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15th August 2003

6:12pm: lalalalalalalalalala!
Firstly! HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY NICK, have a wicked day!!!!


It’s nice and cool today, mwa. I’m wearing shorts and nice nike t-shirt that I found in my tom boy sister wardrobe, mwa… sure it’s mine.

I think I must have got to sleep late last night for the fact I didn’t wake up until 11:02am!

I got up, had some breakfast and then saw my Mum have kittens of excitement when her online shopping came from Tesco, how . . . something.

Then later a man knocked about the fencing and in a rush to get downstairs my Mum knocked over a bowl that was full of my Nan’s antique ornaments, about ¾ of them were cracked in half; and had to be thrown away.

I watched some tv, mostly better homes and than had some tea with with me Mam while she showed me pictures of the hotel we're staying at in Ibiza.

Then had a nice long BOILING hot bath, fannied around for ages before getting dressed, snack eating and watching some Madonna dvds.

Yes, that’s all I have done with my life so far today, my sister is of to football now and I have fish and chips for dinner, how exquisite…NOT!

Anyway, e-mails to check, website to visit, people to chat to!

Juts for the record and to make you all incredibly jealous here is the hotel I am going to when I got to Ibiza in September.

14th August 2003

4:08pm: For Fucks Sake ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›
Good day People,

How are well all? Firstly I would like to say a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Katherine.

Well, today has just been meh! My Mum got up really early as she thought some people from the council were coming to put in some new garden fencing, they said the would come any time after 8am; they still haven’t come.

I had a really good nights sleep last night filled with random dreams and countless counting of ship, the weather has really calmed down so I am no longer sweating like a glass blowers arse!

Anyway, I haven’t had a decent breakfast in a while and this morning I knew a good breakfast would sort me out, nothing better to start the day with, however my Mum was ‘busy’ and didn’t want a mess made so what better way to start my day with nothing of then good ‘ole toast! Grrr….

I watched some TV and got all affection with the dog and then had a bath got out and who was in? Hannah and Harriet, Mum gave me a pot noodle for lunch and I was like NO, and she did the girls sarnies and served it to them in the living room while they were watching Johnny English and I was like abuse.

I’ve just got of the phone from my friend Kat, it’s her 15th birthday today, she is on holiday in the Isle Of White, and just to say it now I love her and miss her loads, KAT YOU ROCK!

Right now I’m listening to Madonna ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’ and yes I know it’s a cover.

I can hear Hannah, Harriet, Amie and Lauren all screaming while soaking each other with the hose, how…. **tupt** ‘Fun’.

Urrrgh, my neighbour Trumaine broke our gate panel!!!!!

FOR FUCKS SAKE, my parents are thinking of cancelling our holiday because of some bad reviews and unreasonable flight times!!

BTW, Cool website update, check it out:

I’ll check back later, Bye.

‘You abandoned me, love don’t I’ve here anymore’ – Madonna ~ Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

13th August 2003

9:21pm: Urrrrrgh, NEVER AGAIN!

God, it has been such a long day.

The original plan for today was to drive down to the seaside and see my cousins and uncle who were on holiday.

Anyway cutting a long story short despite having a route planned by the AA we got lost on the way there and on the way back.

As soon as we got there the sun went in and I was really miserable, I then got told we were going to see Belinda, and I was like who?? We went to her caravan and there was like her, a few adults and loads of random kids. I didn’t know them and neither did Lauren so her and me sat like 30ft away from the Caravan, some of the kids had serious staring problems…. Little wankers.

We then went to the beach… the look of that was even more miserable than my face.

In an attempt to get back home we were calling my uncle and my step-dad for advice, we had lost the map and were trying to avoid ending up somewhere random, did I mention that the camp site is in Selsea and we ended up in Kingston on the way there and on the way home to Bracknell in Sussex and Bognor Regis… never again.

Urrrgh, while on the campsite we had some rank chips and I saw a gimp called Ben from my school, don’t want to sound like Libby from STTW by Eww!

Anyway, how now; tired; hungry; bored and fed up.

Sorry for this depressing entry,

12th August 2003

9:45pm: YO!

Just for the record I was meant to post this about an hour ago!

The heat hasn’t got me down today; it’s been really pleasant!

