No. 6's Blurty
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Below are the 2 most recent journal entries recorded in No. 6's Blurty:

    Tuesday, February 10th, 2004
    9:17 am
    I worked all night. The hours move more slowly after one or two in the morning. No one notices it because they're all either asleep or drunk during these hours. There's weird shit going on. Alex Proyas was on to something.
    So anyway, since I got off work, I've been making a mix tape. It's pretty much where I want it. It's an after work mix. Or maybe it's a wake up mix. Getting ready to take it to the streets mix. Sinking into the sofa, staring through your eyelids mix. Cranked on the boom box mix. The coolin' mix. I don't know. However, the CD burner is shoving his hairy ass in my face. I can't burn it and take the disc with me when I leave to run errands. The final test of a mix.
    I've got some sun-bleached bones laying around. I think I'm going to beat the CD burner to pieces while jumping around wildly and screaming.
    Sunday, February 8th, 2004
    6:45 am
    It's six forty five in the morning and I'm staring at web journal that I found randomly on Google. Not sure what to do just yet. Maybe I'll grow into into it.