hehe wow...   
02:11pm 14/02/2004
  yeah....haven't posted in ages...i post in my live journal www.livejournal.com/users/bleedingxxblack and yeah...check me out there....
10:20pm 05/01/2004
mood: blah
music: Silverchair- Undecided
yeah...it's been a while since i've posted...and i don't think i'm gonna post much anymore...yeah xanga's gonna be my bitch for a while...but i like the bats here at blurty...i think that's why i stay....

go to BrokenDownCadillac's Xanga *http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=BrokenDownCadillac* if you're actually interested in my thoughts....but you are probably not....

piece out
i feel so loved....   
09:52pm 18/12/2003
mood: excited
music: Good Charlotte- Girls and Boys
okay...all 15 years of my existence...i have never recieved xmas presents from any of my friends...and this year...HOLY CRAP! almost every single one of my friends has gotten me something...i feel so loved!!!! surprisingly...this affection is really boosting my self esteem...i'm beginning to get into the xmas spirit...FINALLY! the past couple...months...have been really stressful and i'm welcoming the break...but i'm beginning to look forward to the actual xmas day....WOO HOO FOR ME!!!!!!

GUESS WHAT ELSE??? I'M GONNA SEE BRIAN IN LIKE....ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if billy is reading this...NO i am not INCESTUOUS!!! despite the fact that i can't read....haha!

okay...i gotta finish my fucking tree project now....damn school!
i'll post again when i get back from california...january...2-3...i dunno
piece out...
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this is gonna be brief...   
10:54pm 17/12/2003
mood: happy n have to pee!!!!
music: Rancid-Indestrutable
okay...i gotta pee really badly and my mom is yelling at me to get offline so this is gonna be short....

i'm going to cali...and he lives in cali....and i got his email from my aunt n uncle and i emailed him n he emailed me back and he's like "OH MY GOD IS IT REALLY YOU STEPHANIE???" haha it was great!! ugh...i miss him so much! i'm definately having "brain deprivation" right about now! haha zippy! i'll write again tomorrow before i leave n stuff...i gotta f***in pee my brains out!

piece out!
Leave me alone please....   
09:34pm 16/12/2003
mood: blah
music: All American Rejects- Happy Endings
okay...no offense to my friends, i know they care about me, but i'm tired of everyone asking me "stephanie, come on tell me, what's wrong?" i love them and i wanna tell them, but i just don't have the energy to...ugh! if any of you read this...i'm heartily sorry but i just don't wanna talk about it, when i wanna vent i'll post it up here for all to see! promise! anyways.....

i just got back from my first ever dance team performance...it was fun actually. we did "fighter"...i hate that dance...but oh well...poor stephany! she's so sick...she fell while doin her axle jump...but i didn't notice and she got right back up anyways...it's all good! i really wanna go tomorrow for the wrestling game...i'm gonna try n skip ballet...we're doin JC...i hate that dance...but alas, it's better than fighter! anything is better than fighter...

i should be doin geometry hw right now...really don't want to...but i haven't done like the past 6 hw assignments in that class...so i think i should! ugh....i hate geometry, spanish and bio....*not in that order...* ARGH!! THEY SHOULD ALL BURN IN HELL!!!! A days suck hairy diseased monkey balls....they should burn in hell also. expect drama....gotta love that class!

oh yeah...i tried out today for "the importance of being ernest" but it's an upper-classmen play so i know i'm not getting a part. i can't handle another "play part" cuz miss jordan already wants me off dance team i know it...i'll just do running crew or tech crew...i wanna learn that stuff anyways!

okay...geometry hw...my demise...AGH!
piece out!
yeah...whatever...did this when i was bored   
09:22pm 15/12/2003
mood: bored
music: Brand New- Deja Entendu
i got this from young_hopeless1's online journal

1. Copy this whole list into your journal. [or if you don't have a journal and still want to do it, leave it in a comment]
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you

since i can't do html...the *'s are the bold face crap...

