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    Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003
    12:25 am
    Gooch Fleas and a New Keyboard
    ..Hum Today:

    This day was like the day from hell. But, you know how that goes, so I shan't elaborate. However, that was actually yesterday being 12:26 AM. Heh. Yeah. Holy balls....ONE DAY UNTIL DEFTONES. i heart my life =)


    The longer I go without seeing him, the more I forget. That's got to be the most healing feeling. heh...that rhymed. Plus, liars suck. You fucking liar. =)


    1) Well, I gave Ky a curtiss thingy and Joey a weiner. Matt got some jiglettes and the day was sweaty. I remember Penn State laps and back aches. I drove home sleepily and thought about the spickler's guy who came at the most unoppurtune time. I wish that Ferret would pop up an IM so we can chat about Deftones, but then the end is upstairs in my bed..

    2) We've decided my cat, Chief, is most definitely Apache. Bahahahhaha. He's also a mongrel cat who probably has distemper. EEK.

    3) Inflatable hangers just would not could not work. Guaran-fucking-teed.

    Daily Bread:

    Cheese is most almighty...


    "I'm so ugly but that's ok cuz so are you...broken mirrors.."

    Current Mood: determined
    Current Music: the music in my mind...
    Friday, July 18th, 2003
    3:47 pm
    "Please just don't play with me..My paper heart will bleed.."
    I heart the All-American Rejects...¤ sighs ¤


    My cup is perspiring all over the place. I should clean that up.


    Wow...I don't think I have anything to complain about yet...
    I conquered my room, and although I have no plans for tonight, I really don't care...
    Matt and Ky return tomorrow. WOOT. I couldn't be in a better mood right now. The only thing that could make me feel completely satisfied is if I had a god damn cigarette...

    DEFTONES: 5 days...holy shit...that's soon!
    Yeah, ok, captain obvious I know...but my excitement exceeds my caring about my retarded tendencies..

    Daily Bread for the Reader:

    Don't forget to read your horoscope; it's freaky how accurate they can be...


    "Crowd surfing is better than sex. I swear to god."
    -Michael Ferrow

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Current Music: NOFX - Franco Un-American
    Thursday, July 17th, 2003
    2:46 pm
    Biting my cheek...

    This horrendous week alone is like mostly over...all I must do is suffer through tonight and tomorrow night then it will all be over. At least the loneliness.

    Deftones are in 6 days. WOOT. I guess Michael will bring the accessories mwahhahaha...
    Should be a cool experience. I haven't been to a concert in months...there should be laws against that..
    And I'm totally in...nothing can keep me from parties...Not even ridiculous drama.


    I had a dream I was back at school. I was so pissed that I was back eating cafeteria food. I had A lunch with no matt or kyle...that depressed me...but I had spanish with paul. heh. School could completely suck next year, or completely rule...I just hope it doesn't come much faster than it already is..

    Excess Rambling:

    With the slump of the week out of my way, I day dream of cheese, franco un-american nubs, and *PEF*..
    Life is so much better when you have your best friends to share it with...and they will be home Saturday. I could use a Dole strawberry popsicle about now...but I ate them all. Damn. Well I leave myself with this: Even though I have that cavity in my heart, I won't let it stop my climbing...I just quit caring...mark my words..


    "This beast of pride holding you down
    The knives are drawn stabbing at the pieces
    The strings that held me choking off the air
    So I can't breathe; there's hands around my neck
    I want you
    To feel what I do now
    This soul that surrounds us
    Keeps us safe tonight..."

    -The Beautiful Mistake

    Current Mood: irritated
    Current Music: The Beautiful Mistake - Safe Place
    Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
    1:00 am
    Woman on a Mission
    Major Complaint:

    I'm so bored. I crave people as a stimulant...there are none at the moment. This computer screen and my winamp are the only things keeping me company. In 4 days my two favorite people will be home. That just seems so far many hours to waste by myself...BAH. The only thing I smile about are my Chuck Taylor's...
    I need a better is so expensive. Maybe I should just find some freakin friends...

    "I'm so tired I can't sleep..." - nirvana

    I count the days until the Deftones concert. Soon I'll be rewarded with those pulsating guitar riffs ringing in my ears...They mean a lot to me...

    Welp, the nightly drop off is leaving it's post...the neighbors will get caught someday...crazy small-town dealers..

    I don't really know why I wanted to start this...I guess it makes me feel better hoping someone will read this and give a damn...heh. I hate people..

    Quite full of angst tonight...geez. I need to go the hell to bed.

    Daily Bread:
    Be smarter than the shopping cart...
    I'm gonna miss the old days.

    "Boredom is not a burden anyone should bear." - Tool
    "It gets worse. It's more. I get bored.." - deftones

    Newest Revelation:
    I just sneezed for the first time in days...and it felt great.

    Good Morning...

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Poison the Well - botchla