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Wednesday, December 24th, 2003
9:23a - i like the dreams, so just put me to sleep

Im no longer saying his name...he is now him....so if u dont know who him is its alex and its the last fuckin time im sayin it

i had a dream about him...he put his arms around me he held onto me forever and never let go, he called me and asked me out...he was being so sweet....yah then i relized i was dreaming i hate this...i just want it to end i want to go back in time and never ask him that......personaly if u dont answer that qustion its ovisley really small! thats the only part about this i laugh at...i*d die for him i*d do anything for him back....i act okay around people but inside im really just want to die...i dont want atteon tho...i dont want people to know...so im gunna stop talking about all the time in here...this is the last time...the only reason i did was for adivce but u dumbass dont post...thats cool too...

anyways getting over that....its xmas eve im going to my grandmas (my moms step-moms) then comin home n sleepin so the fat guy can take my cookies! haha ill tell u about my grandmas later tonight or tommorw untill den

Happy Holidays

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