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[26 Jan 2004|11:00am]
I have a livejournal now!! BOOYA. Blurty sucks cock. My user name at livejournal.com is iheart_mychucks
Be cool! get one too
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Why [19 Jan 2004|01:01am]
Today I asked myself "Why am I still with Chris?" I went over there and immediatly got ignored because he was scrimming. Right after he invited me over he started to scrim. So I sat there for two hours watching him play fucking counter strike. Then we both went outside to smoke and I was pissed because he had just ignored me. So we go back inside, he makes a pizza, we eat and then go in his room and watch 2min. of Office space but he gets up and gets back on his computer....so i sit there for another three hours. I got really upset and told him he is a dick. And he got just as upset and then we talked and everything was cool. Now I get home and all I wanted to do was play 1 game of pool with him. He was playing cs so I told him I would IM him in a half hour and we would play. I just IMed him like 10times and he is ignoring me.
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Ugh even the survey tells me I have problems [17 Jan 2004|05:17pm]
I am Donnie, from "Donnie Darko." I'm
pretty troubled, yes.

Which Random Cult Movie Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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FATASS AND NOT WITH A PH [17 Jan 2004|04:44pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | the sound of banging pipes ]

One of my goals to complete within a 2week thing.....to lose SOME weight....i dont even feel like the same person anymore. i feel like a fucking fatass. but yeah i need to start wroking out or walking more like i used to or doing something to make me feel better about my self!

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I am happy [17 Jan 2004|01:04am]
Tonight chris and i couldve been in a commercial for smoking or in a music video for the pixies. omg it was so awesome. i love stuff like that. we parked on the hill that faces the bridge by my house and rolled down the windows and blasted "where is my mind" by the pixies then went outside and smoked a cigarette. i dont know maybe i am a weirdo or maybe everyone else feels the same way i do about it but just doesnt like to talk about it...but when i do those type of things i come back to earth...i appreciate things more...i realize how beautiful things are....yeah im a weirdo. that or im just one of those spiritual people...i think i am...actually i have known i am ever since 7nth grade when i would go into starbucks without any money and read or do my homework. it pissed me off the other day when i told chris that i was going to go to Shakabra after school and he was like "alone?? why??" and i told him just to do my homework and stuff and he was all like "why are you trying to be one of those people" lol im a nerd. when im in those enviroments its a lot easier for me to write essays and that kind of stuff.
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More Surveys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woot [15 Jan 2004|10:34pm]
LAYER ONE: On The Outside

Name: Courtney
Birth date: 7-15-87
Birthplace: Tacoma wa
Current Location: same place....yeah im boring
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5'4"
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac Sign: CAncer

LAYER TWO: On The Inside

Your heritage: Mainly Norwegain and Irish
Shoes you wore today: my good ol chucks
Your weakness: chocolate and anything sweet and fattening
Your fears: spiders.
Your perfect pizza: chicken garlic from papa murphys...oh god...i want it..,..NOW
Goal you'd like to achieve: highschool dip. and 2yr. deg.

LAYER THREE: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Your most overused phrase on AIM: sleep.
Your thoughts first waking up: "ugh school....damnit fuck...."
Your best physical feature: i dont know..
Your bedtime: whenever
Your most missed memory: middle school when i was a crazyass


Pepsi or Coke: Coke..pepsi goes flat too fast.ew
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's
Single or group dates:whatever
Adidas or Nike: none...but adidas is kinda cool
Lipton Iced Tea or Nestea: Lipton..thats the shit
Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino


Smoke: yes
Cuss: yes
Sing: yes
Take a shower everyday: 99% of the time yes
Have a crush(es): on chris..hehe
Think you've been in love: yes
Like(d) high school: hell no
Want to get married: sure
Believe in yourself: sure
Get motion sickness: sometimes depending on what kind of car it is
Think you're attractive: duh
Think you're a health freak: nope
Get along with your parents?: ha...next question please...
Like thunderstorms: they scare me...
Play an instrument: i try to play the drums

LAYER SIX: In the past few months have you...