01. My room hasn't been properly cleaned in over a month.
02. I am in love with Cadillacs*
03. I live for the day that I'll meet Good Charlotte.
04. I don't know who Mischa Barton is.*
05. I wish wasn't accused of being depressed and having mental disorders.
06. I'm addicted to music.*
07. My favorite band is Good Charlotte.*
08. I am not an only child.*
09. I play my music loud.*
10. I've never been a girly girl.*
11. I don't go to the movies a lot.*
12. I plan on getting my nose pierced within the next year
13. I hate the Christmas season.
14. I'm sick of the term "sell outs" being thrown around.*
15. Halloween is the only holiday I really like.*
16. I'm not into all that religious stuff.*
17. I don't believe in love *anymore*. *
18. I've dyed my hair.*
19. I've only had 1 boyfriend in 3 or 4 years.*
20. I hate Justin Timberlake.
21. I don't read alot *but i wish i did...i miss it*. *
22. I wish i was older.*
23. My first concert was the Spice Girls.
24. I was petrified of ET.
25. I've never smoked a joint before.
26. I hate talking on the phone. *
27. I always have to have music playing, no matter what.*
28. I use the word 'fuck' a lot*
29. I say "I'm happy for you" Too much and it comes out rude. *sometimes* *
30. I haven't gotten the GC DVD yet...
31. I love pop-punk.*
32. I don't have a digital camera*
33. I'm more open with my online friends than offline ones. *and i'm open w/my friends when i'm online*. *
34. My first tattoo is coming when i'm 16
35. I'm going to have a MEST tattoo
36. I want to visit Italy*
37. I can be paranoid about friendship. *
38. I want to move to Australia
39. I've never had a real job. *
40. I usually hate the idea of having a boyfriend
41. I'm never getting married*
42. I try to avoid being in crowded rooms.*
43. I think biting your toenails is gross.*
44. I'm probably never having kids
45. I'm shy around people I don't know but wild and open with my friends.*
46. I wish I had a car.*
47. I haven't willingly worn a dress since I was 3.*
48. My birthday cakes for the past three years have been made by my mother
49. I wish I could turn back time.*
50. I live in the past too much.*
51. I'm an online journal whore*
52. I'm forced to wash my hair
53. I know every single released Good Charlotte song by heart and I'm working on the unreleased ones.*
54. I'm thinking of dropping out of school.*
55. I still dress up for Haloween*
56. I'm forced to shower.
57. I want to play electric guitar.*
58. I want more pants n sweatshirts
59. I like to sleep in my comfy pj's
60. Tattoo pain is the best pain. *or so i've heard* *
61. I'm going to get a boxer [the dog] and it will be my child
62. I hate getting dressed up. *
63. I have to go to dance for at least 6 hours a week
64. If Tony Lovato belonged to me, I wouldn't share him and I'd chain him to my bed.*
65. School spirit sucks*
66. I think Fuse is better than MTV. *
67. GC fan fictions are the best things in the world.
68. Benji Madden is fucking hot.
69. I've talked to billy n abbie once for 6 hours.
70. I don't think i can really dance.
71. I can hold a pretty good grudge.*
72. I'm really sarcastic.*
73. I'm online a lot. I have no life.*
74. I don't own a Britney Spears movie.*
75. I let almost anybody in my bedroom.
76. I hate Avril Lavigne
77. That new mest cd is addicting
78. I like the taste of alcohol*
79. I don't smoke.*
80. I think Britney Spears is a whore
81. I wish I had a faster computer.*
82. I can't draw for crap...expect my stick figures.
83. My ears are pierced.*
84. I have no tattoos
85. I love anything to do with stars*
86. I love to listen to "emotionless".*
87. Fishnet shirts are sexy*
88. I like to dye my hair
89. I think Paris Hilton is ugly.*
90. A lot of people think my brother is going to be gay
91. McDonald's makes me sick to my stomach*
92. Bisexual guys are the greatest*
93. I want to shave my head*
94. Accents are great.*
95. I occasionally lie to my teachers.*
96. I want to get at least a half sleeve of tattoos on both my arms*
97. Benji Madden is my god
98. I believe in god most of the time
99. I live at home.*
100. I named my cats after characters on friends

do it if you are bored...i know i was...
piece out
09:15pm 15/12/2003
mood: numb
music: Screamer-Good Charlotte...the best fuckin song ever written!
ugh...okay...this is now the THIRD TIME i've attempted to write this fuckin entry because of my stupid ass computer!! it better work this time or i'm gonna fuckin break the computer!!!!!

