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12th May 2004

Hey There, after an 8 months break I have started journal writing again. You can find my new journal on the Live Journal server at

Thanks for your interest.

Hey There, after an 8 months break I have started journal writing again. You can find my new journal on the Live Journal server at

Thanks for your interest.


10th November 2003

8:07pm: Update, meh.
Hey yeah, I quess most of you have noticed that I have stopped updating my online journal.

There are a number of reasons for this that I don't need to go into but the journal was only inteneded to record the events of my summer holidays now that they are over I just want this to look back on.

Please do check bnck as I may occasionaly update or post a link to a new writing journal.

Thanks for reading -


5th September 2003

6:57pm: Bonon
Hey People,

How are you all??

I had my appointment today to meet my new tutor, yes I was polite, punctual, well spoken/composed and yes I shook his hand!

Got my new timetable; 2 new teachers, got a new diary – like the limited edition of last years!

Me step-dad dropped me off and picked me up, instead of me walking mwa!

We’ve got the new trampoline, it’s a better one and it’s been put together properly, it doesn’t squeak anymore it’s really quiet!

Saw Kirstie today; twice, spoke to Sophia, and saw Anita down the school, meh!

My Jessica Simpson CD came! EEEE!!! It t’well ROCKS!

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Poppie today, as I’m going to miss her so much while we are away!

Madonna was in the newspaper today and the said she was 47!!! RUDE!!!

God, I have such a tiny suitcase and so many things I need to take!

Anyway. Things to do!


4th September 2003

7:44pm: MEH
Hey Hello People,

Again, can I apologise for there being no journal entry yesterday.

I don’t know if you knew but AOL were at a dispute with Microsoft and programs such as MSN messenger wouldn’t work, and some WebPages wouldn’t load – some which were incidentally Blurty.

I’ll start with yesterday, nothing special happened really, I got the dispatch confirmation of my Jessica Simpson CD and I found this little patch of grass out side the front of my house called the ‘front garden, seriously It might sound deranged but I don’t use my front door, I use my back gate as it’s easier to get in and out and you don’t get bollocked at for constantly opening and closing it, seriously I have never paid attention to the front of my house – I have walked out my front time less than 20 times this year and if I do I just walk straight through it not paying any attention to it.

Well I was starring out the window yesterday and I saw this little patch of green, I called my Mum other and I was like what’s that?!? My Mum goes ‘It’s the front garden’, I was like ‘Riiight’. Anyway, Kirstie knocked on my door yesterday and we chatted quickly, I went to say come in, but she said come out her quickly I’m not stopping. We chatted and the she went, I was about to go in and then I noticed what my Mum called ‘the front garden’ I looked around. It was small and compact, short healthy green grass, freshly trimmed 6ft surrounding hedges, a pine porch, a limestone engraved picture attached to the wall, several small plants all surrounded by concrete shaped slaps and a little pathway leading up to the door! I went in and I said to my Mum, ‘You Know that bit of green out the front’, my Mum said ‘The front garden?’ I said ‘Yeah!’, my Mum said ‘what about it?’ I said ‘It’s quite nice out there, quite nice!’

Anyway, we got all out suitcases for the holiday yesterday, they all have wheels and are navy blue, my Mum though how we could be positive that the suitcases were ours; tying a silver ribbon round them!! She curled them using the edge of some scissors and the look like a Christmas present; of course I got the small suitcase!

My sisters went back to school today, they created all last night to stay up as late as they could, watching them reminded me of how terrible school can be and how much you despise going there, I got up early this morning and saw the girls off, had a good breakfast and then my Mum went to work, I had the house to myself, I watched some tv, went on the internet, had some lunch and had a bath. I then went and picked Amie and Lauren up from school. I can’t believe Amie is in yr.5 now!

Kirstie came over briefly as she had to go out, she was hyped up as usal, I have the house to myself at the moment, they have all gone for a drink down or local.

I can’t believe the summer holidays are over, it gone so far, I think this journal is an interesting insight into what I have been doing, good retrospective of my life!