Drank alcohol: yes
Smoked: yes
Done a drug: yes
Made Out: yes
Gone on a date: yes
Gone to the mall?: yes
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: umm no
Eaten sushi: No
Been on stage: No
Been dumped: No
Gone skating: no
Dyed your hair: yes
Stolen anything: no


Played a game that required removal of clothing: no
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yes
Been caught "doing something": yes...well kinda...
Been called a tease: yes....haha just today!!!!
Gotten beaten up: yes. chris beats me because he loves me...lol

LAYER EIGHT: Getting Older

Age you hope to be married: ??
Numbers and Names of Children:2 children...phoebe or something cool and odd...and umm guy for a boy...i love that name
Describe your dream wedding: in the court signing papers..ha
How do you want to die: very carefully and quick
What do you want to be when you grow up: a bunny
What country would you most like to visit: amsterdam...if thats even a country

LAYER NINE: In a girl/guy?

Best eye color?: Blue
Best hair color?: doesnt matter...when i met chris his hair was a nasty green..that was hott
Short or long hair: in between..i like to be able to pull it.....hehhe
Height: not shorter then me
Best first date location: impact...he will be skateboarding and ill walk up to him and tell him hes hot ;)

LAYER TEN: In The Numbers...

Number of people I could trust with my life: 1
Number of CDs that I own: 50
Number of piercings: 1 ha..my nose
Number of tattoos: 0
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: 0
Number of scars on my body: I don't count!
Number of things in my past that I regret: 1


[ current clothes ] dickies sweatshirt, lepard print tanktop, and jeans
[ current mood ] happyness
[ current music ] none
[ current taste ] strawberries, whipped cream, and waffles...all put together..yum
[ current hairdo ] the usual
[ current annoyance ] my dads tv that is really loud
[ current smell ] strawbarries, whipped cream, and waffle
[ current thing I ought to be doing ] going to bed
[ current desktop picture ] a picture of the worlds famous bobs java jive
[ current favorite group ]sooo many but ive been listening to the yeah yeah yeahs a lot
[ current books you're reading ] harry pothead and "the seven habits"
[ current movie in DVD player ] Pirates of the Carribean
[ current color of toenails ] red
[ current refreshment ] sprite
[ current worry ] my cancerous cells

last person

[ you touched ] Christopher
[ you talked to ] Christopher
[ you hugged ] Christopher...haha
[ you instant messaged ] Scott
[ you yelled at ] ummmmmmm....i dunno
[ you kissed ] Christopher


[ food ] anything good
[ drink ] sprite
[ color ] red or black
[ shoes ] Converse
[ candy ] chocolate
[ animal ] monkey
[ TV show ] Mad tv...but tv sucks anyway
[ movie ] kill bill right now btu i dont know
[ dance ] my own...where i just dance around like a crazy kat. its fun
[ (current) song ] pixies, where is my mind
[ vegetable ] potato
[ fruit ] apple
[ cartoon ] daria

are you

[ understanding ] yes
[ open-minded ] yes
[ interesting ] i like to think so...I would talk to me
[ hungry ] not really
[ friendly ] i think so...
[ smart ] in certain areas
[ moody ] yes
[ childish ] maybe??
[ independent ] yes
[ hard working ] yes
[ organized ] not at all
[ healthy ] no
[ emotionally stable ] sure
[ shy ] sometimes
[ difficult ] yes when I want to be
[ attractive ] someitmes?
[ messy ] yes
[ thirsty ] not right now
[ responsible ] kinda
[ obsessed ] with things that are important to me
[ sad ] not really lately
[ bored easily ] no, well at least not when im with chris....we always have fun somehow
[ happy ] very!
[ hyper ] sometimes
[ trusting ] yes...too much so
[ talkative ] sometimes

