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    Tuesday, November 4th, 2003
    2:08 pm
    FAQ: Botanistquail and Sprungboosing
    What is a botanistquail?

    We haven't found out yet.

    What is sprungboosing?

    Apparently some sort of flavoring in the middle-east that tastes like frankensence and myrrh.

    Where do these words come from?

    The nutrition label on a tin of baklava.

    What the heck is Guy Fawkes day, anyway?

    This link explains it.
    8:16 am
    My dilemna (more of a list than a poem)
    Financial dependence,
    freedom on a leash.
    Driving a car that I didn't pay for and don't maintain
    that isn't in my name (we can neglect
    the registration
    it doesn't matter if you get a ticket).
    College tuition payed entirely by my parents.
    No student loans. Commuter.
    Stuck at home. Familial tension.
    Unable to progress except
    in an educational manner.
    Four or six or eight years to be
    restless and untested. Trapped.
    I want space. I want to push my limits.
    I want to know what I can do.
    The future laid out upon a golden platter
    the present is looking rather bleak.

    Current Mood: awake
    12:12 am
    Tim better make one of these things now!
    12:08 am
    Testing...1, 2, 3... Testing

    Current Mood: tired
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