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yet another [15 Nov 2003|03:54pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | perfect, simple plan ]

1. Full Name: Dina Pilnits
2. Were you named after anyone? princess Dina?
3. Do you wish on stars? of course
4. Which finger is your favorite? middle.. harr harr harrrrr
5. When did you last cry or felt like crying? last night
6. Do you like your handwriting? hmmm sometimes : /
7. What is your favorite lunch meat? hammmm lmao
8. Any bad habits? some words which shall soon be erased from my vocabulary
9. What is your most embarrassing CD on the shelf? Britney
10. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? hmmm.. i'd hope so
11. Are you a daredevil? ooooh fasho. minus haunted houses and red dragon ; )
12. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell? who hasn't.. seriously.. WHO ...
13. Do looks matter? depends on the personality
14. Have you ever misused a word and it sounded absolutely stupid?: of course
15. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? who are you?
16. Do fish have feelings? wow
18. How do you release anger? write, paint
19. Where is your second home? mollie/maddie/betsys.
20. Do you trust others easily? sometimes too easily..
21. What was your favorite toy as a child? tamaguchis.. ooh yea.. old skewl baaaybee
22. What class in school do you think is totally useless? nothings useless.. it depends on what kind of stuff you're into
23. Do you like sappy love songs? when i'm in the mooood
24. Have you ever been on radio or television? both maaaan
25a. Do you have a journal online? blurtyizzle
25b. Offline? omg yes.. what i would do w/o it.. i DONT know
26. Do you use sarcasm a lot? hahahahah no [[sarcastic]] har har harrrr
27. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? nope
28. What do you notice first in a guy/girl? eyes, hair
30. Would you bungee jump? im dieing to!!!
31. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
32. What are you worried about right now? that my birthday dinner is gonna suck
33. Do you ever wear overalls? rewind 5 years and YES
34. Do you think that you are strong? volleyball does that to ya
35. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? mint minus the chocolate chips
36. What's your favorite color? red
37. What is your least favorite thing in the world? the F word.. not fuck.. the one that ends in aggot. sorry i really cant say it
38. How many wisdom teeth do you have? i still got 'em all
39. Do you have anything pierced? my ears.. soon to be nose
40. Do you have any tattoos? nope
41. Do you think you're pretty? not in the least bit
42. What's the biggest turn on? lotsa things : )
43. What's a bad habit when it comes to relationships? having one. lmao
44. Do you like giving hugs? offf course... unless you give one handed hugs.. then i won't hug you. lol
45. Who's your celebrity crush? andy roddick
46. What's other people's impression of you? that im funny
47. What's you favorite fast food? taco bell
48. Are you against abortion? pro-choice
49. Do you like school? I can handle it.
50. Any last words? this survey was baller

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survvvvizzle [15 Nov 2003|03:38pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Kelseys voice in my ear ]

Last Cigarette: a few summers ago
Last Alcoholic Drink: maddies house
Last Car Ride: this morning.. to my house with maddie
Last Kiss: last night.. lmao
Last Good Cry: hmm.. a while ago
Last Library Book checked out: something on Asbestos
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE!
Last Book Read: I know why the caged bird sings
Last Movie Rented: view from the top
Last Cuss Word Uttered: fuckkk
Last Beverage Drank: diet coke
Last Food Consumed: fudgesicle!!!
Last Phone Call: on the phone with kelsey RITE NOW
Last TV Show Watched: dismissed
Last Shoes Worn: my birks.. of course
Last Annoyance: hmm.. my parents yelling at me to clean my room
Last Disappointment: carly not coming to my birthday dinner : (
Last Soda Drank: diet coke
Last Thing Written: movie times
Last Key Used: to the house maybe?
Last Word Spoken: *to kelsey* what was the last key i used?
Last Sleep: last night
Last IM: K Rizz 8 2 4 8: hay hay hayyy
Last Ice Cream Eaten: fudgesicle : )
Last Time Amused: today while i was painting
Last Time Wanting To Die: report card day : / blahhhh
Last Time Hugged: this morning, mollie.
Last Time Scolded: parent teacher conference night
Last Time Resentful: i'll get back to ya..
Last Lipstick Used: hmmm.. lip..GLOSS lmao
Last Underwear Worn: pink n white striped boy shorts from vickies
Last Shirt Worn: red moosejaw with blue letters