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[13 Jan 2004|11:44pm]
Today sucked. I realized how incredibly irritating Kurtis is. Then I sat and listened to music on Chris' computer while him and Kurtis talked. I thought about a lot of stuff....like if I dislike kurtis sooo much then why do I need him as a friend so bad? My freshstart class seems soo boring. We are just going in circles. Well I understand everything she is talking about but the people in my class are dumbfucks...and have to ask the littlest questions on EVERYTHING. its supposed to be STUDENT-DIRECTED NOT TEACHER-DIRECTED...24/7 omg people sometimes....they make me want to go on killing sprees. and i hate this fucking live journal shit..i want a real fucking journal. but i cant have one of those fucking things because people will read it and start copying it and sending it to other people....like my fucking dad..omg.d.fjalsdkjflsdjgloeshtlsertjdshkjthdsaljkht ok im going to go kill someone or myself now. bye. oh yeah i was just joking sbout the last part.
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stole another one from brittany..sorry...lol [13 Jan 2004|10:32am]
[.]name· Courtney Bryn Johnson
[.]age· 16
[.]birth date· july 15, 1987
[.]birth place· tacoma washington
[.]current location· tacoma washington
[.]middle initial· B.
[.]living with· Parents sister and Brother


[.]color· white/Red/Black
[.]food· anything good at the moment
[.]snack food· brown sugar pop tarts mmmmm and toasted
[.]television show· cops
[.]movies· pulp fiction, man on the moon, gummo..not!...donnie darko and ill stop because i could keep going on and on...oh and scarface
[.]actor· Johnny depp
[.]actress· Uma Thurman
[.]song· this one song by the pixies that takls about swimming in the carribean...."where is my mind?"
[.]band· Modest Mouse...Yeah Yeah Yeah's
[.]singer· Isacc Broc- Modest Mouse, he has a really unique voice
Ooooooh - stop

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
But there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself

Where is my mind (3x)

Way out in the water
See it swimmin'

I was swimmin' in the Carribean
Animals were hiding behind the rock
Except the little fish
But they told me, he swears
Tryin' to talk to me to me to me

Where is my mind (3x)

Way out in the water
See it swimmin' ?

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
If there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself

Where is my mind (3x)

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah

[.]store· anywhere there is a sale or it is cheap.
[.]clothing item· underwear
[.]color socks· tube socks
[.]toothpaste· crest
[.]perfume· clinique happy
[.]cologne· I like my guys to smell natural
[.]teacher· ms. tommervik
[.]book· on the road
[.]ice cream· coffee icecream
[.]candy· sweet tarts

[l a s t]

[.]cd you bought· modest mouse- the moon and anartica
[.]movie you watched. gummo...oh god...
[.]thing you ate· nasty oatrmeal
[.]thing you drank· sprite
[.]thought you had· am i going to be late to school because of this damn survey
[.]words you said· fuck...to myself becuase i spilled oatmeal everywhere..whats new?
[.]time you brushed your teeth· lsat night...i just ate so im about to though
[.]washed your hair· yesterday morning..ew i sound nasty...but im about to take a bath
[.]time you cried· when me and kurtis fought...so like 5-6days ago
[.]time you got in a physical fight· yesterday with chris...i kicked his ass though of course
[.]show you watched·Mad TV

[e i t h e r\\o r]

[.]strawberry or banana· both, together with sugar on top...yum
[.]arnold or sylvester· sylvestor...arnolds a whore
[.]jerry or jenny· jerry...i love white trash fucks who try to get famous and make $15 per fight on stage
[.]chocolate or vanilla· Chocolate
[.]blue or pink· pink...blue sucks
[.]movies or making out· who ever said you cant have both?
[.]friends or boyfriend· probably boyfriend
[.]boots or tennis shoes· boots
[.]lipstick or eyeshadow· none
[.]peter pan or robin hood· robin hood, because hes a good guy and cares
[.]hot or cold· hot
[.]sex or conversation· both...goddamn that one is hard but both..i love having conversations with chris just as much as i love having sex with him..sorry
[.]love or lust· love of course...being in lust sucks a fat cock
[.]boys or girls· boys!!!!

[r e l a t i o n s h i p]

[.]single or taken· this sweet ass is taken
[.]what you look for· a guy who makes me laugh, who i can talk to, who can talk to me and who i feel comfortable no matter what around, someone i trust someone who is honest...and that would be chris!!!!!
[.]best part of being with some one· the best part about being with chris is that we arent just boyfriend and girlfriend, were best friends
[.]best thing to sexually do with some one· doggy style or 69 when the chick is on top...
[.]best pass time with bf\\gf· everything we do together is the best and is fun
[.]ever been in love· I think so
[.]longest relationship· 1year and almost 9months
[.]shortest relationship. 3months-nick smith ew.
[.]best physical feature of opposite sex· smile and if they have good teeth...thats a big thing for me and their eyes
[.]farthest you've gone on a first date· made out in a movie. wow.
[.]are you a virgin· NOPE
[.]most you've done in first week· ummm....... me and chris had sex 2weeks after we started going out so tahts a hint.