I have to go in tomorrow for 10 minutes to meet my new tutor and get my new student diary & timetable plus set my targets for the year. My appointment is at 9:20am and I have to be in school uniform!
My friend Trumaine showed me his new school bag today; it has music speakers in the bottom!

Anyway getting late, thing to do, take care!

2nd September 2003

9:04pm: Update
Hey People,

Sorry there was no entry yesterday.

I've been rather busy so I will fill you in briefly on whats been happening.

Yesterday, my National Insurance Card came, I think that was a big hint that I should start looking for a job, I already know where I am going to get my small part time job.

I had a long chat with Sophia, really good to speak to her again, she had to get off the line as her meal had come [she was at a pub], surprisingly she had ordered scampi and chips!

Now, I know this may sound highly pathetic but that is the only part of yesterday I can remember, I swear I have short time memory loss.

Except, last night before my sisters and my step dad were in bed I went in sat on the end of my Mum's bed with Poppie and had a really good chat, we talked about things and we mostly talked about Nan, it makes a change that we weren't arguing for one.

Oh yeah, I ordered the USA CD of Jessica Simpson's ' In This Skin ' of, for only £8.99 [including 9&p], I know I said I would wait until the Uk release but I am not prepared to wait longer than I have to for material that is already avaliable, I will still buy the UK cd when it comes out as it will probabily have additional tracks and PC extra's, and hey £8.99 is very cheap!

More weirdly, last night I had a very bizarre dream, My dream began as me being in an episode of ' Bad Girls ', it just began with my walking across a landing and seeing Yvonne Atkins, I ran over to her and asked if she was ok and how the hell she got out of the prison volt, before she could anwser I was somewhere else and for the love of me I cannot remember it, I managed to re-tell all my dream this morning to me Mam but I can't remember it now, OH WELL!

Today, I was quite happly lying stroking Poppie [9:04am] when Bridget (our neighbour) knocked on our door like a police man to give us some money of tokens fo tesco, I knew walked Petulia, I mean Poppie or *chi*wa*wa!

Cutting most of the morning and some of the afternoon short me, me mam, amie and lauren were in Camberley for 3.00pm, I got some sandles (they didn't have the shoes I have posted on here in my size *surpise surprise*) and Lauren got some new shoes, Amie created mary hell round there as she wanted the new england kit, we also got some bits and bobs for the holiday.

We all had some really nice lunch in Burger Queen, it was really quiet in there; only about 10 people in the whole shop and the food was pipeing hot!

Came home and before I could get in the door Bridget invited me into her house to show me her newly decorated hall, hallway, lounge and kitchen, it was quite....something. Anyway, came home and hung around downstairs went on the trampoline with Amie and then came in and listened to some music.

I then came online, I'm really pissed off my MSN isn't working, it keeps on telling me there is a HTTP Proxy error, just like concorde way above my head - can't and don't know how to resolve it.

Earlier, I had brought some hair condition packet [49p jobbie] because my hair has gone bit dry and brittle, and I had a few spilt ends, I put on this bright orange vile smelling conditioner, which everyone laughed at, washed it out and then put on this sweet but sleek sureme, meh.

Kirstie came over, I was really pleased to see her as she had knocked earlier but I had to turn her away as I had the hovering to do plus have a shower and then go to camberley.

I then watched eastenders, and talked to Hannah and Harriet [did I mention that they came in along with Paul and Courtney?]

As my lunch had been late in the day and rather large I only had a 99p packet meal as a snack'o'dinner, I chatted with Kirstie while eating my rank packet meal.

I have just found out that there is infact nothing wrong with my proxy IE's, the MSN is playing up all over the place, oh well - try later!

I'm listening to Kelly Osbourne's CRAPPY SHITTY cover of Madonna's song 'Papa Don't Preach' It's grown on me, BUT Madonna's is still and always will be better.

I'm on the Jessica Simpson message board at the moment, the sales for the second week, which are beingg re-counted every five minute, which are currently at 73.45% are being certified to determin the new charts, so far since Tuesday last week Jessica has sold 23,552 albums.

