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    Monday, October 20th, 2003
    7:38 pm
    Well, today was uneventful. I talked to Sandy for about an hour online (isn't this journal thing turning into a sob story over her? ahahaah), but I won't go into detail on it. It's weird how the internet gives people this feeling of being anonymous because even though we talked a while about it, we probably won't mention it tomorrow. I wrote an e-mail to her last night telling her that I still like her, but she said she doesn't like me on that level. Still, she just got out of a big relationship, so I don't think I should have sprung that on her. But, it just hurts feeling that way about someone and them not feeling that way about you y'know (to all 3 of you out there)? There's probably nothing I can do to ever win her over, but maybe that's just how it is. I'll never understand probably. She's the greatest girl I'll never have (I said that to her too, isn't that insane?). Oh yeah, turns out Paige isn't as bad as I had thought her to be. We exchanged pleasantries in the hallway, so I'm glad that she's cool. Well, I'm done prophesizing today, I'm thinking about writing a short story or something over this idea that's been in my head for a while, it's sort of a love thing, but if I do write it, expect lots of inside jokes that no one will understand. And Family Guy. Ok I'm done.

    Sunday, October 19th, 2003
    4:57 pm
    Throwing up makes an angel lose its wings.
    Yeah. Well, I had Homecoming dance last night. It started off with me picking up Sandy and Paige at Sandy's house. Sandy's mom took about 400 pictures, give or take, and we finally got on the road. One the way down to Tallahassee (she's lives in Thomasville, 20 minutes north of where I live), Sandy wanted a Mellow Yellow, so she jumped out the car to the gas station and me and Paige were left in the car. Now, I hardly even know Paige, I've never talked to her before she got into the car, so you can guess what happenned. Awkward silence ahoy. After what seemed like a half hour, Sandy gets back in the car saying that they didn't have Mellow Yellow, only Mountain Dew. So we finally get back on the road and get to the restaurant we are going to eat at: Mori. Mori is one of those Japanese Hibachi places, and I've eaten at places like it, so I knew what to expect. Sandy was ecstatic over it, which is pretty much why I had a good time there. I ordered Sushi for everyone, but they ended up not wanting any. I didn't want them to feel bad later seeing an assload sitting there, so I ate most of it. The waitress comes over, clears it up, and dishes us salad and soup. I had this thousand island dressing, which was pretty bad. The soup was good though. I ordered the chicken hibachi and Sandy and Paige split the Chef Special, which was steak, chicken, and shrimp. The chef bangs the knife and stuff around and dishes us some rice, which really wasn't half bad. Later he cooks the chicken and everything, and that was OK. Then we got to the vegetables. They were kind of bad, but after that, dinner was pretty much over. Sandy and Paige went to the bathroom, and while they were in there, the entire table I sat at cleared, so I was just sitting alone. The waitress kept staring at me, which kind of creeped me out, but they came back and we hauled out of there. They tried to pay me back since I took both of them, but I didn't want to take their money. Iw as taking them out, and I was treating them, but I guess they felt bad. We drove up to Thomasville again, listening to my sister's CD (which I hated, haha) and made it to the dance. That was when my food started to disagree with me. I went to the bathroom and threw up and didn't dance the whole time, since I just felt sicka s a dog. Sandy felt bad about it and sat next to me for a little while, but she got up and danced. I'm glad she did too, because I know I kind of brought down the whole night being sick, but I didn't want to ruin it for her. I wanted to her to have a good time and be happy. We stayed until it was over and I took her home. They tried to pay me back again, but I stuck the money in their to-go boxes. Sandy said thanks and told me to get out of the car so she could hug me goodnight. It's really weird, because no matter how bad my night could have been (or was), just a simple thing like that and her saying thanks made it all worth it. I did have a good time, though (better than my last two dates, I'll type about those some other time), but I was just glad that she had a good time. Well, that's about all I have to say, so I'm out.

    Saturday, October 18th, 2003
    7:48 am
    Fuck me, I fucked it up, part deux take two
    Anyway, yesterday at my school, Brookwood, they had the homecoming game. I personally couldn't give a shit, but Anne really wanted to go, so I ended up seeing a movie (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and then dropping her off. I didn't stick around and went to pick up Sandy and meet Royal at Ruby Tuesday's, which is the most god-awful restaurant I've ever eaten at. If you haven't eaten there, please don't. Good God almighty it is terrible. Anyway (mood shift), let me talk about Sandy for a second. If you've read the intro, then you'll see that I've like her for a while. I have told her this and have had to sit through many boyfriends, but I don't think she understands. She says that I'm one of her best friends (which I believe), but I don't think that Sandy really understands how much I like her, but I don't want to tell her. Reason is is because I don't want her to feel uncomfortable around me. It's really cool she didn't turn tail when I told her I liked her, but I think she only thinks it's a crush or something. But that really isn't the sort of thing you tell your best friend. I just hope she sees it one day. Anyways, movings on alongs...
    We went to the restaurant and ate this horrible meal. I got the chicken fajitas (yeah, I'll take 3000 chicken fajinas, haha) and they tasted like crap. We got out of there after a while and went to the game. But before that, Sandy wanted to test drive my car (2003 Jetta 1.8L Silva baby), and being the pushover that I am, I said sure. We got to the game fine and stayed for about an hour, and I was ready to go, but Sandy had gone off somewhere a half an hour before. I find her and she is talking to this guy Phillip. Y'know those commercials that go "this is your mind on drugs"? He is the physical embodiment. She's friends with him, but I really don't like him. Anyway, she eventually got done talking to him, we decided to bail, and Anne was waiting. I let her drive to her house, which was like 3 minutes away, and gave me hug for letting her drive. That was nice of her, but it didn't really mean anything to her, least I don't think. That was pretty much it. Tonight is homecoming dance, and I'm taking her, but her friend Paige is tagging along (ugh), but I didn't want her to think I don't like her, even though I don't, but whatever. Anyway, if you think this is pretty sad of a journal entry, get fuckin' used to it, haha. Well to all 2 of you reading this, I'll keep on typing later, so I'll be seeing you.
    7:43 am
    First Entry/ Intro
    Hi. I really have no clue how you found this, unless you like Family Guy or Earthbound, so if you did manage to find this, congrats. You've found a pointless waste of time. I'll try and make my entries readable, but don't count on consistency unless I get addicted to using this. Anyway, I'll go ahead and introduce most of the people I'll be talking about, since I won't talk about anyone else.

    Royal- My Best Friend
    Jamey- My other best friend
    Sandy- Girl I've liked for 4 years now
    Mom- Duh
    Dad- Duh x2
    Anne- My younger sister
    Erin- My older sister who live in Michigan
    Kelly- Psychotic girl in my class with no social life, also known as Psycho Bitch or PB

    That's pretty much all, so I'll end this entry and start another so it isn't as bad looking.