one day!   
09:35pm 02/07/2003
mood: excited
music: last call- mae
well, havent written for sorta a while. richie comes home from camp tomorrow!!! and ill tell ya, this has been like the longest 4 days!! he's been calling me every night just to say hey, and he says hes really bored, and cant wait to be home! yay i cant wait! well he told me that he would call as soon as he got in, however, i will be leaving for crew around the time he gets home. but im calling him the second i get out of the shower, cuz im hanging out with him def. tomorrow night..ahh! im soo excited to see him! it feels like forever since the last time i saw him, and it hasnt even been a week! god im helpless. o well, i dont care, cuz i really did miss him, and he said he really missed me, more than he expected he would actually, haha.

but, we're not gonna have long together, cuz sat. i go to the shore with awesome lizbop! and renee! ahh cant wait for thar either, thats gonna be soooooo fun. and i stay with them til monday, and then that week richies at the shore til next sunday..but im going down with him sometime next week. ehhh im kinda scared, cuz i think that he wants me to like sleepover at his shore house with his fam, and idk, i guess im just nervous, that could be kinda wierd. what if i like snore or something? ahh im gonn ahev to like shower and stuff and all like at HIS shore house...kinda nervous. o well...ahhh!! i cant wait to see him!!! im not gonna be able to concentrate at crew tomorrow, im just gonna be thinking about seeing him! well im leaving now, getting ready to go over emrobs to sleepover, WATER BALLOON FIGHT TOMORROW BABY!!!! hahaha its gonna be great, this summer rocks...<3

until next time,