Right now, I'm just chatting to a few people and listening to some music, Kirstie is on my bed reading some magazine and doing some quiz ya'self milarkie.

Anyway, over and out.

31st August 2003

7:25pm: *sighs*
Hey People,

Sorry it’s a late entry today.


I have had a rather lazy day today, I slept in this morning and to an extent lied in as I had nothing else to do, my eyes were hurting as last night I was up for most of the night trying to calm and argument between my parents.

My step-dad did everyone a ‘full Monty’ aka English breakfast, for errr brunch as we all got up so late!

Wondering around the house in a cotton cardigan from burtons and some baggy PJ bottoms from Asda I looked for something to occupy my mind, I found nothing that was remotely interesting or entertaining. I listened to some music and watched some tv, I then saw Hannah and Harriet for the first time in over a week, they had been in Cornwall.

Today has been really empty, boring and depressing – I’ve had nothing to do, I haven’t seen or heard Kirstie and all I’ve done that is remotely entertaining is recording some Madonna tv clips of MTV.

I had a bath, and forgot to brush my hair so my hair (on my head) is now lop sided and hanging to the left, I can’t even find my centre parting.

My Mum is yet again on my fucking case, won’t leave me alone, won’t give me breathing space, constantly on my back, digging the knife in deeper, today I’m a liar, I wish she would just go and bug someone else, fault there problems instead of just picking on me because she is rude, intolerant, anti-social and paranoid.

Anyway, I’m listening to some mixes of ‘Die Another Day’ by Madonna, best go and chat to some people on MSN who have a level of sanity and an extent of respect for me.


30th August 2003

11:29pm: GEEZ!
Hey What’s Up!

Been out on a long walk with Kirstie today, had cookies and chips, mwa, saw a random man attacking a swan and saw such cute ikkle river rats!!!

Went to Sainsburys with Kirstie, saw HELEN! Madonna's greatest hit cd only £8.99 and her greatest video collection dvd only £12.99! GEEZ!

Urrrgh, can home and 2 little tramp children know as Zoe and Shaun were on my trampoline, I was like GOODBYE.

Madonna’s kiss with Britney and Christina was all over the papers today, printed with big fonts and in full colour!!! My mozzi bite is so bad it looks like I have a broken arm! Ffs!

It’s late now and it’s cold, chatted to Melina earlier, I really miss Sophia, Kirstie’s in and I’m bloated, see ya tomorrow!

Hey People!

I’m a good and positive mood, god you have been blessed!

Slept rather rough and woke up freezing cold, dog woke me up at 5am!!

I am now a victim of 2 HUUUUGE mosquito bites! They are both massive, had to take an antihistamine tablet.. hehehe so little; the tablet ‘dolly tablet’

Got up, cleansed me face (skin is looking like no mans land at the moment) had breakfast and put on a DVD!

Budgie was doing my head in so I put it in the garden (yes in its cage!)

Me Mam (the bitch) is home from work on her break.

SOPHIA IS BACK IN THE UK!!! She text me 4 times!!!

Anyway, sorry for being such a depressant last night!!

Update later, that’s a maybe BYE!

29th August 2003

11:11pm: Depressed
Hey People,

I would give you a detailed journal entry today but I’m too depressed, my Mum, yet a-fucking-gain has made a huge attempt to belittle me and make me feel like shit, with name calling, pointing the finger, shouting and be damn right nasty – wrong time of the month I say, she is bullying me and I have had a fucking-nuff of this constant bullying repartee.

I’m sure most of you have seen the pictures of Madonna kissing Britney and Christina and the VMA’s last night, Madonna, Britney, Christina and Missy Elliot all performed a mix of Like A Virgin – Hollywood and Work It, Christina’s and Britney’s appearance was to pay tribute to Madonna.

To be brief about today, I went to town with Kirstie and had some lunch (didn’t buy anything just went to town as an excuse to get out) and then me and Kirstie had to baby-sit for two hours.

If I’m not of the brink of depression and not be fired at with abuse by my over emotional, nasty and vindictive Mum I’ll give you a decent entry.

Hope your all enjoying your ‘life’.

