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    Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
    8:02 pm
    My parents behavior is apalling
    Guys guess what? I already made plans to go to the soccer game to cheer but my mom made me plant flowers with her! That kind of stuff is for girls and women. I do not like doing it and then on top of that she made me sweep and when I tried to listen to the Wu-tang clan she put on California Raisin's Christmas songs. They are so gay and its not even Christmas. If my dad was here he would make me listen to Eric Clapton and Miles Davis! They are so gay I'll bet the Californian Raisins are their kids lol! What's up with that? I am going to write a story in my journal that you guys could read. It is called My Unsociable Parents. It will be about a kid who's parents are such hatas that he wants to scream.
    Peace Out to my real friends.

    Current Mood: aggravated
    Current Music: The Ghetto Boys - Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta
    3:44 pm
    Man today I was going to wear a hat to school. When a teacher would ask me to take it off I would make a big scence.
    Also there's some stuff going on right now. I mean my friends John and Doug have a soccer team but everyone at CCFC needs me to support our team. What do I do? I mean there not at the same time so I guess I could go to both. Whatever man. I am stressed out.
    Guess what? Sean tricked me into getting Vampire Hunter D yesterday! He hates Vampires so much. Sometimes I hate him.
    Me and Emily are going to eat fried/tossed chicken with hot sauce this weekend. Maybe she'll let me play some of my Rap and Hip-hop...She has the worst taste in music. She likes "rock" music. Well that, does not rock lol.
    Man I have a crush on this one girl. Her name is Dana. She's really sweet and small. She's kind of like an African Gnome. She is usually loud but I see a sweet side to her that no one else does. You know what my dad said? He told me that "she was too small and stupid for me." WTF man? He is the obnoxious one. He called me Joe Cool today. Like Snoopy from Charlie Brown! I am not even interested into that show. I told him this and you know what he said? He told me I couldnt go to the HFS festival! What the hell P.O.D. and Jay-Z will be there! This s-u-c-k-s. They are my favorite rappers besides the Wu-tang.

    Current Mood: apathetic
    Current Music: Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise
    Monday, May 3rd, 2004
    10:04 pm
    Props to Sp
    Dear Guys,
    This is my first entry into a journal. I hope it is fun and interesting. I am listening to the Wu-tang Clan right now. My mom hates them. My friend Sean told me: "Brad you should make a journal."
    My parents are being obnoxious again! I hate them! You know what? My moms like: "You need to wear a belt to school!" What the hell man? I hate belts. They are so conformist. I do not do that kind of stuff. Man I tried smoking meth in my old CO2 cartridge today....I hope my mom doesnt find out :-/. Sometimes I think my parents are just jealous that I get to have all the fun. That's why they cramp my style all the time. But you know what? As long as I have CFCC and the Wu-tang Clan I am A-OK. Speaking of the Wu-tang Clan one of my white friends Sam said: "Brad...what's you're problem man? I was reading this thing on Negritude and you my friend have little or no black pride." WTF?!? I do too. Guess what I did in response to that? I made a mix cd featuring Busta Rhymes, The Roots, Talib Kweli, The Ghetto Boys, Lauren Hill, and other Afro-American artists then killed him with the autobiography of Malcom X which I made into a sword. How do you like them apples Sam? (props to Goodwill Hunting best movie ever). You know what I think about Sam? Two letters man: O.C. He is such a sellout! I don't even know why I am friends with him and I definately won't be spelling the "s" in his name with a dollar sign anymore.
    Another thing: Being a vampire is hard. I have decided to join a clan but you know what? There are too many to choose from!
    Guys my brother Chris is getting married! I think the wedding will be adorable like Best in Show. I think I will play the piano at it. Guess what too? My brother said that I can be the best man! Is that cool or what?
    You know what I hate? When you do something and no one gives you props for it:
    Mike reached level 26 Wizard today.
    Amiee for going all the way with Eugene.
    Alex for agreeing to copulate for me.
    Tllumack and Crosnicker for being my best friends of teachers.
    Nicky for sticking it to the man.
    Chad for being the best big brother ever.
    and especially Sean for being my best friend and giving me this journal.

    Th- th- th th- thats all for now folks (LOL to Porky Pig)

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Current Music: Wu-tang Clan - Shaolin Worldwide