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The Pathetic [16 Feb 2003|08:50pm]
[ mood | distressed ]
[ music | All The Things She Said--TaTu ]


Thats right...me, Rich is a lazy bastard and I am getting so sick of it! All I do is sit online from the time I get home from work or from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed. The house is a fucking disaster, and ya know what Im to lazy and unmotivated to clean it! Gay Rave sux, and Im to fucking lazy to do anything with it. I wish I had more motivation lately but it seems all I can do is sit around. At work I used to be sooo fast getting people up and dressed for breakfast...now Im always like a half hour late getting my people to the dining room! All I do is eat fast food! I am so unhealthy. I wish I could cook, but guess what?! IM TO LAZY!! Maybe its cuz I work so damned much and dont sleep enough. And that is due to the fact that I have a lazy boyfriend who cant find a decent job. I have to work all these hours to pay the bills cuz his job pays crap. Maybe Im lazy cuz I have been smoking a TON of weed lately....well maybe Im over exaggerating but its alot compared to how much I usually smoke it.

Have I confused you yet?!?

I wish I could be active in things, and eat right and work out so I can have an awesome body! But all I would rather do is sit online or sleep. I dont know why I stay online all the time. Lately I feel like I annoy everyone, and no one really likes me...but put up with me so they dont feel mean. There really is no point to this whole entry rather than needing it to vent and get some feelings out. Nothing will change...it all sounds good in type but its not gonna happen. I wish I felt closer to people online, but almost everyone I talk to is younger than me, and have their own groups of friends...and Im the oddball.

Anyway in other news....I have never gotten the whole "Current Music" thing in online journals. I dont know why its there and what purpose it serves. But I always see people put down a song...whether or not they are actually listening to it at the time is another story. Im tired of leaving it blank or trying to think of something to add, cuz I never listen to music while im online unless MTV happens to be on. So I downloaded a ton of songs today that I dont own as a CD. So now I can put a song down without having to think, cuz Ill actually be listening to a song. Sounds stupid huh?
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