[f r i e n d s]

[.]best· Christopher
[.]tallest· dont know
[.]shortest· gwen
[.]closest· brianna
[.]oldest· chris
[.]newest·not sure i make friends everyday
[.]loudest· myself
[.]shyest· kurtis
[.]smartest· Gwen
[.]trustworthy· Chris
[.]funniest· Chris Kahley
[.]most aggressive· ?
[.]most reserved·gwen
[.]thoughtful· gwen
[.]lies the most· i dont know
[.]prettiest· brianna and her damn exoctic eyes.
[.]ugliest· ME!!!!
[.]best dressed· Brianna is the most hip and uptodate becasue most of us are like whatever...i wear what i want but i do have a really nice leather jacket now that makes me hip
[.]worst dressed· noone we all have different styles
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I AM BORED [12 Jan 2004|11:10pm]

. Name: Courtney Bryn (Brin) Johnson

2. Age: 16

3. Eyes: Blue

4. Hair: Blonde.

5. Height: 5'4

6. Weight: ummmmmm probably 120


7. Best guy friend: Christopher (sorry guys, me and him are like best friends and im not just saying that)

8. Best girl friend: Brianna, ive know her for 6yrs. and we talk to each other about EVERYTHING

9. Best friend overall: Christopher

10. Sweetest: Tera

11. Smartest: Gwen

12. Nicest: Gene

13. Funniest:hmmm.....amber!

14. Can cheer you up the fastest: Christopher

15. Most trusting: Christopher

16. Outgoing: Amber

17. Shy: Kurtis

18. Best advice giver: Gene

19. Prettiest: Brianna and her exoctic eyes...bitch

20. Share most inside jokes: Brianna, Amber and Nicole...its a tie

21. Known the longest: Nicole, ever since kindergarten

22. Most fights: Kurtis

23. Had the most boyfriends/girlfriends: Gene has had a lot of chicks but I think Brianna has had more dudes

24. Tells what they think: Kurtis

25. Ugliest: All of my friends are beautiful to me in different ways.

26. Meanest: lol...brianna when shes drunk at least

27. Craziest: Amber

28. Most daring: Christopher...he trys to act good, but hes a bad boy at heart


29 .Longest relationship: Chris and I have been together for....1yr. and almost 9months. woot

30. Shortest relationship: nick smith...3months...ew

31. Are you in a relationship now?: yup

32. Who?: Christopher Anthony Marshall, the sexiest guy in the universe

33. Do you like anyone?: noone besides chris

34. Who?: noone besides chris but i dont like him....i love him hehe

35 .Do you love anyone?: weird..yes

36. Who?: uh. DUH!...seriously

37. Are you in love with anyone? I think so.

38: Who?: CAM

39. Have you ever kissed anyone?: nooooo....ive just been with someone for almost 2yrs.

40. Who was your first kiss?: AJ....bad memories

41. Who all have you kissed?: french kiss...hmm lets see...haha yeah right thats horrible.

42. Have you ever kissed anyone with a boy/girlfriend?: Yes.........goddamnit I didnt know it thought and afterwards I felt really bad and I didnt even want to kiss him in the first place anyway...stevo....yuck

