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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

5:02PM - sick :-(


today i came home "sick" and i feel like shit. well actually, i got in trouble with my guidance counsler cuz she found out about my skipping classes....oh god more shit to add to my life. yeah so i came home and did nuthing and now im writing my journal entry cuz im hott like that

yeah so, thats life

gotta go do the babysitting thing.....ghetto


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Friday, November 14, 2003

11:48PM - T G I (friggin) F !!!!

hey . hows it goin Guess What?? ITS FRIDAY god damnit and im just happy i have no more gay ass latin tests for michno. hmm....today i.....did basically nuthing. when i got home i sat on my ass till my granparentals came over and we all went out to dinner. so we get to this resturant right and i take a look at the menue and im like "woah, kinda limited"(there were only like 6 fuckin things to choose form mind you). yeah and all of us agree that we wanna go sumplace else to eat. so my mom hesitates and says to the lady "uhh yeah were not gunna stay the KIDS dont really enjoy what on ur menu." so i get pissed off at my mom for using me as a rebound to get HER ass outta trouble. oh so to top it off this lil od lady hoe whos supposed to be waiting on us is like "oh well ur kids should get more of an AQQUIRED taste. but we can always maek some grilled cheese or sumthin." can u believe this bitch was cockin attituted with me? so im like (to my brother) "hey brian lets go to burger king and wear the lil kids crowns and play on the jungle gym!" lmfao the look on that wench's face was all we needed to get outta there. yeah so we ended up eating at old towne.....w.e my minds not really on that right now....i think we all know what its on..... one of my bestest friends whom i would do anything for......broke up with her bf today. and may i say it was the lamest way ever. thsi guy is possibly the most infintile man ive ever had the unpleasure of meeting. baby if your reading this hes not worth ur tears. ur beautiful and anyone who cant see that OUTSIDE and INSIDE is either mentally retarded or just plain jelous. i love you beyond any way i could ever express..... forever SiZ™

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Thursday, November 13, 2003


wow, today was just......wow.

see, i thought rca would be funn but i shoulda trusted my instincts when i wanted to skip it. stage movement was aight but then came improv. i wasnt feelin it so i just was blah all class. oh yeah and the fball game is cancelled so fuck it...i feel shitty.

ive come to realize what an ignorant asshole this person is and i just wanna say that u disgust me. u literally make me want to vomit....no lie

i time its bout time u grew up

Paige.Ness.Erin.Selk, thanks for ur support i love you more then words

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Current music: "I Hate You" -- no kidding its really a song lol
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Thursday, November 6, 2003

7:50PM - *Foamy's Rant*

*Foamy's Rant* (oh by the way, it describes everything im feeling at the moment)

"there r sertain kinds of ppl in this world that just piss me off to no end
the type of ppl that cum up to u and ask u 4 advise, and then when u give them advise, they dont take the advise, they just cum bac to u a week later and they're like " i cant beleive how everything turned out so wong" u wanna no why everything tured out wrong, bc u didnt take my advice and ur fcuking stupid, thats wut went wrong u didnt listen to me, i no all.

anuther type of person r those fcuking insegnifigent pieons, who just have to validate themselves by being in a relationship, u no wut, its pathedic, its weak minded, and u show no inner streigth wut so evr. get ovr the girlfriend, get ovr the boyfriend or w/e the fcuk ur yearning 4 and live fcuking life. ppl who stalk their ex girlfriends particularly piss me off. wtf is wrong w/ these ppl, dont u have bettr things to do w/ ur life then b emotionally attached 2 sumbody who hates ur guts. do sumthing w/ ur live, find a hobbie, do u no how many video games r out there u could b playing, at the very least shoot urself, get urself out of society, no body wants to deal w/ a stalker.

other types of ppl that i hate, ppl who ruin ur favorite diner. u no the type of person that, u no ur usually friends w/ until they end up goin to the diner and dating sum waitress there, and then they have sum kinda weird rockey relationship and every time u go into the diner from there after u get sum weird vibe in there. ppl like this rly need food poisoning. i am so sic of these fcucking bastards ruining my favorite spots.