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LORD [31 Jul 2003|01:03am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | dashboard, This ruined puzzle ]



oh lord..words cannot say how excited i ammmmm

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oh wow! [28 Jul 2003|12:20pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | Shake ya tail feather- Nelly, Murphy lee, Pdiddy ]

Holllyy! i havnt updated in foreverrrr. soo much updating to do.. well.. ill do it in months.
June- was cool. kinda boring..summer was just starting up and it took a little to get used to it. things were good with friends...except we were kinda inna fight with cari..long story. it was stupid.
July- A LOT happened in july... for july 4th, i went to mirirams house for a party..it was sooo fun and I saw a lotta old friends, and that was cool like reuniting..[[ if i even spelled that rite. ]] then I went to volleyball camp for 4 days. oh man...it was sooo fun!! except i was sore as hell and fucked up me knee really bad. oh well..im doing physical therapy for it so hopefully it'll get better. things finally got better again with cari which was awesome.... anywayssss...then it was mollies birthday!! we went to the tigers game and we had an AWESOME time...and then the next day was BETSYS birthday and we went to J.Alexanders.. and then back to her house with all of us and tommy and kyle. and kandace was there :) i lov kandace. so thennnn we had founders festival. that was sooo fun, except maddie almost got taken away in an ambulance.. shes fine it was minor but grossss. [[ she tripped over some pole or something ]] so then we sat there and listened to Rasta music all nite.. which was totally cool..yaa so the next day we left for escape..its this trip we go on every year for mollies birthday, to different places. this year we went to battle creek and stay with her aunt. we were out on the lake and on the boat alllll day long...it was awesome, we went tubing and stuff and it was so cool. i got sunburnt but it turned into a tan.. andddd now im peeling. lol nooo worries tho. then when we got back from escape we just kinda chilled for the next week...and then me and mollie went to the mall for 4 days inna row..lol once just us, then with tommy, then just us, then with care maddie n john. it was a fun four days lol. so now we are up to date and i promise i covered everything excitinggg! ya...schedule pick up for school is august 8th..same days as maddies birthday. which sucks cuz that means summers ending..buuuuut no worries we still gotta whole month ahead of us..hopefully a good one. well i will definalty write again cuz i totally forgot how good this felt. laterrrr

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yo tim man is da jum off rite here man [24 Jun 2003|11:55am]
[ mood | refreshed ]
[ music | The Jump Off, Lil Kim ]

One reason I lov summer- waking up at 11:30! ahh yay. ya, anyways i gotta work today from 2:00-7ish. ah oh well, yea after that i think im doing somthing with molli. Betsys in New york...uch i wish i was there : / no worries..yesterday was so boring. first me n molli were gonna go to the mall, but then we didnt have a ride home, so then i was gonna go to julies with alie heather n rachel but then they decided we should all go to ivans, i kinda didnt feel like it so i just stayed home and had DQ. lol im kinda glad i didnt go, ends up Zach Chadwick and Kasey went, and from what i hear...they arent too pleasant. ; ) so ya. aNyways i gotta go wash my staff shirt! come visit me today at the JCC..lol ill be at the outdoor pool!