43 .Have you ever kissed anyone when you had a boy/girlfriend?:no


44. Color: black red white

45. Food: a waffle with strawberrys and whipped cream on it......yumm.

46. Drink: Apple juice or sobe...the white jism lookign kind

47. Candy: gummy bears and sweet tarts ooh and fun dip...gosh i could keep going on

48. Car: 1964 cadillac coop deville convertible...cocaine white......omg id die to have that car.

49. Type of home: dark and peaceful

50. Store: anything on sale or cheap

51. Movie: GUMMO!! not. umm donnie darko or man on the moon or ferris buhlers day off or pulp fiction or...ok ill stop

52. TV show: Cops or Real Tv

53. Actor: Jim Carey..i dont care...i think he is sexy

54. Actress: Uma Thurman

55. Cartoon character: Nemo!!! or Mufassa!

56. Amusement park: dont have one

57. Amusement park ride: teh falling star

58. Shampoo: dove

59. Soap: vanilla body wash

60. Holiday: Christmas...i used ot hate it but christmas this year was so awesome i changed my mind

61. Season: Summer and Winter


62. Hot/cold: hot

63. Pants/shorts: pants.

64. Cinderella/Belle: Cinderella

65. Short/tall: tall

66. Cat/dog: either

67. American Eagle/Abercrombie: American eagle..they got some cool stuff

68. Hurley/Atticus: hurley

69. Rock/Rap: Rock

70. Blonde/Brunette: blonde! representin the blondes BAYBBEEE

71. Computer/telephone: telephone...way more easier to communicate..typing sucks

72. Football/basketball: definitely football

73. Cheer/dance: dance.

74. Science/social studies: i hate both of them but if i had to choose one id choose science because alot of that shit is very awesome

75. Math/English: English if ms. tommerviks my teacher

76. Mom/dad: Mom

77. Chocolate/vanilla: Chocolate

78. Cookies/cake: cake!! i wish i had some right now

79. Write/type: write

80. Survey/quiz: Survey

*Just a few Questions*

81. Do you have a job? Where?: nope

82. Have you ever been in love?: i think i am right now but other then that no.

83. Who are your 5 closest friends?: Chris, Kurtis, Brianna, Gwen, Gene

84. Do you like to cook?: sure if someone who is an expert is helping me

85. Are you bored?: right now...yes...

86. Any collections: kinda

87. What is your room decorated in?: white paint and un originality

88. Best day ever: the day i met CAM

89. Worst day ever: June 19nth, 2003

90. Funniest moment: ugh i can think of sooo many with me and chris

91. Saddest moment: When two of my best friends got together and bashed me and said some pretty hurtful things...that sucked.

92. Do you like to sing?: yes even though i probably sound like poo

93. Do you play any instruments?:i did...the clarinet an di am trying to learn the drums

94. What instrument do you want to play?: i want to play the drums..i have them and i try to play but i want to get better