anuther type of person i perticularly hate, r those fcucking slime balls w/ the slicked back hair that usually end up going to bars and shit like that on friday saterday sunday night tryin to c if they can pick up chicks, and all they do is walk around w/ their fcuking stupid velvety shirts w/ their dumm ass fat hairy chest exposed to the world as if they were the sexiest thing on the face of the earth. u no wut, ur a middle aged looser, no1 wants to c ur hairy chest, either thro urself in front of traffic, or overdoese, please. no body wants to hear this bull shit ny more. time 4 sum re-evaluation of ones life."



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Tuesday, November 4, 2003

2:29PM - triscuits are extremely addictive

hey im really bored.

triscuits are addictive

thats bout all there is to say



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Sunday, November 2, 2003

4:17PM - to you, you undeserving-of-a-life dickface

this goes out to the ugly fatass hoe who wrote the last comment to my journal entry:

people like you make me want to vomit....i truly pity you because you have no life and the only way you make your ugly self feel beautiful is by putting others down(or at least thinking you put them down). see, i have a little thing called self respect. let me give you a few pointers if you want to loose weight(because obviously u think the only way ppl loose it is by anorexia). you see hunni, i do it the normal way, through excercising. that means u have to get off of ur fat, maury-watching, no-boyfriend, no-life ass and go jogging. actually, judging by the way you have no life and prlly just sit at ur computer and write stupid gay-ass notes to ppl u envy, i'de guess you cant get off your slutty obese ass and do it urself.

and in response to ur comment on my "bra-stuffing" friends and i, let me tell you that just becuase they have a bigger chest area then you, that doesnt mean u have to be upset. im sure youll grow into your a-size bra sumtime....dont worry

oh yeah, i may not have an ass...but whos looking anyway you lesbion whore.

p.s. if im goin to hell, ill see you there bitch


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Saturday, November 1, 2003

3:24PM - time for a change....

Hi , its me again....

writing to inform you that everything is ok. Everything meaning, well...everything. Im feeling better about myself and my decisions on recent issues involving a guy and my friends. Ive decided not to keep myself upset over one person and Im happy cuz i have my girls(dane*laur*chels*erin*tasha) to thank for being there as my shoulder to cry on. i love you girls soo much you will never know.

well, last night was HALLOWEEN and boy was it fun. me and my sweetheart girls laur and dane went around laur's neighborhood and we had some funny ass moments (showing some ass int he lil red riding hoe costume....sorting our candy....etc.etc....) OMG BEST NIGHT EVER! ilu girls soo much and im so glad i got to spend last night with you. i wish dane coulda slept over but its ok cuz laur did and it was all good.

today i took a walk with laur to trumbull center -- we got some muchies then i got my brows done and we had some longggggg talks abotu basically EVERYTHING (laur ur soo easy to talk to). well, i prlly gained like a billion pounds eating all my god damn candy but u know what....its worth it cuz its halloween and ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!



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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

9:41PM - livin life and lovin it ! ! !

oh hey there!!!

me again...drr...TODAY WAS TWIN DAY! Last night me selk and ness all went to the mall to buy triplet outfits...ahh it was soo hott -- we ened up getting some shnazzy shirts and we looked so god damn hott today it was unbearable! but then, my day was ruined because of rca

yes thats right...RCA....

dont get me wrong, i LOVE it soo much and ide never trade it for anything but theres just some ppl there taht really piss me off (only a couple) one of them i never expected....and i think everyone knows who it is. well im soo relieved chester isnt quitting rca(u really scarred me there babe).

i know ur not reading this but i just wanna tell you I AM SOO OVER YOU ADN IM SOO MOVING ON! so u keep on doing ur player thing and have fun with it while ur young.