28th August 2003

5:15pm: How.....Depressing
Hey People,

God, today has been miserable and depressing.

I was woken up by the window cleaner this morning, banging away on the windows the most annoying and uncomfortable way to wake up.

I got up, looked in the mirror and when looking frightened myself to death, is it a monster, is it a tramp? Is it a cave man? No. It’s me.

I went downstairs and had some breakfast, my Mum then shot out the door as she had to pop into work, I had to look after the girls, they both got up in filthy moods, Kirstie came over, the phone kept on ringing, our Gardner came round and by the time Mum got home I had drunk more tea than India could of market, I was in a damn-right-nasty mood and the place was a mess!

My Mum then had to go to the shops quickly, she took my sisters and Kirstie, our Gardner was at work, so I saw it fit to have a night long bath, it was however disrupted half way through by Kirstie who had brought me some lunch – a packet sandwich from Waitrose, how……… something.

I got out, go dressed and Kirstie went, it then started to pour down with rain, and I was Zo0oe! And had a chat with her, she was telling me about when she meet Tairrie B!

Anyway, since then I have drunk loads more tea, watched cribs and listen to my sister consistently wine about wanting a guitar, its her new found obsession; she wants something new every month. My Mum is also doing my head in a bit as she is becoming really self conscious – she thinks he feet smell?!?!?!?

Oh well, right now I am listener to some really really really annoying remixes of Madonna’s ‘Hollywood’ I suppose that’s my fault if I am listening to the Hollywood maxi single. **Shrugs shoulders**

Anyway, surfing to do! Bye

‘Holl-yyyy-wo-oooo-d’ – Madonna ~ Hollywood

27th August 2003

8:27pm: I WON!!!
8:11pm: BON
Hey People,

Cutting a very long story short me, me mam, alan, amie, Lauren and Kirstie went to paultons park today! Mwaha!

I went on rides, queued, loads of food, queued some more, got wet, go photos taken, laughed, got lost, used the toilet, queued some more, got besotted by a child, came home, drink tea, had ice cream and meh meh meh!!!

I suppose I could bore you to oblivion with incredibly boring facts, maybe my bluntness raises an ethnical question saying maybe I shouldn’t be doing this!





Hey People,

Nothing much has happened today, I saw Kirstie, found out our trampoline is broken! Done some surfing, still winning my bid, my Mum was out bided on one of hers by 20p!!!

25th August 2003

6:06pm: The Land Of Confusion, and Shopping!
Hey Peeps,

I’m having a rather good today – with a few minor exceptions.

I had a good nights sleep with a few bizarre dreams!

I got up at something past 10 and got some breakfast, chatted to my Mum and did some cleaning up.

Kirstie came over and stayed for a while, we watched Home Alone 3 had some tea and read some magazines, she left later to go and see Justin.

As I told you me and my family are now a member of eBay, I bided this morning for a Madonna poster, which was only issued to the UK, an advertising poster in mint condition, I am still the highest bidder. I hope I get it!

My Madonna CD is getting sent out today, so that should be here for Wednesday.

I was about to get into the shower earlier and I got a call, it had an unrecognised number calling, so it just showed the number, I answered it and this lad said ‘Hi, did you order a blow up man, yeah you did, we have It here, it has a 13”’ I couldn’t be asked with it so I just said ‘Right, fuck off and next time your going to prank me withhold your number’. As I had their number I sent them a text saying ‘Shove that 13” up your arse as it will hopefully shut you up as it’s clearly the oarfish your talking out of, go prank someone else you anti-social wanker.’ I didn’t get a reply, so I think that put them right, found out later that the number was of one of my friends and someone had taken their phone.

