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Wednesday, December 24th, 2003
9:23 am - i like the dreams, so just put me to sleep

Im no longer saying his name...he is now him....so if u dont know who him is its alex and its the last fuckin time im sayin it

i had a dream about him...he put his arms around me he held onto me forever and never let go, he called me and asked me out...he was being so sweet....yah then i relized i was dreaming i hate this...i just want it to end i want to go back in time and never ask him that......personaly if u dont answer that qustion its ovisley really small! thats the only part about this i laugh at...i*d die for him i*d do anything for him back....i act okay around people but inside im really just want to die...i dont want atteon tho...i dont want people to know...so im gunna stop talking about all the time in here...this is the last time...the only reason i did was for adivce but u dumbass dont post...thats cool too...

anyways getting over that....its xmas eve im going to my grandmas (my moms step-moms) then comin home n sleepin so the fat guy can take my cookies! haha ill tell u about my grandmas later tonight or tommorw untill den

Happy Holidays

current mood: okay
current music: Shorty (put it on the floor)

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003
11:25 pm - thingey


*Full Name: Nicole Lauren Unsworth
*Nicknames: Nikkie, nicky, nd, n, nickydo
*Location: Royal Oak, Mi.
*Birthday: novermber 29
*BF's Name: was alex...
*How long you've been going out: was 24 hrs
*Eye Color: Green/blue
*Hair Color: blond :D
*Height: 5'1
*Siblings-names-ages: jemremy (half bro) umm 16 yrs older than me...that maked him umm...28? ya i think

-*0-RigHt Now-0*-

*Wearing makeup? its a natural
*Nails painted? i have acrlyics on
*Hair down or up? up
*Taken a shower? this mornin
*Any friends over? nope
*Brushed yer teeth? der...who ever dont is nasty!!


*Tv show: room radiers/ bad trip
*Movie: love dont cost a thing, hardball
*Soap Opera: i forget the same
*Song: right now its shorty and love me baby but it always changes
*Rapper: Chingy, 50 cent , ludachris
*Band: lil john *n* The .E.S.B
*Color: pink n babii blu
*Pop: im givin up pop...
*Food: cream chesse...yummy! o.O ima dork
*Actress: uhhhhhhh...
*Actor: the hottest actor of all NICK CANNON

^!*YouR fRienDs*!^

*Best friend(like your BEST): kayla.danielle.jessi
*Prettiest: all of them
*Sweetest: alex is the nicest guy....girls are all sweet
*Easiest to talk to: cori, jessie and kayla
*Most Stuck up: not sayin :x
*Bitchiest: not sayin :x
*Cutest: they are all cute
*Blondest: kelsey and cori....tru blonds
*Shortest: guy: josh girl: jessie
*Tallest: i dont measure my friends
*Quiestest: they are all quiet at some point
*Known you the longest: jessie kayla danielle
*Trust the most: kayla
*Most Sarcastic: i personly think i am the most
*Funniest: cori

(*~*aLL abOuT thE gUYs*~*)

*Obsessed w/: we all know it...alex
*Best hugger: id have to say alex..
*Best kisser: josh
*Sweetest: to me...alex (today he was a freak but thats okay)
*Hottest: alex n raylen
*Best personality: um...
*Nicest body: i dont search bodies but tumy wise...eddie or raylen
*Best Friend: alex is the closest to me
*Prettiest eyes: alex (hes everything man)
*Cutest Smile: Jordan Ku or Mike
*Nicest teeth: how much do u want to kno? i dont look at teeh usually
*Meanest: they are all mean sometimes
*Most mood swings: chris
*One you can tell anything: alex...but of couse bill hears and tells every1
*Feel most comfortable around: josh..cause ive known him longer
*Talks to you the most: at school alex and online jordan king
*Knows you the best: josh
*Last one you kissed: josh
*Last one you hugged: raylen. then mike [f]. then alex
*Last one you talked to on the phone: alex...when he called me gay cause i got dared to ask him that
*Last one you hung out with: daniel (hes crazy)
*Last one you cuddled with: alex at travis party