Urrrgh, had to baby-sit my sister for an hour this morning, they swore, were violent, noisy! Lorena even threw a glass of milk over me!

On a better and more impressive note my Jessica Simpson book-dvd came today and I was WOO HOO HOO!!!

I didn’t get dressed or washed to like 1:30pm! Harriet came in, got chatted up by this random person from crowthorne, spoke to my friend Hannah on her new e-mail account; her classic XFREAKGIRLX one got hacked!

Had my lunch at like 3, whooooops!

Had my hair cut, she absolutely scalped me! **sobs**

Saw my godmother and my Gardner!!

Had a dinner that I actually rather enjoyed!


I’m in a ‘ I’ve got better thing to do mood! ‘


11th August 2003

8:56pm: Bra'nol!


Hottest day ever record in the UK today! Mwa! 101 degrees! I’M SO HOT!!!!

Geez, as if I didn’t get enough sleep last night because of my parents arguing but they started again this morning and woke me up! Grrrrrr!

I felt really sorry for my mum, she was running round like a headless chicken cleaning the house as her friend Jessica and her 4 children were coming to vist from South Africa for the first time in six years.

I already had plans for today, so after two slices of toast and a hot shower I caught the bus with Hannah and Zoe to town, while waiting at the stop we bumped into our so called ‘friends’ Alex and Lewis, me, Hannah and Zoe were like HELLO.

We got into town and it was to an extent packed, the gals dragged me into loads of clothes shops – it was interesting to see they’re taste in clothes. We then checked out all the music stores, well; I did, Hannah and Zoe just checked out the men.

I took my gym sack to town which contained a bottle of water, my mobile phone, my pager, my watch, my wallet, my digital camera, some spare batteries for my camera, a comb and a my Lego land keying to show people.

We went into Hammicks at one point and we took the lift upstairs as well couldn’t be bothered to take the stairs, we look at loads of books including ones on sex and music,.

By this time I had got some right classics of Hannah and Zoe on my digital camera!

We stopped for lunch at Burger Queen after going in Top Shop, Top Man, Select, Claire’s Accessories, Bentalls, QS, HMV and Hammicks. Hannah and Zoe like got a burger, chips and a drink – I just ordered some small fries and a milkshake, well – they say it’s a milkshake; it’s more like really soft vanilla ice cream.

After having lunch we went into Etam, Tammy Girl, New Look and Woolworths.

When we were in woolworths we had some photos done on the photo booth, they were really funny, we then went across to the print room and got them copied so we had some.

Lastly we went into Woking Pets and looked at all the sweet animals, I WANT A MOUSE!

We then took a long stroll and strangely and randomly walked into Sainsburys, I’m sure we really went in there as a guy works there whom Zoe fancies!!

We then got a cramped bus home, I said goodbye and went home.

I got home and Jessica and her children were round gave them all a hug, took some pictures, chatted, had a swim in the paddling pool and a go on the trampoline was fun! Hehe! I saw Kirstie outside and we had a chat mwa!

They then left and Harriet came in, we all had some ice cream and went on the trampoline, god Harriet is soooooooo sweet!

I’m sat here now, soaking wet looking at all the pictures I took in town today, I’ve really caught the sun today. Anyway pictures to took at, e-mail count to check, calls to make. Byyyyyyyyyye

‘FUCK IT!’ – Madonna ~ American Life

10th August 2003

5:36pm: 37.5C For ****'s SAKE!!
Help me! It’s 37.5C!!! **melts**

God, today has been boring, I think I would have had more fun spending the day with Oshama Bin Laden on a bad day of rammadam. Geez, everyone is too happy and too active for my liking, I mean it’s so hot so why can’t we all just stay still a chill.

I rather tired, was woken up this morning by a nosey neighbour who was stood outside his mothers car waiting to go to a car boot sailing in Farnham. I had some toast and porridge for breakfast, saw to the animals, farted around, went on the trampoline with Amie. I then had a bath and came online, Kirstie then came in, she spent most of the time on the trampoline in a skimpy bikini – oh yeah did I mention Harriet has been in our house since like dawn. Kirstie left and then my Mum came home for a shower, she was in a bad mood, no change there. I had some crisps and a sandwich for lunch, went back on the trampoline and watched some TV.

