-feeling artsy-   
10:27am 31/05/2003
mood: creative
music: top of the world- dixie chicks
hahah right now, i am cutting out words and phrases to tape up around my comp screen...ahh im such a loser, but i was feeling a burst of creativity, so i guess its something to do, cuz im bored anyway! AHHH!!! i woke up, at 8 oclock in the morning this mornign!! and i was sooo tired! i still am! so why arent i asleep??? i dont know, i was going to ask the same question...well i have nothing important to say, but i thought i would write anyway...but i gotta get ready to go to caitlin bertha's bday party (?) o well, dont have anything betyter to do on a yucky saturday afternoon from 1230 to 2....<3

until tomorrow,