HOLY MOTHER OF CHRIST i sound like im goin through fuckin midlife crisis. lmfao god damnit im soo young, i got my whole life ahead of me and here i am complaining over a guy. haha just goes to show how mature we really are. oh well...CEST LAVIE (life goes on) -- day and laur, well get through this together! ilugsfm

everyone i just want you to know that now more then ever i want hilary duff dead along with kirsten dunst and osama bin laden. thanks so much for listening to my completely pointless journal. tomarrows PAJAMA DAY and i can hardly keep my pants on im soo excited. i cant wait to see selk ness stell and paige in their skivies!! lmfao jp jp -- xoxoxoxo(mostly o's) g'night and have a pleasant tomarrow

hugs n' kisses *siz

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

9:28PM - to you - though u prlly wouldnt care

ok well listen up you -

i got sumthin to say. i dunno what it is bout u that keeps me comin back for more but i think im over it. no i dont think i am, i KNOW i am. yeah weve had some great ass times but the signals uve been sending me are too hard to read. friends or not ill always love you cuz ur part of my heart, and i cant live without my heart....

but wether or not u think were more then that is whats got me all fucked up. so lets leave it at this...f-r-i-e-n-d-s...i dont wanna be whipped anymore. im happy when im with u and i used to wanna be wit u 24/7, but now i realize the feelings are obviously not mutual. i love you more then words can say but dont lead me on any more....i think its bout time we both grew up.

yours truly, sarah rachael

p.s. ive been wanting to tell you this for a very long time but ie been too afraid to say it . im not afraid anymore, i got too short of a life to have it revolve around just one person.

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Monday, October 13, 2003

2:36PM - so much to tell....

ok this may be a long blurty so bear with me....

aight lets start with last friday....sandy came home on the bus with me and were chillin and guess who shows up? thomas...lol so were all hangin out....im trying ot play guitar{i suck mind u}...then the girls [ella.sandy.snow] come over. oh god....thats when all the fun started. so check this...we were out on my tramp outside and im chasing after sandy. i run right into my glass door and shatter one of the shutter thingys. THANK THe LORD MY PARENTS WERENT HOME!!!! soo yeah i gottta shattered door, my 3 crazzy bffe's are over, thomas is over thinkin were all crazzy monkies(lol) and to top it off my friends all left round 6:30 and i got suck cleanin up the house lmfao(love you girls) so thomas and i decide to watch the ring...and sure enough the tape gets fucked up right when the scarry part come up. lol ... so instead we watch "the good the bad and the ugly" and "hollow man" lol my god that was the funnest night everrr!! so like round 9:30 thomas has to go home so i walk him back home(arent i soo sweet)...


uhh lets soo, saturday was a blast too...

ella, sandy, snow, paul, zach and stel all meet up @ the movies to see "DUPLEX"....i was kinda dissapointed cuz i didnt think thomas would show up...and guess who comes waltzing in!! lolll oh god i was soo happy....i met tom's friend jordan whos mad cool and all of us saw the movie....there was a misunderstanding though between "seating arrangments" but its all good now...that night was funnn as well. much funno!!!


i think it was monday when thomas and jordan came over..or was it sunday?!? oh well...they came over, we all went on the tramp and then we went over jordan's housea and did basically nothing lol....it was funn thoguh cuz i showed off my mad wicked crazzy druming skillzz...yeah u know it....
ok now to present day:

lets catch up on my life shall we:

1.) rca is the best thing thats ever happened to me
2.) i spent my first experience running away from the cops with thomas thank you very much(hehe)
3.) i love my girls ella.sandy.snow
4.) sarah selk, victoria costello, ness sorrentino and paige sommer are the hottest girls ever to walk the face of this earth
5.) men are confusing
6.) i finished shooting my headshots and writing my resume
7.) i want kirsten dunst and hilary duff to die
8.) ive met the coolest guy ever and i never want to let go of him....<33

i think thats bout it...

oh yeah im still deeply in love with jake gyllenhaal...loll

thats it for now....if you wanna know mor bout my crazzy hott sexy life, call >3390441< and ill be sure to fill u in! feel the loves*the siz(a.k.a. sky)