I then came up her again and tried to do some stuff on my web cam; a music video with my sister – god! Children have such retarded imaginations. We weren’t able to capture sounds, my WMP was playing up and still Tomb Raider III won’t install…Grrrrr!!!!

I’m now sat here, alone BOILING hot, hearing my step-dad shout and my sisters and Harriet laughing, oh yeah it’s 37.5C and my step-dad wants to know if I want a roast dinner.

Today has gone so slow, before I could find some clean clothes and iron them I was walking around in ¾ lengths and a Madonna shirt, thank fuck I don’t live with any fashion police officers.

I am giving up on positive thinking as nothing good is happening, I can’t imagine how hot it is going to be in Ibiza, another thing I am pissed of as I want to go to a Jessica Simpson CD signing; but, it’s in NYC!!

Nothing to do, no lives to save, no advice to give, no people to love, no food to eat, no hearts to bruise, no tantrums to throw, no hair to pull, no faces to slap just HEAT HEAT HEAT HEAT HEAT!!!!


'I met a girl who sang the blues and I asked her for some happy news; but she just smiled and turned away' - Madonna ~ American Pie

9th August 2003

4:08pm: MeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEp!!!
Hey People,

It’s been rather quiet today, I had a late night last night, infact 12:15am with Kirstie so I slept in and missed most of the morning, my Mum’s doing a 15 hour day at work, she just came home a while ago for a shower and some lunch, she has another full day tomorrow, bless her she works her socks off. Oh if you didn’t know my Mum is a wedding co-ordinator at Easthampstead Park Conference Centre.

No one except Sean is on MSN and it sounds really quiet from where I am sitting, **hears music** On yeah I have t.A.T.u on. My sister Lorena gave me a right scare last night she wouldn’t eat and she said she had a stomach ache, a headache and she was really really hot and didn’t like being under any light; we thought it might have been a phendersitous or even worse meningitis but she woke up today feeling fine, you know we all have days like that. My sisters and my step dad are at Toy’R’Us at the moment buying some water guns, Amie cried earlier as missed Nan so much – I was thinking about Nan last night I just couldn’t believe she actually was dead; on the 17th it’s been 3 months. I honestly can’t believe how times fys.

I have nothing planned for today, I just keep thinking of the holiday and listening to music, speaking of music I am making my own Madonna CD called ‘Underneath’ its going to feature all her dramatic songs and all of her mystery songs; which will all in end be an interesting collection.

This morning I thought I would set myself the challenge of cleaning out the Budgies cage, our budgie Penelope is cool, she doesn’t bite and she is really talkative. We didn’t have an inlay for the floor of the cage so I used newspaper and filled up her food and water. I realised the was poo and feathers stuck all other the plastic bottom of the cage so as I was outside I thought I would just spray it was some dettol spray foam cleaner and rinse it down with the hose, Mwahaha… did I mention I did all this with Penelope in her cage. **rubs hands slightly**

I might update later if I have nothing better to do and if there if I have something to say that I have done except eat, sleep, lounge around, surf the net and listen to music.

Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala ß Boredom hehe!!!

‘All the things she said running through my head’ – tATu ~ All The Things She Said

8th August 2003

8:11pm: Holiday, celebrate!
Hey peeps!

After I spoke to you last I went out on a long walk with Kirstie, we walked thought Caesars camp and say a ginger grass snake! We than came back to mine, Harriet came in and we all messed about on the trampoline. Then got some ice cream from the ice cream man; ice cream men incidentally I swear are paedophiles, I mean come on! They lure children in with sweet products and chirpy music.

Oh yeah, the holiday is finally booked. Ibiza; one week from 6th September to the 13th, it’s really cool our flights are scheduled for the departure on the 5th – so we get the whole day on the sixth and late on the 13th so we get a decent day. Anyway it’s all-inclusive and is a 4 star hotel. It features swimming pools, spas, gyms, boat trips, snorkelling, swimming with dolphins and surfing…and of course…FISHING.

Ah, yes I forgot to mention that my step-dad brought home a copy of Terminator 3 of DVD earlier, hmmmm……. We have a multi-region DVD player. I think it’s just an import.

Oh well, smell ya later!