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renaissance reality [20 Jun 2003|01:38pm]
[ mood | grateful ]
[ music | are you happy now, Michelle Branch ]

im at work with mi hermana [[ my sister ]] - we just went to quiznos and came back here so im just chillin online, waiting for molli to call me back. last nite we went to her house and watched the hot chick-->ahhhh nathew lawrance is sooooooo HOTTTTT omg. lol okay im gonna go because i have nothing else to say. lol well ill update again later! adiosssss muchachos

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summer timmmme [19 Jun 2003|01:31pm]
oh man i lovv summer break.

forget california...michigans lookin beutiful today.
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its been a while [15 Jun 2003|06:16pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | "call me" by essixx! lol ]

hmmm its been forever since i updated. wellllll dashboard concert was beyond amazing. we met them and it was the best niteof my liiiife! [[props julie alie heather jenna]] then the rest of my finals besides bio were pretty easy. then before i knew it school was overrrrr! yesssss. this weekend wasss sooo funnn! thursday, me moll madd bets n kel and kyle [[ im soooo sorry ]] went to maddies and then met up with pat "bernard" lmao scott stephanie anf john. and chilledat madds, went to taco bell...then pat dropped me off at home and went to volleyball. then i went back to betsys and we slept there. the next ay me moll madd n bets went to great lakes crossings, tried on homecoming dresses [[yessss we know it isnt for 2520692 months lol]] and went to rainforest cafe, which was sooo fun! talked forra while. yeaaa so then we went to betsys, i went home, and in the morning i hadda get up early cuz we had to go to relay for life wedidnt get there till around 12ish which was good cuz it gets boring if yur there too long. its a 24 hour thing and yu like sleep there. rite so it got toooo hott and we wet o maddies to swim, then got showered dressed, and went back. nite time was A LOT funner. we stayed up forever and lemme tell ya, noah schechter is one funny kid! lol. "giraffe" aahaha. omggg lmao. mmkay so anyyyways it was wet and gross and so nasty to sleep there lol but i definatly gotta admit it was fun. haha yea soi got home this morning and crashed cuz i only slept for like 3 hours there. then i went to work. now im home, tryin to find sumthing to do tonite....
catchya later.

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its tommorow...TOMMOROW! [09 Jun 2003|10:48pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | nuthinnnn ]

ahhhh i got an 89% ON MY ROMEO AND JULIET FINAL! i am BEYOND happi! woohoo!
and to make everything better...DASHBOARD IS TOMMOROW!
how exciting! *YIPEEE*

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Live from 95.5..YUR ON! [07 Jun 2003|08:52am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | the PRINTER! woo lol ]

mmkay so last night [[ friday ]] , me moll n betsi went to madds dance recital..that was funn. funny thing is me and mollie made up the whole "all that jazz" dance. lol amanda was in the recital too. shes sutch a cutie, seriously like probably one of the nicest people i know. yea, so...the dance recital was fun, afterwards we stood on the like "island" in the road and sang old skewl shania twain "that dont impress me mutch" lol...oldddd inside joke. yea anyways, thenn we went to Mickey dees with bridge, and listened to SPICE GIRLS! ohhh yaaa...seriously when your 10...you dont realise how good their songs actually are! "if ya wanna be mah luver....ya gota get with mah friends" ya, no joke...great song. lol mmkay so then they dropped me off. i studied for a while. mostly spanish. mmkay so today i have a spanish study session with Amanda Natalie and Mollie. that'll be fun. i made study guides. whoa imm good friend. rite, so anyyyyyways...after that im coming home and studying all night! i neeeeed to ace these finals, it is crucial! tommorow morning im working, till about 3ish probably. then studying more. MONDAY IS MY ENGLISH FINAL! ahhh I AM A ROMEO AND JULIET PRO! haha just kidding, im really not worried for it tho, considering i have read the book twice and seen each movie twice. : )
"Romeo Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? deny thy father and refuse thy name. and i shall no longer be a capulet"
hahaha im a big loser i know. yea so the rest of the week is half days, and then TUESDAY IS THE DASHBOARD CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh yessss.. amazing. then wed. i have civics final. then thursday i have BIO [[ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ]] and gym [[ ???? ]] final. yes it is tru, we have a gym exam. ughhh our teachers suuuuck.and its not like a running exam, its like a written test.. eww! but then the second the bell rings at 10:45 that day, we're out for the summer!! wohoo...until next year north!
ooh aah! yu wish u were a ....[[SophMorREEe???]]
p DOT s. happy birthday tommy! YAY FOR YOUR LISENCE! ooh exciting.

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