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Welcome to my livejournal, this journal is for me to post free layouts for livejournal (Free accounts) Please do not edit my codes to give to other people, you may edit them for your own journal though. Hope you enjoy!


The current layout is taken from the film Thirteen which shows the harsh reality of growing up in today's world. The layout was designed by char, please do not take any of the images or coding.

The Girl

18 years of age Web designer University student Friendly Bitchy PMS Lazy Creative Shy Pessimistic.


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There are a few reasons why you might not see posts on this friends page:

  • Shelley might have no friends defined. If you are Shelley, you can edit your Blurty friends so they show up here.
  • Shelley might have friends defined, but all of their friend's posts might be over two weeks old (according to the times on our servers), and thus wouldn't be displayed here.
  • Shelley might have friends defined that post only protected entries that you can't view, because they haven't defined you as a friend in return.

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