95. Who would you like to see right now?: Johnny Depp and Chris in my bed.

96. Who do you need to talked to but you haven't in a long time?: Joey....i miss him

97. Do you miss anyone right now?: YES

98. Who?: I miss Joey and I miss Gene and I miss Melissa and Greg...oh and Gella!

99. Rate this 1-10(10 being best): 1

100. What did you think of this quiz?: boredness
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[07 Jan 2004|12:09am]
WHITEstripedGIRL: thanks
MrPink3387: thanks for what?
WHITEstripedGIRL: everything
MrPink3387: wtf did i do
MrPink3387: again
WHITEstripedGIRL: i went to chris' house
WHITEstripedGIRL: went on his computer
MrPink3387: ok
WHITEstripedGIRL: sorry for being so selfish
WHITEstripedGIRL: and such a bitch
MrPink3387: wtf?
MrPink3387: i dont get it
WHITEstripedGIRL: why not?
WHITEstripedGIRL: you are the one that said it
MrPink3387: WHITEstripedGIRL: thanks
MrPink3387: is this sarcastic or what
WHITEstripedGIRL: yeah it is
WHITEstripedGIRL: i hate how you think all i care about is me and chris
WHITEstripedGIRL: i care about a lot of things
MrPink3387: like what
WHITEstripedGIRL: you really want me to name everything i care about?
MrPink3387: ya sure
WHITEstripedGIRL: ok
WHITEstripedGIRL: school, gwen, amber, her family, you (even though you probably wont believe that) and your family, chris, his family, my family (evn though i hate my dad i still care about him) i care about all my long distance friends like britney, joey, greg, i care about gene, nicole, and her family, i care about my other family like grandparents and aunts and uncles and stuff
WHITEstripedGIRL: im not done yet
MrPink3387: if you cared about me you would talk to me about shit
MrPink3387: you say you have no respect for me anymore then you say bye
MrPink3387: friends talk about shit
MrPink3387: not keeping that shit inside
WHITEstripedGIRL: i did not say i had NO respect for you anymore
MrPink3387: and ive telling you guys how i feel
WHITEstripedGIRL: i said i LOST a lot of respect for you
MrPink3387: ok
MrPink3387: either way you didnt say why
WHITEstripedGIRL: i dont feel like talking about it
MrPink3387: you just say shit and then dont talk about it..just like that
WHITEstripedGIRL: because all i care about is me and chris
WHITEstripedGIRL: im such a fucking selfish fucking person
WHITEstripedGIRL: WOW that shows just how much you know me
MrPink3387: ya
MrPink3387: you hate to kick it with me at my house unless chris is with us and i know that
WHITEstripedGIRL: yeah ok kurtis
WHITEstripedGIRL: you KNOW that for a fact right
WHITEstripedGIRL: just like you know that im a selfish person
WHITEstripedGIRL: right
MrPink3387: and when chris was in georgia (this is a while ago but still) the whole time me and brianna would hang out with you you would complain about how you were with chris, "god i wish chris was here, we should drive to georgia, blah blah," because were not good enough for you
MrPink3387: no ones ever good enough for you besides chris
MrPink3387: complain about how you wish you were with chris*
WHITEstripedGIRL: im sorry you feel that way
MrPink3387: ya im sorry this all had to come up
MrPink3387: but all of a sudden i wasnt cool anymore because i stuck up for myself
MrPink3387: because i have this thing called integrity
WHITEstripedGIRL: yeah you sure stuck up for yourself
WHITEstripedGIRL: good job
MrPink3387: ok
MrPink3387: see this is what i mean
MrPink3387: god forbid if im sarcastic, but you can go ahead and be sarcastic all you want
WHITEstripedGIRL: yup
MrPink3387: ya
MrPink3387: anyways id like to know why you lost a lot of respect for me
WHITEstripedGIRL: anyways i dont feel like discussing it because youll just be like see i told you all you care about is chris and yourslef
MrPink3387: nothing will get solved if you dont talk about shit with me
WHITEstripedGIRL: yeah well i dont really care right now because i am so selfish
MrPink3387: see wtf?
WHITEstripedGIRL: im sorry i just feel that way right now
MrPink3387: wtf is your problem
WHITEstripedGIRL: im just angry that you think that
WHITEstripedGIRL: but i cant change the way you think
MrPink3387: you know a good way to prove me wrong about you only caring about just you and chris would be to be a friend and stop making me feel like shit
MrPink3387: but fuck it
WHITEstripedGIRL: right kurtis
WHITEstripedGIRL: im the one that makes everyone feel like shit
MrPink3387: i said ME
MrPink3387: not everyone
MrPink3387: now your just being stupid
WHITEstripedGIRL: do you know how many times youve made ME feel like shit
MrPink3387: keep being sarcastic
MrPink3387: how many times
MrPink3387: take out your tally sheet