Anyway, I had a shower and got dressed and then went to the cemetery to put some flowers down for my Nan, I went with me Mam and Lauren, it was hard but I didn’t cry until we left, I just miss my Nan so much and I just cant understand why everything nice I have is taken away from me. When my Mum went pack to the car with Lauren I saw a card on my Nan’s grave, it was from her birthday – my Mum had put it there, my Mum told me to throw away the card as it was old and damp, I tore off the inside of the car as it said ‘To our darling Mum, “Happy Birthday” where ever you are, I hope you are happy and at peace with Dad. I miss you more than words can ever say. A lovely Mum, we will never forget all the happy times we had together, god bless you Mum, I love you so much, with all my love Jeane xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ That was wrote on the inside of the card, I feel so sorry for my Mum she isn’t even 40 and she doesn’t even have a Mum or a Dad, I wish there was something I could do which would cure all the grief that we still have, we all have no regrets and no Nan is now in a better place but I think I will never understand the relationship my Mum and Nan have from studying the impelled effects of my Nan’s death on my Mum. I don’t think I have fully come to terms with my Nan’s death; I refuse to believe she is dead – if my Nan survived lung problems, curacies, diabetes, depression, siroccos of the liver and loads of other things which meant her talking incline and pills everyday and the routine of having to eat every 3 hours she is a fighter, and if my Nan is a fighter she wouldn’t not of giving into Rheumatic Fever and a infected heart valve, she would not let a illness kill her, she isn’t read; she is doing things in another way.
After we left the cemetery we went to Tesco.

I got Kelly Clarkson’s album ‘ Thankful ’ it’s really good, I’m listening to it now.

Here it is -

I also got a few new shirts for the holiday, a new suitcase, and for school I got a ring binder; Polly pocket sleeves; a A4 refill pad and subject ringer binder dividers. I know it seems a lot put I need it! Oh yeah I got a facemask thing to help keep skin clear.

Urrrrgh, I forgot to tell you, yesterday I got brought an ouster ice cream, I couldn’t eat it, it had what was meant to be chocolate sauce on it – well the sauce tasted like a mix of Guinness, vinegar, slug repellent, benerlin and baby bio – it was rank; I threw the ice ream away!

Anyway, got to go, dinner’s ready!

‘I look into your eyes, and I see it coming through’ – Kelly Clarkson ~ Anytime

24th August 2003

11:15pm: Effort? Can't be bothered
Hey People,

I am really sorry to do this but I really haven’t got the energy or mental inspiration to give you a proper journal entry today, it’s now 9:09pm and it’s late – I really can’t be bothered to spend ages typing about my sad, milldam live.
To be short, I saw Kirstie today and had lunch with her, she has a mozzi bite that looks like a nipple and my Mum has been really badly bitten on her; so much that she is limping. Anyway, I’ll give you a better entry tomorrow.

‘when your trying hard to be your best could you be a little less’ – Madonna ~ What It Feels Like For A Girl

23rd August 2003

4:02pm: How.... *tutp* dear
My ikkle sister Lorena some how managed to climb ontop of our silver estate car and jump all over the window screen, and incidently the window screen is now pieces, shattered, cracked, broken, MEH NO MORE!

Oh well, the car also has a leaking water and oil tank, broken gages, faulty tires, electronic faults, jamed windows, no radio as it was stolen, an angrey engine and now a broken window screen, TIME FOR A NEW CAR!
2:46pm: Sooo Slow! Yet a great bargain!
Hey People.

I was going to update earlier but I wasn’t in the right state of mind to write anything interesting.

Anyway, it’s 2:30pm and strangely the day is going really really slow today!

I went out last night so I couldn’t fill you in on what happened, I went and has dinner at ‘Ask’ with Muz, I then caught a ride back to their house and stayed the night. It was a good laugh, fun and did me the world of good to get away from home for the night; I got home at 11:20am this morning. Now, before I went out last night I printed off several signs in big PC fonts warning people not to come into my room and not to sleep in my bed, what happened? Came home today to find my room looking like a bomb had hit it and Amie sleeping in my bed, oh well!

I had some milk and by the time I was settled in it was quarter to twelve my Mum did me and bacon and egg muffin. I got a letter from Sassie! Eeeee! Yup! Sophia! It was short and sweet but really good to hear from her, btw she is in Calgary, Canada; you can tell this in the letter when she used the phrase ‘Holly Mowlie’.

Anyway, My parents have just got pack from home base they are painting our new fence, geez they are never satisfied.