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Thursday, September 25, 2003

6:01PM - Men

Men are confusing...if anyone in this world knows the reason for this please be sure and tell me. feelin the love (all night longgggggggggggg) you know it ;-) sky

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6:01PM - Men - arghhh

Men are confusing...if anyone in this world knows the reason for this please be sure and tell me. feelin the love (all night longgggggggggggg) you know it ;-) sky

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

10:00PM - a new me....

listen to all of you....ive been reminded of how much i should enjoy life and everything in it. so im changin...well actually im IMPROVING:

Im not gunna use the word "gay" anymore. theres really no point to it and its really disrespectful.

i, as of now, love shakespeare. for those of you who think im a dork for likin one of the greatest writers EVER then try reading and understanding his stuff then talk to me.

i met the coolest guy in the world during rca and hes quite the gentlman. hes sweet and cute and theres just sumthin bout him(everyone knows what i mean)

school is goin well. i know i said i hated it in the begining but you knwo what, tis really nto that bad. i really like english cuz were reading romeo and juliet and its beautiful. seriosuly, ya'll should read it...u might learn a lil sumthin sumthin botu L-O-V-E. hehe.

in addition to these improvments ive learned to accept everyone. and i mean EVERYONE! this NOT including the one guy that hurt me more then anyone(u know who u are). but to everyone else i just wanna say im starting over......im cool with "everyone" and i hope you all are cool with me.

lets see...o yeah last thing is rca...wow what is there to say?!? its amazing. no, wait..amazing isnt the right word cuz theres not one word to describe how madd hott rca is.. i love everyone from there cuz everyone loves me and i can be myself round all of them. i cant even imagine how the rest of this year will go....but im sure as hell excited.

well thats all for tonight. call me sumtime(cell 3390441) and well talk bout anything you want. and if you havent talked to me in a long time lets catch up. feel the love*sky

Current mood: rejuvenated
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Wednesday, September 3, 2003

5:57PM - i hate school

i hate f*****g school
its really god damn gayyyy
yet the reason i return
is for the wicked-sweet RCA!!!

ahhhhhhh josh and tom, u guys are maddd hotttttttttttt~!!!!!! lmfao...

feel the love*sky

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Monday, September 1, 2003

3:21PM - last day of f*****g freedom!

ok, its the last day.....last flippin day of summa! i spent it getting a new pair of pants @ forever 21 and buying a gift for my moms bday on thursday. but the thing is, im deff excited bout ths. ive heard soooo many good things about it...but, with my luck, noone will be in any of my classes and i will get totally lost. ughhhhh, but my second bro (randy) is a senior so i guess itll be ok.

ok well, i dunno wether or not to bring my backpack tomarra so if any of u have any ideas on what to do do tell me plzzzzz.

ok, wow nothing much to say but good luck to all y'all and many wishes for the best 4 years of our lives! i love you all and wether or not i see you in the next year, good luck in finding out what you wanna do with ur life. hahaha

feel the love*sky

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

9:57PM - Orientation for T.H.S

went to orientation tonight, really boring and gayy. so far, i know NOONE in ANY of my classes.....UGHHHH....ok, heres my schedule :

1. science 300 - Peperato

2 english honors 400 - Michno

3. italian - Picarazzi

4. global civ 300 - Sullivan

5. lunch

6. gym / study hall - Kluspes / Sevilla

7. algebra 1 - Quinlan

8. R.C.A

ok if ANYONE has ANY classes/lunch with me do tell meee pleeeze!!!! im me or text me (3390441) ur schedule fore school starts....aight im out....feel the love*sky

o yeah**** brian u can go fuck urself for all i care. u have no idea how upseting it is to know sum1 wouldnt care if u died. what the hell happened to you? i tell u, if u keep being a dick like this to other ppl, ur gunna end up alone and all ull have is ur ignorant self....and ill laugh in ur face....*****

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Monday, August 25, 2003

3:13PM - u know who

to ukw......