4:10pm: What me mam thinks of me
‘I’m a fucking rude little shit’

‘who treats his mother like dirt’

‘I’m a little basket case who needs a good kick up his ass’

Words of my mother *cough* Jeff Capes *cough*
4:01pm: 'Bollocks' <---- Such an expressive word! :-)
Hey people,

Geez it is so hot, my dog woke me up so early this morning, I lied in my bed for like one and a half hours in a lame attempt to get back to sleep, just like Michael Jackson’s surgery - **tut** Didn’t work.

My Mum had to shoot to work as soon as I got up so I grabbed a muffin for breakfast and cracked on with some housework, I but our budgie; Penelope outside so she could get some fresh air and then I cleared up some crap, made the beds and started hovering. My sisters then got up and I don’t know if you know but my back garden if full of flowers, yes so much that we have a personal Gardner. Anyway, my sister Amie offered to water the plants, so I said she could and while making a bed I heard the budgie skworking like mad, I looked out of the window to discover my sister was spraying it with the hose! Anyway, me Mam came home and I jumped in the shower, my step-dad than came home and we all went to town to book a ‘holiday’ at last. However, once in town Amie created that she wants McDonalds and both my parents claimed that the holidays were ‘too dear’ and now they are booking it online. FOR FUCKS SAKE! Amie then went into MVC with my step-dad and brought the first series of ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ on DVD for £9.99 – not bad.

We then all had some lunch at the weathervane, my t’was well filling – infact as soon as I got back here I went straight on the trampoline for 10 minutes to burn it off.

Anyway in other news my Madonna ‘Greatest Hits Volume 2’ Special Limited Edition CD came today **mega smile**!

Sooooooo hot!!! Go to go and leave this short my mum has a new found obsession with this computer – I must find something else to occupy my mind, errrm like A KNIFE!


For fucks sake my mum is doing a pathetic laugh as she thinks she knows my password, sadistic bitch. She had some wine at lunchtime, she hasn’t peaked come down yet.

7th August 2003

7:36pm: RANK
Hey, not much has happened since earlier. I played monopoly, we had to wrap it up early and decided that the player with the most cash was the winner, Mwa I won with £1,915 GO ME! Hannah and Harriet than went home while me and my family had our BBQ dinner, the fish my aunt and uncle brought down; Marcel was well rank, sorry I usually like it but it really was rank. Anyway I’ve just been doing some surfing, Hannah and Harriet are BACK AGAIN, I’m going to go and hang with a 14yr, an 11yr, a 9yr and 6yr old as I have nothing better to do, WAY TO GO ME!


‘Maybe someday when I look back I’ll be able to say, you didn’t mean to be cruel; somebody hurt you too’ – Madonna ~ Oh Father
4:08pm: Meeeeeeeeeeep!
Hey people,

I was meant to do this earlier; I’ve been on here 20 minutes.

Anyway, had a nice lye in and some wholemeal muffins for breakfast.

My uncle and auntie from Devon came down and saw us and had some tea, we call them auntie and uncle when they are actually my mum’s godparents but hey they are like family, I couldn’t believe it my aunt Marion who is in her sixties even went on the trampoline!!! Plus they brought some fish down as they live on the seafront!!! I can smell it now being dissected!

Amie went to McDonalds with Hannah and Harriet, now they are all downstairs listening to busted, they want to play monopoly so I am going to go down and play that with them.

I had a bag of crisps with my lunch and I read that if you want to burn them off you have to run up and down the stairs non-stop for 9 minutes; so I did!! Plus 5 minutes of the trampoline!

I saw my friend Zo0oe! For about 15 minutes, we had a chat outside my house, she is off to Mikes.

Urrrgh, I can hear my parents arguing this all about the holiday!!!

Ahhh, you can import Jessica Simpson’s new album on Amazon UK, I am not going to import, I’ll wait for the release.

Here is a high quality front cover ~

Anyway, Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye!!!

**Random Quote** ‘Wouldn’t you think I’m a girl, a girl that has; everything’ – Jessica Simpson ~ Part Of Your World

6th August 2003

6:03pm: Order info, meep!
Hey, as I usually do I thought I would fill you in on my online purchase.

It’s a book DVD-CD-Rom by Jessica Simpson.