Oh Yeah! I’ve just got a brilliant bargain on Amazon Z-Shop.. Again!
Yes it’s another CD, yes another Madonna CD, yes A limited edition, Yes with different packaging; but with the same track listing.

I’ve ordered Madonna’s 1996 UK single ‘One More Chance’ [Limited Edition]. Now, I already have the standard issue CD, it was infact my first internet order, but the limited edition features a different tone cd, a free poster and poster bag packaging. Now taking into account It’s a collectors items, it’s a limited edition and it’s rare AND it is stated on amazon as ‘Collectable’ it only cost me £3.74 including postage and packing, GO ME! And if Amazon had it in there stock they would charge it at about £4.99, so yet again, I have picked myself up a rare, limited edition, collectors item CD for a price of only £3.74!

Here is the CD:

Anyway, the day is going really slow as I said and I’m going to log off in a minute and try and make the best of the rest of the day.

I’ve got Madonna’s ‘Don’t Tell Me’ & ‘American Pie’ videos downloading of Kazzzaaaaaaaaa!

Anyway, Byyyyyyyeeeeeeee!

‘AND I FEEL!!!!’ – Madonna ~ Ray Of Light

22nd August 2003

5:12pm: lkjhvnlmdfb';bn]#[gf
Hey People!

I thought I would try a different kind of entry today MWA!

1. I got up this morning really early to let me dog out, I still feel SHITE!
2. I watched a program about Lesbians! (Trisha)
3. Poppie is better!
4. I had a hour long bath, kekekeke
5. I had macaroni cheese for lunch!
6. Kirstie came over!!
7. Kirstie had lunch!
8. I found out Jessica Simpson’s new show will air in the UK!
9. My Mums signed up for Ebay!
10. Amie is getting a guitar!
11. Amie, Lauren, Kirstie and me Mam are all in Reading!
12. I’ve just seen my friend Kirsty-Leight
13. Kirsty-Leight and me went on the trampoline and tried to put in her contact lenses!
14. I just saw my friend Annette
15. I just found my phone which I lost yesterday
16. I’m staying out tonight!
17. I’ve g2g!

21st August 2003

2:21pm: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Hey People,

Yet again I have realised that I have been really short, blunt, un-detailed and rather pathetic in my last few journal entry’s.


Firstly, I am really annoyed; I missed the Jessica Simpson chat on MSN. I stayed up till 1am but I must have got the timing wrong as when I logged on the chat was finished.

I got to sleep quickly but then was last woken up at 5:35am by my dog who knocked my glass of water over, which incidentally went all over my pillows, for fucks sake.

I shouldn’t complain about my dog, Poppie as at the moment and especially today she has been acting really strangely I think she may have food poisoning or a stomach bug or maybe she’s in season, I don’t know but she is acting strange and isn’t eating all she is doing in sleeping.

On another note the builders are almost finished, the fence will be done by today, this time round the fencing is a really nice brown and is support by international pine beams and the pillars are proper concrete, it’s be built very well and is a bit higher so we have more privacy, but why’d we need it? It’s not like we are going to do anything interesting in our garden.

Me Mam has been rather quiet today as well, I find it rather funning this morning, I was standing on the landing and she walked past me to go down the stairs, I was messing around and threw myself into the wall over acting, as I hit the wall by bare skin smacked again the wallpaper and my jumped, she said THOM! I said what?? She goes you just frightened me! Sounds sad but I found it highly funny, Mwa!

I had the new webtabix ceral for breakfast and then snuggled up with Poppie, watched some Gimme Gimme Gimme, and than Amie friends knocked and her and Lorena went out, strangely Kirstie knocked at the door, came in and had some breakfast, we listened to Madonna’s greatest hits, had a chat and she told me how she had seen a really bad fight down South Hill Park last night, a guy was being beaten shit less as he stopped a rape attack.

I’ve just got out of the bath and the fence is almost finished, like everyone is on the trampoline, I’m going to do a quick web surf, get dressed then grab something to eat, I’m staying out tomorrow night and I have to go out with my God-Mother during the day.

