today-YAY!!
    hey yo! haha! today was soooo cool- we had band class for 2 hours- and it was soo fun because the teachers really didn't give a fuck what the hell we did! it was awesome. Then Buddha3 brought in these REALLY good cookies that looked like fried chicken- lol but it sure didn't taste like it!! they tasted awesome!! OLIVIA AND HOLLY U ARE GOOD COOKS.
    Yeah so the we went to 5th period and it was boring because we didn't do anything we came into the room and she was like- alright go to luch- whoope!!! yeah so after lunch we went outside- and KATIE was out there- she's soooooo cool!! so we hung out for the whole time like for 30 minutes and then we went home becas today was a half day- whoope! because graduation is at two- so yeah that's in 20 minutes i'm so happy i'm NOT graduating- along way off for me yay!!!!! yeah sooooo umm well i'm goin to the mall later and i'm goin with Katie, Bryan and Tony- i think it will be fun- i just hope that things arn't to awkward between me and tony- because know that katie told him that i like him- it's just kinda standoffish- yeah soooooo ummm i'll write later!!!
    - ~*Jess*~
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