MrPink3387: and tell me
WHITEstripedGIRL: you probably dont think this but you know seeing that you think i only care about me and chris made me feel like shit
WHITEstripedGIRL: all the times i have hung out with you or talked to you were just a waste because i never cared about you right?
WHITEstripedGIRL: i never fucking cared
MrPink3387: ya it makes me feel like shit when you are hypocrite, you do shit that ive been trying hard not to do, like being sarcastic, and asshole, and you put some shit in my guestbook with the kelly osbourne shit, when i took out my shit about you out of my profile, so now were being hypocritical, then you lose this respect for me and wont tell me why, ya that makes me feel like shit
MrPink3387: and i said you only care about you and chris, after that
WHITEstripedGIRL: big fucking deal kurtis wow i said you fucked kelly osbourne, i thought it was kind of like an inside joke and funny to you, i thought we could joke around about that kind of shit but you take it so fucking personal, like everyone out there is going to seriously believe it. how the fuck am i a hypocrit? i didnt care that you had stuff with my screenname in your profile...the only thing that bugged me was all those dumb fucks that kept IMing me because they had gotten my screenname out of your profile. i lost a little respect fo ryou ever since you explained your friendship with chris to me and how you guys couldnt really be friends anymore because you dont have anything in common besides video games and that was teh only reason why you guys were friends in the first place. please dont argue with me about that it just really made me mad that you guys were best friends for a while and you didnt really give a shit about him anymore
MrPink3387: ya i didnt give a shit about him anymore
MrPink3387: you said you lost respect for me today
WHITEstripedGIRL: no
MrPink3387: me and chris have been hanging out for the past week
WHITEstripedGIRL: yeah well now i just think you are fake with it
MrPink3387: ya i fake it
WHITEstripedGIRL: omg
WHITEstripedGIRL: fucking never fucking mind
WHITEstripedGIRL: just forget everything
MrPink3387: the only reason i hang out with chris is to be around you
WHITEstripedGIRL: i wouldnt be surprised
WHITEstripedGIRL: there has never been a time i just didnt give a shit about you
MrPink3387: all the times me and chris have hung out, without you, all the times we spend the night at each others house, all the time we laugh at each others jokes and watched movies, and played video games, was all for you courtney
MrPink3387: get over yourself
MrPink3387: you know what
MrPink3387: fuck you
WHITEstripedGIRL: lol i was being sarcastic
MrPink3387: im tired of this bullshit
WHITEstripedGIRL: fuck you
MrPink3387: ya
MrPink3387: see ya sometime
MrPink3387: this freindships over
MrPink3387 signed off at 12:02:01 AM.
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[06 Jan 2004|11:24pm]
Wow I am a selfish person that only cares about chris and myself. Thanks Kurtis. Your a fucking dick and if I had one I would make you suck it like the bitch you are. Be cool for a week and then blow up. I knew I shouldnt have even tried to be your friend again. It always comes back at me. Fuck you.
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NO SCHOOL!!! [06 Jan 2004|01:54pm]
I just won $10 because I bet Chris that TCC would be closed today and it was! Woot. Well, I love not having school but I hate being trapped inside because noone wants to drive and I dont have a fucking car...actually I dont even have a fucking license. My uncle is supposed to come pick me up and bring me to Chris' house. Funny how I just typed that and my dad comes upstairs and tells me not to have him bring me over there. My mom thinks that it would be stupid to ride the bus. Bitch. No, she's not really a bitch but come on at least I am putting my life in danger instead of others. School was interesting yesterday. First day at college. Hehe I can say I am a college student now. Theres a bunch of weirdos in my class, including a guy that plays with swords. Austin is a dumbass. He missed his Fresh Start class and now he shall be screwed. He was high also. One of those people you dont expect to pass the first quarter. Hopefully he will realize it is no joke and stop fucking around. Yeah well I am going to start walking up to the bus stop now. Probably will take me an hour and 1/2 to get up to Chris' house. Woohoo. Oh well at least I am getting out.
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CHICKEN TERIYAKI!!! [03 Jan 2004|02:15pm]
[ mood | relieved ]
[ music | The Shins ]

