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Monday, February 3, 2003

8:35AM - Galen

Today is starting off quite good. I have had two offers of photographers wanting to take photos of me. I have a modelling shoot for gap studios here in the UK on Sunday and I am looking forward to it.

Also, yesterday I gathered quite a bit of information about Thailand. Did you know that gay bashing is extremely disgraceful in Thailand? Homosexuality is very well accepted there, too.

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Saturday, February 1, 2003

2:58PM - Entering a new world

Hi, My name is Galen. I am American living in London, England and this is my first entry. I am a film student trying to progress my career. Next month I will be taking a trip to Bangkok, Thailand to make a documentary about 'Lady Boys'. The whole gay scene has always been interesting and I want to show people what the scene is really about and I get a chance to that by going to Bangkok.

Besides doing filming, I also act. I have appeared in a Nike commercial 'King of the Streets'. I have been in British TV and other commercials. I am also trying to get my modelling career together.

Enough about the intro... This weekend has been complete shit for me. It snowed here in London, Thursday night. Not just a little, but like 4 inches where I live. It hasn't snowed in London for like 15 years or so. The roads were iced over and the salt and grit trucks didn't come out. I was quite pissed off. I'm from Michigan and if we got 6 inches, then it would start to get hectic, but traffic wouldn't be at a standstill. Friday, I was supposed to get my photos done to promote myself to modelling agents and I had to cancel because of the bloody snow. So I won't have any pics on here yet for awhile. :(

Channing Tatum! If you're out there, I just wanna say hi! ;)

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