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    Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
    12:32 am
    25.83826% - Total Geek
    Thursday, February 19th, 2004
    2:28 am

    my style of love is:
    I believe in true love and love at first sight. Physical attraction is paramount.
    what's your style of love?
    | where love goes to die.

    This is awfully funny - I don't believe in either true love or love at first sight.
    Then again I wasn't particularly a fan of any of their categories.
    Friday, January 30th, 2004
    12:59 am

    Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003
    3:28 am
    More silly Quizilla stuff
    You are Beast!

    You are brilliant and extremely clever. You can
    handle almost any problem swiftly and
    efficiently. You are devoted to philosophy and
    are always up for a good discussion.
    Sometimes, though, your anger gets the best of
    you and you upset those whom you care about.

    Which X-Men character are you most like?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Also, in my actual life I'm just confused and don't know when it will end.
    Thursday, November 20th, 2003
    1:45 am
    quizilla sillyness
    You are Form 0, Phoenix: The Eternal.

    "And The Phoenix's cycle had reached
    zenith, so he consumed himself in fire. He
    emerged from his own ashes, to be forever

    Some examples of the Phoenix Form are Quetzalcoatl
    (Aztec), Shiva (Indian), and Ra-Atum
    The Phoenix is associated with the concept of life,
    the number 0, and the element of fire.
    His sign is the eclipsed sun.

    As a member of Form 0, you are a determined
    individual. You tend to keep your sense of
    optomism, even through tough times and have a
    positive outlook on most situations. You have
    a way of looking at going through life as a
    journey that you can constantly learn from.
    Phoenixes are the best friends to have because
    they cheer people up easily.

    Which Mythological Form Are You?
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    ?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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    Say Anything...

    What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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    Bondage movie! You're into BSDM (Bondage &
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    kinky isn't a feather...its using the whole damn chicken! and you kno it. you are so kinky that even you are afraid of yourself sometimes.
    kinky isn't a feather...its using the whole damn
    chicken! and you kno it. you are so kinky that
    even you are afraid of yourself sometimes.

    What type of SEX do You enjoy?
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    You are Neo
    You are Neo, from "The Matrix." You
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    What Matrix Persona Are You?
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    Sunday, November 2nd, 2003
    10:14 pm
    Only three entries and I'm wallowing in self pity
    I'm feeling lousy and I'm not quite sure why. No, I do know. I get depressed when I don't spend much time with people I care about and I haven't really today or yesterday. It's a stupid thing for me to feel so upset over and it's awful that my two big problems are largely conflicting - I'm shy and I get depressed when I'm alone.

    I also didn't get outside today and didn't get a damn thing accomplished all weekend.

    Also my grandfather is dying and I feel awful that it's not the main reason I'm feeling shitty

    I really need a hug.

    And this ( ) has reminded me how absurd my self pitying is. Wish the awareness would help it go away.

    Well, what's done cannot be undone. To bed, to bed.
    Saturday, November 1st, 2003
    8:31 pm
    Damn the person who took the username NoShoes and then did nothing with it. It's odd how I've come to accept that nickname, without really enjoying it. I don't particularly like it, but I usually use it instead of older internet names like DreadCthulhu (or BigWickerKaiser, The Dude).

    I suppose No Shoes is growing on me a little, though I'd really like a nickname that in some way related to Dionysius (my man, my woman being Eris). I suppose I probably would have tried to use Kobold or Pestilence back when I was known by those names (and depressingly few people know me as Fuckface).

    So anyway, as it seems no one is answering the phone tonight, I'll muse on what got me thinking about documenting my life.

    Last night was Hampshire Halloween, which was fantastic (or at least that's what I'm convincing myself - it was definitely a lot of fun; fantastic might be a stretch, but I'm going with it).

    Oops - going to an acapella performance I'd forgotten about. I'll return with my tale later.
    8:06 pm
    Look at me; I'm being pretenoious
    So I'm thinking of starting a web journal. I'm even thinking I might update it more than twice (that remains to be seen - my aplogies to and the voyeurs if it sits here for some time with only an introduction). I'm not quite sure why I want to keep a web journal. I'm enough of an exhibitionist that I secretly think people will be fascainated with my life and occasional deep thoughts, but I don't know how much I'll be able to share. I don't want this to become merely a list of my day's events or highlights. I'd like to genuinely share something personal, but it seems like to do that one must either remain largely anonymous (by not letting one's friends know that you talk about them in a public forum) or you must censor yourself of anything that you wouldn't want a stranger to know about you.

    I don't want to go either of those routes, but I'm not sure how to share personal thoughts without slipping into self censorship (which is something I've always had a problem with). Well, hopefully I'll find a solution and actually be able to discuss issues in my life beyond "my classes suck" or "I need more time" or " is really good."

    And also hopefully I'll get a rabid following of loyal cultists who worship me as a deity.