Jessica’s book features over 200 pages of high quality and professional photographs from her star-styled Texas wedding. It also features stories, wedding facts and information about her wedding plus budget advice at achieving your own ‘dream wedding’. It also comes with a DVD-CD ROM. Of course, it isn’t getting released in this country just the like the show about the wedding and the ‘In Style’ magazine with a majority of the pictures in it. The book costs $29.95 and shipping to the UK was $28.95, in total it came to $53.95, that’s £33.50, so in all not bad, considering the book has over 200 pages and the book alone would cost me £18.59. Anyway; here’s a picture.

5:25pm: HOT
Hey, sorry it’s late in the day, I’ve only just got online; my mum has been hogging the computer all afternoon.

Anyway, Slept well last night, despite staying until 12:30am – meh.

Got up at 11am, had a bowl of cereal and felt bloated after it!

My Mum than went out to go to her weight watchers meeting and to go to tesco’s, she took my sisters. Last night I spent all of my £30 online, my Mum put it on he card so I thought if I want any more money I am going to have to get my finger out so: I hovered the whole house, bleached the floors, bleached n’ cleaned the bathroom, fed the pets, made the beds, did the ironing, cleaned the windows and when she got pack I packed the shopping away, my Mum was proud of herself – she lost 5lb! GO HER!

I finished doing the ironing while watching ‘Swept Away’, Hannah came in and played with Amie and Lauren, my mum did us some lunch. I then just watched some mtv and ab fab….. now I’m on here, it’s sooooooooooo hot.

Anyway, too hot to write anything else!

5th August 2003

7:09pm: Adjustments to last entry.
Adjustments to last entry.

My Mother has corrected me and told me we infact spent £170.80 at Legoland today.
6:52pm: Legoland..... *sweat*
Hey people, it is sooooo hot. Arrrrgh – I’m melting.

I didn’t get to sleep until 5:10am this morning because of the fucking heat! I laid in this morning and then had some breakfast before managing to get ready and out of the door in 10 minutes (record time for me) and got to Lego land with my sisters and Mum.

I knew it was going to be a long day so in my new gym sack I packed: 2 bottles of water, suntan lotion, deodorant, my mobile phone, my wallet, my Discman, two Madonna CDs, my anti-sickness travel wrist bands and some other random crap.

Now, let me tell you we got into Lego land at like 11:30am and it was already packed then. We caught some shows, went on side rides, had some food, took then piss out of tourists, argued, got paranoid by the heat. God, Amie and me went on the water logs and it was like a 90 degrees slope – you should see the picture; I have it on keying and photo.

For me and my Mum and sisters to get into Lego land it cost £85.50!!!! Plus £7.30 on lunch, £3.00 on drinks, £4.00 on snacks, £33.00 on souvenirs (toy swords, shields, Lego, flip flops) we paid £6.70 so all 3 of us could pan for gold and £10.50 on the picture and 2 key rings. My Mum then spent another £9.75 in a shop of Lego discount sale stuff – Meh, and we were at Lego land from 11:30am to 5:45pm and that cost in total £159.25!!! And thirty quid of that was from me.

I am really tired, I have been on my feet for over 6 hours, and it has been so hot. My mums just cooking my dinner now; curry **smiles**. Anyway hope you’re all ok – I’ll catch up on the news later.

Another thing – I have drunk like 4 gallons of water today; shall be pissing the bed tonight.


4th August 2003

9:39pm: Hey! God it is soooooooooooooooooo hot. All I have been doing since my last entry is trying to stay as still as I can so I don’t get hot, well, tell a lie; I went on the trampoline.

It was hard to eat my dinner as it was hot enough and the heat from my BASGETTI was rising and condensing of my face. Geez I’ve been sweating like a glass blowers ass, I’m going to go and have a shower.

Urrrrgh, my sister is a right bitch – she covered my chair with a travel size bottle of toothpaste!!!!