Meh, think there is something wrong with me haven’t ordered anything online for about 1.5 weeks! Eeek!

Oh, Jessica Simpson is prediocted to sell 60,000 copies of her album this week, like go her! **Crosses fingers for 300,000 copies sold!!!**

Anyway, might catch you later!!!

20th August 2003

8:42pm: MEH
Hey people!

I was meant to update early but hey.

I was woken up really early this morning which was bad news as I didn’t go till bed till really late, it was council builders, demolishing our fence….I was like rude!!!

I had some breakfast and then just threw on some clothes, as I was going swimming with Kirstie, Amie and Lorena. We went to Coral Reef : Water World, it was rather fun, water was good saw loads of well, *drools*

Also had lunch at coral reef, it was actually really nice!!!

Anyway since them and now I have chatted, played god on my microphone, watched tv, listened to music, been on the trampoline, drunk milk, been hyper, seen neighbours, brushed my hair, banged my head, bite my tongue and fallen over! MWA!

Anyway, I’m peckish and bored; kazaa is slowly my comp up, FFS!!!

Also, I have to come online at 1am to chat to Jessica Simpson!!!!

Sorry it’s short, Byyyyyyeeeeee

19th August 2003

9:29pm: Untitled <---- Actual Title


Hey today has been raaaaaddd!!!

I had a great nights sleep and then got up and had some rice krispies for breakfast, then jumped in the shower, then washed my dog and got out the door at 1pm with my family and went shopping in Camberley.

When we got there they had re-designed the car park and we were like RUDE.

We just wondered for ages, my sister was looking for slip knot jeans, we went in loads of classy sports shops and I saw this really cool shoes but the were £69.99 and I was like Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaatttttt!!!

Here the shoes: Me Mam says I can have them for the holiday :D

Sorry this is being posted late, I was meant to post it a few hours ago but I have been doing random things and looking for that picture!

We wondered around the precinct in Camberley and me Mam dragged us (me and my sisters) in a Charity shop. Urrrrgh!

Anyway, I’m going to cut a long story short… I brought

Madonna – American Life, USA Import 2 Track Single. I already have it on vinyl format and it was on £4 so hey. When I brought it the clerk bloke who I swear was like blushing asked me if I knew it was an import, if I knew it was a single, if I knew it was a single not the actual album, If there was anything else he could get me and if I was a big Madonna fan!!! The cd contains the radio edit or American life and unreleased remix of die another day and enhanced cd elements, the cd is presented in a jewel album cd case.

And I brought this Ab Fab video, as it was only £3.50, it hasn’t been released on DVD yet, I’ve already got series 3 and series 4.

We than had some lunch, I had bangers and mash. We were in this really nice restaurant and this poor barmaid was doing the bar and serving the food ALL BY HERSELF!!!

After lunch we walked around some random shops, then went home.

There was a lot more to the day but its all to precise and I can be bothered to explain it all, I would if I had posted this earlier but I didn’t, so meh.

Got home, Kirstie was waiting lol, Poppie was high and a kite to see us!

Hannah, Harriet and Matt came in, I saw Zo0oe! And we chatted; she was wearing a dress although she claims it’s a skirt!

Anyway, I then had a nice cream and came on here!

OH YEAH! I brought a new microphone for my PC today, so fun playing god!


Things to do!


One other thing, it’s a year ago today since I got my e-mail from Jessica Simpson.

18th August 2003

5:11pm: Urrrrrrgh.... Don't tell me~ meh

Hey, today my life has been like an antique shop, FULL OF CRAP AND ALWAYS CLOSED!

I was woke up this morning by me Mam who told me to turn on my TV as our friend Avrol’s daughter Hayley was on Kilroy talking about being a teenage mum, we hadn’t seen Hayley in years but she was still her common, loud, red headed self.

I had rice crispies for breakfast, and then went on the trampoline and then watched Jessica Simpson’s ‘Dream Chaser’ DVD.