ugh...i'm so fuckin stressed right now...have you ever felt like just curling up into a little ball and going into your dark corner alone so no one can bother you and just...die??? well...not die...just go into non-existence and let the world keep going on without even noticing you are gone. that would be nice about now...i'm not suicidal or anything...i just need a long awaited and well deserved break!!
Things that Keep Me Movin' On: *yes that was a gc reference*
1) my mom
2) my friends *or the ones that care about me*
3) music
and i think that's it....wow...those three things are doing a great job...

i'm going to california on friday for winter break...i'm excited and i'm not. spending two whole weeks with my family is like hell! but...this is california and i'm gonna have fun not being in virginia...i need to get away...this is going to be my long awaited and well deserved break! finally... i would like it better if one of my friends could come with me...but unfortunatley that can't happen... :'( my family is very caring and thoughtful...but they go about it incorrectly...they become obsessive and nosey...and i can't STAND IT! if i have a friend...they'll lay off a bit...god why can't someone just come with me?
this thursday i'm gonna have a couple people over to watch sid & nancy so i can hang out with them before i leave for california...that's a great fuckin movie! can't understand what sid's saying half the time...but it's a great movie! the whole time i was watchin it last nite i was grabbin onto my sid vicious lock n chain necklace...i miss sid...he was an ass...but you gotta love him!

okay...i'm tired of writing...i've got to do my homework now anyways...i'm like failing all my classes...*failing is a b to my mom by the way...*
piece out!
02:24pm 06/12/2003
mood: bored
music: Miseria Cantare- The Beginning by AFI *sing the sorrow*
hello to all that decide to read this....

well...this is my first official entry! *WOO HOO!!!* haha! today is going to be BORING! i don't think i have a play today because of the snow *which is quite yummy n makes my bare toes cold!* haha! i'm actually quite glad i don't have a play because i don't have the "make up kit" that ms.haynes wanted me to get so i would just get yelled at or something! but i do eventually want to put on this production so i can be on stage n stuff! i love acting and being on stage! it's soo much fun! anyways...because of the snow, my brothers are at my house and for the second day in a row i'm stuck inside w/them cuz my mom is working for 12 hours and i have to watch them...urgh....eh oh well...i think i'm getting paid so it's all good i guess!
last nite, my mom decided to put up our xmas tree and decorate it. this is usually a family affair w/egg nog and xmas music n such *kinda like in the movies...which now that i think about it is kinda creepy* but for some reason, i haven't been in a very "xmas-y" mood lately...you would think i am since i'm going to california for the entire 2 week winter break....but i just don't feel ready for xmas...eh enough about the holidays...they just depress everyone anyways...
OOH! let me tell you about something exciting then...!!!! on thursday, i went to the HFSmas Nutcracker Ball!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!! that was FUCKING AWESOME!!!! it was Hoobastank, AFI, Chevelle, The Offspring, Stanid, Blink 182 and Korn!!!! OH MY GOD!!! That was one of the best concerts i have ever been to!!! again, we had the nose-bleed seats but it was still FUCKIN AWESOME!!!! :D *gracias rosswell!!* i got a chevelle shirt and i got something for one of my friends in secret santa... ;D haha! while the bands were changing n stuff on stage, abbie, ross, danny, billy and i would walk around and watch the snow come down! *we thankfully didn't have school the next day!* i think we all lost our voices *or almost did* and we got home at about 1:30 am!!! that was soooooo cool!!! i can't wait until the Yellowcard concert this wednesday...that is....if i can get a ride! *anyone have room in their cars??? it's just me, sam n shane!* anyways...yeah...that's the excitment for this week!
have you ever noticed that the day after a concert is like the most boring day you have ever had?? that happens to me all the time....eh...it kinda sucks...but we live through it...!

well...that was longer than i excepted....hopefully i didn't bore you to death....
piece out!

ps if anyone wants to help me think of good "good charlotte fan club" names...let me know! if i win, i'll give you something out of the prize package! :D