Oh my god. This week has been beautiful. Seriously. I dont even want to talk about it because it was so relaxing. Brianna is a beer slut though. That was the only thing that was bad about my week. Just to let everyone know I hate beer sluts. I dont understand why people are horny and stupid when theyre drunk.

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[02 Jan 2004|01:17am]
I dont even know where to start but this week has been awesome. i hung out with chris all week and ive learned a lot of new stuff. our relationship has changed so much lately. we are both really happy and its good. i dont feel like im the only one that cares anymore. goddamnit im sorry i just cant explain it. anyways it snowed! we went for a walk in it and we made snow angels lol it was fun. tonight we saw lotr. it was a good movie. waaaaaaay long. i have a lot more to say but i dont know who reads this so im not going to say anything more. hope you all had a good newyears and got FUCKED up and had sex. haha.
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haha just a silly convo between me and kurtis [26 Dec 2003|01:15pm]
MrPink3387: whoever the dude thats fucking paris hilton is one lucky dude
MrPink3387: ya i know
WHITEstripedGIRL: did you get the video?
MrPink3387: ya
WHITEstripedGIRL: i wanna see it!!
MrPink3387: im gonna jizz myself
WHITEstripedGIRL: i thought she looked bad in it?
MrPink3387: she cant look bad
WHITEstripedGIRL: ok well im coming to your house and watching it
WHITEstripedGIRL: later
MrPink3387: ?
MrPink3387: when?
WHITEstripedGIRL: we'll make popcorn and everything
WHITEstripedGIRL: i dotn know, can i?
MrPink3387: how you getting over here?
WHITEstripedGIRL: my mother
MrPink3387: lol
MrPink3387: im gonna need a couple of mins to whack
WHITEstripedGIRL: please dont tell me that
WHITEstripedGIRL: please
WHITEstripedGIRL: seriously
MrPink3387: lol
WHITEstripedGIRL: tell me your going to get food or something
WHITEstripedGIRL: but not THAT
MrPink3387: im going to go get food....
WHITEstripedGIRL: ok now put on a away message
WHITEstripedGIRL: so i dont know what your doing
WHITEstripedGIRL: because thats grosse
WHITEstripedGIRL: whack is such a grosse word

Auto response from MrPink3387: food.....

WHITEstripedGIRL: haahaha!! kurtis is whacking off!!!!!!!!!
WHITEstripedGIRL: ahahahha!!!!!
MrPink3387: lol
MrPink3387: fine im jerking off
WHITEstripedGIRL: ew
MrPink3387: not right now
WHITEstripedGIRL: just say masturbating
MrPink3387: but in 10.234 seconds
WHITEstripedGIRL: ok dont forget the away messsage
WHITEstripedGIRL: i wont bug you while your having sex with paris

Auto response from MrPink3387: food

WHITEstripedGIRL: kurtis you have been eating food for a while

Auto response from MrPink3387: food

WHITEstripedGIRL: lol
WHITEstripedGIRL: does the sound of IMs disturb you while youre eating food?
WHITEstripedGIRL: maybe you can read this..
WHITEstripedGIRL: congratulations you just ate food with KELLY OSBOURNE!
WHITEstripedGIRL: but she ate the whole plate and now you are starving
WHITEstripedGIRL: haahahahhaha
WHITEstripedGIRL: omg i crack myself up
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[25 Dec 2003|03:46pm]
merry christmas!! today has been good. chris and i went to the movies and saw paycheck. that was cool because i usually go to the movies on christmas and i didnt think i was going to get to this year. paycheck was alright. yesterday i went over to his house to open presents. he got me the coolest plaid pjs and slippers that are like giraffe fir...but not really lol. i love them! his mom even got me something! she got me this really cool swade dressy jacket and i wore it today. its so awesome. i got chris a hat and a studded belt. he likes them. then i got kim a set of 6 drinking glasses with a gold plate. she loved it. today after the movie my mom called me and said she had something for chris and for him to come up. she got him a plaid down comforter. i want it! lol. yeah well i hope everyone had a good christmas! <3 courtney
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[22 Dec 2003|03:29pm]
My boyfriend is 17. Ha. We can go to Rated R movies now. BOOYA!
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[19 Dec 2003|02:30pm]
You are the exotic pin-up. Nothing about you is
ordinary. You are mysterious and lean toward
foreign places and exciting men.

What Type Of Retro Gal Are You?
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[16 Dec 2003|09:56am]
WHITEstripedGIRL: chhrriissstophherrrr
TeliSheep: WHAT
TeliSheep: PLAYING!
WHITEstripedGIRL: i love you
TeliSheep: KO
WHITEstripedGIRL: A LOT!!!
WHITEstripedGIRL: ha
WHITEstripedGIRL: good night sweet dreams
TeliSheep: NGHT
TeliSheep: LOVE YOU
WHITEstripedGIRL: love you too
WHITEstripedGIRL: A LOY! lol
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[13 Dec 2003|02:05pm]
Fun Drunk.
"Hey.. I got an ideaaa!!! Let's plaay striip
You are the life of the party and certainly have
fun. You are quick and witty, or at least
humorous when you are inhibriated. Everyone's
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What Kind of Drunk are You?
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