4:39pm: MEEP! MUSIC! MEEP!
Hey People, I thought I would let you know the artists of songs I have in my media player. Everyday I listen to my WMP which plays one song after another. I thought this would give you a real insight into my taste in music; the artists are: Delta Goodrem, Avril Lavigne, Madonna, Billie Piper, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Ashanti, Charlotte Church, Christina Aguilera, Darren Hayes, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Marvin Gaye, Adam Rickett, Ricky Martin, Michelle Branch, Gabrielle, Jessica Simpson, Kate Winslet, LeAnn Rimes, Pink, Point Break, Savage Garden, Mazzy Star, Made In London, Emma Bunton, Tin Tin Out, Amy Studt, Venessa Carlton & Aurora. Hmmmmmmm says there is 6 hours and 33 minutes of music, well maybe as there is infact 24 Madonna songs!!!
2:19pm: Afternoon.....MEEP!
Afternoon people!!!

Hope your all ok, I’m feeling great today, for once I got a good nights sleep and my Mum did me, my family and our gardener a good old English breakfast! Except it was all-low in fat and all that so I didn’t feel bad eating it!

I got up in a rush this morning, remembered I had to put the weeley bins out – But em out in my PJ’s, while putting them out I got chatting to a neighbour; Bridget, she is having a crisis as she can’t get a new tax disc until her car passes its MOT and she went to have the MOT this morning but she was 3 minutes late, and so it had to be re-scheduled.

Yeah, anyway I went on the trampoline and then had my breakfast AND then I sat and watched Madonna’s ‘Drowned World Tour 2001’ DVD, god I love that DVD.

Then I had a bath.

Right now I can hear Busted’s ‘Year 3000’ being played as my sisters and Hannah jump on the trampoline and squirt each other with the hose!

Anyway, I got a really funny e-mail from my best mate Kirstie – she cracks me up every time.

And why is everyone complaining about the heat – I’m sat here in jeans and I feel fine!

Anyway, going to listen to some music and do some web surfing.

Catch you later.

Oh, My step-dad took these last night on my digital camera. They are of me and my sisters at like 9:30pm in our fun bug car paddling cool – why you asked yourself, I’m British; IM MAD! Also I live in Berkshire – remember the rime ‘Berkshire born, Berkshire bread; strong in the arm, THICK in the head!’

‘Travellllliiing, leaving logic and reason, traveeeeeelllling to the arms of unconsciousness’ – Madonna ~ Bedtime Story

3rd August 2003

10:11pm: Drenched...........MEEP!

I have just had massive water fight with my sisters in the back garden, we got each other which the hose and water guns it was really fun, we were on and off the trampoline and in and out of the paddling pool and of course we all got completely drenched anyway, not much interest to you but when hell of a goodbye time for me! Eeeeeeeeeeeee, anyway be honoured you have had 3 entries today! MWA!!!

‘It’s not fun once the damage is done’ – Madonna ~ Love Profusion
6:36pm: Boooooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnng! MEEP!
Hey second entry,

I’ve been running around today, playing with my sisters, Hannah and Harriet came in; again. All went on the trampoline and in the paddling pool, was fun and tiring thought. I took some snaps on my digital cam, downloaded some stuff off kazaa and then just chilled.

Just had my dinner and know I am listening to my mate Chris rant on about how much Madonna stuff he has – oh well, more power to him for having more stuff.

Anyway – I’m boring – GO AWAY!
2:24pm: Burgers.....Again! MEEP!

My last few entries have been really late and really blunt so here is a nice mid day one for ya all.

I got up at exactly nine o’clock after spending 3 hours snuggled up with my dog, I made me and my sister breakfast before watching MTV.

I then cleaned my room and jumped in the bath, got out, slapped on some sun cream got my Discman and yes-started sun bathing on the trampoline. Had a good 45 minutes worth before my sisters friends came in, my step-dad did burgers for lunch, I’ve just checked me e-mail blah blah….

Catch you later.

2nd August 2003

9:50pm: The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip horay, the sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to play
Hey people,

Sorry it’s late I did plan to update earlier but it slipped my mind.

Anyway, nothing eventful has happened today, it’s been so hot and any of you that know me well know that I don’t mix with the heat well.

I got up early for a change and had some porridge for breakfast while the weather was still cool, my sister managed to get me onto the trampoline. I then watched some TV and came online for a while; checked my e-mail, chatted on msn stuff like that.