§_*eiTheR oR*_§

*Pepsi/Coke: coke
*Mom/Dad: mom
*Brother/Sister: i only got a bro but i want a baby sista
*Best Friend/Boyfriend: bestfreind
*Computer/Phone: phone
*Movies/Mall: mall
*Winter/Summer: summer
*Lipstick/Lip Gloss:lip gloss
*Birthday/Christmas: who cares..u get presents on both!
*Kiss/Hug: depends on who but i enjoy both ;)
*Smile/Frown: smile :)
*Looks/Personality: both...if u got the good looks and shitty personaly...haha bad thing
*Lunch/Dinner: lunch
*Night/Day: night...sleep, partys, naughty time ;)
*Preppy boys/Ghetto boys: personaly preppy cause im a prep but ghetto boys too
*Clean/Dirty: what do u mean? cause i like to have my body clean but act dirty haha
*Hair brushed/not brushed: brushed! not brushed is EW!

*-(havE yOu evER...)-*

*Smoked: ive tried a puff
*Drank: yea but thats our secret
*Ran away: didnt get to far...
*Made out: 7 times
*Had sex: what do you think? no!
*Been in jail: oh yeah you know it just break into houses 24/7
*Ran from cops: yea....it was fun
*Tpd some1: yes and once again its our secret
*Ding Dong Ditched: thats fun
*Fell down stairs: yes i used to do sumersaluts down them
*Tripped up stairs: at school...damn stairs
*Failed a test: 5th grade yes..and math this year
*Cheated on bf: depends what u call cheat....
*Bitched some1 out: almost everyday...damn bitches dont knwo shit
*Gone skinny dipping: yes its fun ;)
*Peed in a pool: ewwwwwwwwwwww
*Been to California: when i was 6
*Seen Honey:not yet...
*Lied to your best friend: who hasnt?

-*-THE END-*-

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11:06 pm - all i got left is myslef

im gettin beter...i cant stop think of alex and i want him to know how much i love him and how id die for him...he dont care...

kyle [r] is the nicest guy ever...he can make you smile while theres tears in your eyes

i went to jessies to chill with raylen n mike [f] it was fun i actully laughed but i got back here and he just keeps goin through my mind...i love him, i'd die for him if only alex knew

current mood: mellow
current music: Luv me baby

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6:12 pm - he dosent know how much i love him

okay so i went to kelseys we frosted cookies, callled alex and he was being such a sweety but then we played truth or dare and cori n kelsey dared me to call alex and ask how big is dick was and thens when i lost him...i was being "gay" and i guess he dumped me...i didnt know that...i almost fuckin cried...as a matter of fact i am now...he dosent give a shit how much i love him and its pretty gay....ill be okay once school starrts but untill then i wont stop thinkin of him untill i see him...and what pisses me off was travis party and him....we were watchin bruce almighty and he told me to come sit next to him n we were holdin hands i felt so good for then...he dont care...who dose...julias gay too...shes sayin shit about kelsey...thats cool....guys are so gay...

current mood: mad, sad, pissed
current music: Hotel, Luv me baby

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12:32 am - me myself and i

today was one of the best days ever
to start it off...i slept in till like 10 and i woke up wit no one home
then my mom didnt care what i did and left again...home alone..hell ya baby
around 12 i went to jessicas then to the mall
i got a strightner and 3 thongs
we got home around 3:30 droped daniel off..hes so funny hes the best...me n him were makin a mess at coneys! jessica felt so werid...haha the mall was so fun

after that we chilled at jessies and i finally am going out with alex man i was so happy and i made a song and mike [f] and raylen walk into jessicas compter room place to get game codess (cheats) so we hung out with them for an hour...raylens so fricken crazy and funny...we were talkin to kelsey on the phone and he kept hangin up and puttin them on hold...oh and he showed us his majic trick and we were writing on his arms...great fun i guess

then it was off to the movies we saw love dont cost a thing..thats a good movie people... GO SEE IT these chicks were trwoin shit at us..they thought they were the shit...haha that was crazy...jessica and daniel missed alot if u know what i mean..and while we were leavin we saw jessie n amber (8th grade) and i came back home!! whoo! tommrow idk what im doin i thik kelseys!

current mood: tired
current music: Luv me baby

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