I tidied my room and had some tea and coffee with my Mum while she kept on telling me how she thinks she is going bald, women. Anyway, I then got in the bath and tried out yet another new shampoo, got out; got dressed and went downstairs. Had to baby-sit Amie and Lorena while my Mum went with my uncle to check out a flat, Amie and Lorena invited in Matt, Hannah and Harriet and they all went on the trampoline. Kirstie then came over, and she is till on the trampoline even when its raining just like the last 4 times she has come over she hasn’t spent any time with me just been on the fucking trampoline. Anyway, I watched some Madonna dvds and had my lunch. My Mum came home and said the flat was nice and my uncle had the keys.

Its 5:07pm right now and dinners being cooked, Its miserable weather and no one is on msn, I’m going to have some dinner and a few cups of tea and then I might just snuggled up with my dog and watch Ab Fab, the most depressing yet enjoyable evening.

**WEIRD** I spoke to be buddy Muz last night on Msn, he was glued to the box watching Titanic, bizarrely enough he had never seen the film before, I on the other hand love the film and I think it is the best film ever made – of course not as good as Madonna’s ‘Swept Away’…………NOT!!!! Still make me cry every time I watch it; Titanic.

Anyway, love ya and leave ya’

‘Tell me, love isn’t true, its just something that we do, tell me everything I’m not but please don’t ever tell me to stop’ – Madonna ~ Don’t Tell Me

17th August 2003

5:09pm: Analyze this.....
Hiiiiiii! Sorry people that it’s a wee bit late in the day!

Firstly, sorry there was no proper entry yesterday, no personal posts out of birthday respect for Madonna.

Anyway, nothing special happened yesterday, well, except; I was on the face-pic home page 3 times!!!

Anyway, I had a rough night as my sister randomly got in my bed at 1am! Got up had some breakfast and then went upstairs listened to Madonna and flossed with the dog.

Me Mam was home from work realllllly early so we all had lunch together, t’which t’was yell yum!

I’ve just got back from Sainsburys with me Mam. I’ve brought like 5 different shampoo’s and conditioners this week as the end tips of my hair are like straw. Meh

Got a pasta dish for dinner and Hannah, Harriet, Amie, Lauren and Matt are all on the trampoline.

Anyway, got messages to check.


16th August 2003

5:29pm: Eeeeeeeeee! The Box played my request!!!!
Mark whats his name was on with '4 Minute Warning' so I phoned up and request 106 'Louise~Pandora's Kiss' and as I hung up 106 appeared with a phone logo next to it on screen and it was the next video they played! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee GO ME!.
11:03am: Happy Birthday MADONNA!

1. Madonna is my idol and I idolize her, I have all her cds

2. Madonna has had 10 UK No.1’s.

3. Madonna has had 12 USA No.1’s

4. Madonna has had 30 No.1’s on the Dance charts

5. Madonna’s ‘Immaculate Collection’ & ‘Like A Virgin’ albums have both sold 10,000,000 copies alone in the USA

6. Madonna won a golden globe for ‘Best Female Performance’ in Evita

7. Madonna’s west end stage play won ‘Play Of The Year’

8. Madonna has starred in hit films such as Evita, Desperately Seeking Susan, A League Of Their Own, Dick Tracey and Die Another Day

9. Madonna has sold over 180,000,000 albums worldwide

10. Madonna’s musical career began in 1982!

11. Madonna’s latest album released in April has already earned her £624,000!!!

12. Madonna has been listed as the ‘Most Successful Recording Artist – Of All Times’

13. Madonna has been listed as the ‘Best Selling Female Artist Of All Times’

14. Madonna has been listed as the ‘Most Successful Female Recording Artist – Of All Times’

15. Madonna has outsold all of her contemporary artists

16. Madonna has a predicted 400 million in the bank

17. Madonna was the very first artist to release a video and dvd single

18. Madonna was the very first artist to include an instrumental song on an LP

19. Madonna has been listed for having the most expensive video of all times, Express Yourself and Bedtime Story both cost $2,000,000 to make

20. Madonna has two children Lourdes and Rocco and her husband is Guy Ritchie

21. Madonna has released over 55 singles and over 15 albums

22. See my Madonna collection at
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