I then ordered a CD; Madonna – Greatest Hits Volume 2 (aka GHV2) LIMITED EDITION:

Now, when it was first released in November 2001 it was sold at £24.99, as it has unique packaging. HMV are now charging £19.99 for it, Amazon UK are surprisingly selling it for £12.99, but I yes, wonderful I managed to get the CD at an independent Z-Shop for £8.36 including postage and packing, so now if I had brought the GHV2 Limited Edition and the American Life Limited Edition at their original release prices I would of paid £48.98 for them, but I searched the Z-Shops and may I said the Z-Shops sell brand new items and they are all shrink wrapped and brought American life for £11.74 and GHV2 for £8.36. All together costing £20.01 for them, saving myself an incredible £28.97 GO ME!

This is the CD:

Album Description:
Limited edition features different packaging; a stiff chipboard digi-pak wrapped in coloured film laminate with a twenty-page colour booklet with eight-page folder; Booklet printed on matte art paper. CD presented in a page CD wallet. Also included in the limited edition additional sleeve notes; pictures and icons plus cover stickers and a unique CD design only available with the limited edition.

Anyway, after ordering that I had some lunch, my mum had burgers and than I sat with her watched notting hill, I then had a long hot bath before doing a few odd jobs for my Mum and getting dressed.

Since then till now I have been the computer, watched some tv, constantly brused my hair as it keeps on going afro and had my dinner.

Oh My God, my sister’s god father just open our front door and asked if my Mum was here --- we was pissed!

Ehhh **door opens** My Mums home! Awww, she has brought me a Wispa Bite **yummy**

Anyway, sorry it’s short. Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

1st August 2003

10:34pm: >.< <---- Sleep o' Cringe face :-)
Hey People,

Sorry I haven’t updated today – been doing all sorts of things.

Had another lay in this morning with me Chihuahua while watching Gimme Gimme.

My Mum cooked every breakfast, I logged onto my e-mail quickly to find out the Windows 200 NT (my work station) doesn’t support PC games so I won’t be able to play my Tomb Raider game **sobs**

Anyway, I then just watched some TV and listen to some music before my sister’s friends came in and I chatted to them for a while. I then had a long hot bath which sorted me out, I used my new conditioner ‘Pantene; Smooth & Sleek’ works a treat GET IT!

I then came online briefly while getting dried and dressed, got on my new gear, which I brought yesterday J

I then went downstairs, my Mum has put some lunch out – she had just left for work so I had my lunch with my sisters and they’re friends Hannah and Harriet. We listened to busted and went on the trampoline – Hannah took some pictures of me!

I then watched a small bit of ‘Dream Chaser’ by Jessica Simpson; I then finally made my bed and uploaded the pictures Hannah had taken.

I listened to Point Break & Jessica Simpson and then played tomb raider before my Dad came home with a bag of fish and chips with me and a KFC for my sisters and Hannah and Harriet. We all had our dinner in the garden; which was really nice. Again, we went on the trampoline! **grins**

I then snuggled up with my dog of the sofa and watched TOTP and Eastenders, then came upstairs created a new AOL screen name and chatted to some people.

My Mums home now, it’s late, I’m tired. OVER AND OUT!

‘When I say himp you say ho, Himp - **ho**, Himp - **ho**, Himp **ho** HERE WE GO!’ – Madonna ~ Holiday (Live in Michigan 26.08.2001)

31st July 2003

8:26pm: Meep!
Hey Peeps, how ya all doing…

A lot has happened today, had a nice lye in – snuggled up in a nice double bed with my Chihuahua dog; Poppie. Had a nice breakfast and just chilled for the morning.

I then had to baby-sit my sister for while, I got washed and dressed before my Mum came and took us all to asda, Mwaha, say quite a lot of ‘fitness’ there and a lot of retards… t’was scary. Hmmmm let me think from Asda I brought Tomb Raider III PC game, a new shirt, some new shorts, some new stationary, some toiletries and a new gym sack oh yeah and a dream egg hehehehehe!!!!

Came home with my Mum with £203.97 worth’s of shopping to find my uncle and his daughters in our back garden – our gardener had come over and let them in, they stayed for dinner and we went on the trampoline. I’m having a crisis the tomb raider game wont install **sobs** I’ve just re-wrote a CD for my cousin and now I am chatting to people on MSN.

Nothing else to say, and no random quote as I am listening to NO music.

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