-monday! PSYCH! or however u spell it...-   
07:21pm 27/05/2003
mood: confused
music: nothings gonna stop us now- the starting line
well guess what, it feels like a monday, but its a tuesday, due to an extra long weekend because of crew and memorial day. anyways, up there, on that title thing, i was trying to spell that word, psyc, psike, syche, syke? ahhhh this is why i am NOT in accelerated english! annyways, back to the descriotion of the past few days. weatherwise, this weekend SUCKED...it was like noahs ark, nonstop rain rain rain rain rain! i hate rain, it brings my morale down. but today it was sunny for the most part, which put me in a mediocre mood.

this weekend had its ups and downs, and for the most part, it was fun. the ups were doing not so bad in the regatta, and just kind of hanging out the whole weekend, u know relaxing. the downs, i pissed some ppl off, i understand what i did, but i feel kind of sad now. well what i did was wrong, but i heard something today that upsetted me , cuz i dont know, like if its true or not. well kt was talking to richie (and kt was not mad, upset, so she says at me b/c of sunday..) and she was like "yeh, when u and drea break up, shes not going to have any friends.." that totally crushed me. i felt horrible, im sorry if i cant be there 24-7 for you, i mean i have sort of a commitment now, but w/e, let me drop that because you say so, cuz the last thing i want is to have no friends :(
seriously, when i heard htta, i didnt htink much of it, and then when i really started to think about it, i was wondering if it was true, and im scared. its so hard to balance between the two, but the last thing i want is to lose all the people who are most important to me...

hahahahahhahahahahhahaha this is soooo great!!!!!!!!! rifght this moment, my mom is describing to my sister how to shave her legs!!! i hope that someday, she will grow up following my footsteps in being obsessive compulsive about that! :) haha jk that was wierd

well i better get to my hw that i have so very little of...<3

until tomorrow,