-morning after-   
08:29am 18/05/2003
mood: relaxed
music: flake- jack johnson
haha my title sounds so like, i dont know. dana's last night was fun, even though i only stayed for like 45 mins maybe, then went to richies, that was fun too. we watched dumb and dumber. but ugh, now its sunday, which sucks, and i cant sleep in late anymore cuz of that stupid sport i do. i swear, it screws up your sleep patterns like you wouldnt believe.

well, todays the 18th...which means that me and richie have been together for 4 whole months. im pretty proud of us, haha. i love him so much, and i dont know what i would do without him :)

anyways...welll, i cant think of anything else to write, since its kinda early in the morning...but ill probly be back..and this time theres more of a chance ill be back then there was yesterday...haha, see i told u i probably wouldnt be back when i got home last night. ok, why am i babbling on like this...talk to you later..<3

until tomorrow/later/i dont know when?,
-avoiding hw-   
07:27pm 18/05/2003
mood: contemplative
music: oh what a night- billy joel
right now, i am doing anything in my ability to avoid doing my hw. and when i say anything, i mean it. well right now, wehn i am supposed to be writing my rough draft for the research paper, i just painted my nails and toenails, tried on all my bathing suits for summer to make sure they look alright, braided my hair, made an anklet out of hemp, and currently i am writing in this stupid thing AND whitening my teeth with crest whitestrips, which rock by the way. well..let me tell you about my day today...

quite boring indeed. i kinda sat around, and then decided i hated the clothes i have in my closet for spring. (ugh, sister just walked in from being in west virginia the past 3 days...i liked it better when there were only 2 children...) soooo i went to old navy with my mom, bought some shorts and a black skirt and a shirt. theyre pretty cute. except the entire day, i have been exausted and just sort of, out of it i guess. the same for last night, the whole night was pretty much a blur...and some things, when i try to think of it, just go blank. o well, what are u gonna do.

anyways, so last nigiht: since i didnt really talk about it this mornning, it was an awesome night, lotsa fun, thanks to dane and her willingness to share her open house with us :), you rock dane! anyways, so last night, i did soemthing that i dont know,i dont regret it, but after doing it, i dont know its wierd. and really, its not a big deal what i did or anything, i didnt smoke or anything, i didnt do what u may have thought i did, seriously, its not a big deal at all. i dont know, my feelings are pretty undescribable. actually, i really dont regret wat i did at all, im glad i got it over with. so dont think i regret it. but tomororws monday, back to the same old school crap i look forward to every day...not. but ill be back to normal about this thing, ok, im gonna stop rambling on right now...

i seriously should get some hw done tho, so ill be back tomorrow...<3

until tomorrow,