see u labor day sweet thang.....lmfao.....my dad is soo pissed, the phone billlll

hahahaha missin you like crazzzzzy

feel the love(wink wink)*sky

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Sunday, August 24, 2003

7:23PM - ive gotta city love......

to quote frank sinatra, "
Start spreadin' the news, I'm leavin' today
I want to be a part of it
New York, New York

These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray
Right through the very heart of it
New York, New York

I want to wake up, in a city that never sleeps
And find I'm king of the hill
Top of the heap

These little town blues, are melting away
I'll make a brand new start of it
In old New York
If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere
It's up to you, New York..New York"

girls and boys, if there is one thing that u must know about me, its that im a city girl. new york city to be exact.....i tell ya, as soon as the time comes, im getting outta this god for saken town, and movin my ass down to new york's busy streets. if you choose to live in small town trumbull for the rest of your lives, god bless you....but not me. heyy! if any of you guys ever wanna come down there with me to visit my bro feel free......i think ull catch the city love just as quickly as i did..

ok, so i went back to sva to visit my bro one last time before labor day today. and, lucky me, i met a guy. a really cute guy. i liked him and i assumed the feeling were mutual since he made the effort to hang out with me. problem is, hes 20 and he(at first) thought i was 18....god that sucks. o well, his names rob and he said next time i come down there we could "hang out" hahaha, ladies hes gorgeous so next time i go, ur comin' with me! thats enough for today, shopping spree tomarrow.....

feel the love (i sure am)*sky

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Saturday, August 23, 2003

8:48PM - NYC-college bound

where to start.....got up @ 9:30 this morning, took a showa and drove 1 and a half hours into nyc to drop my brotha off at the school of visual arts(sva), the college he'll be attending for the next 4 years.

besides the fact it was hard for me to say goodbye to him, i DID IN FACT enjoy helping him settle into his new 3 bedroom apartment. ok, let me set you straight here, 3 bedrooms; 2 COLLEGE GUYS in each of them...u do the math. my brotha's roomie, Ryun, was decent looking but it was his other 3 roommates(mike, ebun, and ooo sooo hottttttt adam) that really caught my eye. adam, being the hottest, came in late......followed by, GET THIS, 3 of his reallly hottt friends. oh and did i tell you, adam is majoring in INTERIOR DESIGN! now, after watching christopher lowell u make think interior designing men are sumwhat on the "fruity" side, but adam is deff not in the least.......soooooooo.......

to conclude my ongoining story, basically most of my bro's college roommates for the next year are gorgeous. plain and simple. ooo and ladies, my brotha said if we have rides, he can let us come down to his apartment sumtime and hang outttt!!!!!!!!!! yayyyy....

but seriously, when we were driving home, it really hit me that he was gone..i mean, im goin back with my parents tomarrow to visit him one last time beofre labor day, but still. when uve had the same bro living with u for all 14 years of your life, through the torment and humiliation hes put on u, its still really hard to see him go. sry if you may think im sounding stupid but im not. im goin to miss him....alot

hahaha wat am i saying? hell be back home eevery weekend to do his laundry!!!!!hahahahahahahaha.......

the "not so only child" - feel the love*sky

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

5:02PM - upset :'-(

ummm, ok my dad has been putting me off for his work the eitre day so i sat home and watched vh1's "I love the 70s" theres nothing to do and im majorly pissed. i wish i could have a sleepover but my mom is just, how should i say this, STRAIGHT UP WHACKED!!! aHhHhHh.... anyways, i was hoping to go to Bob's today with my dad to get some fall clothes but i guess work is more important for him. pleeze pleeze if your reading this call me with sumthin to do...

oooo, has anyone here ever seen down with love??? if not ur missing outtttt! it is possibly the best movie(sides Night At The Roxbury of course) ever made. rene zellweger delivers a stunning performance, not to mention dazzling 1950's outfits while ewan mcgregor struts his hott self all over the screen. its a good movie for anyone to see and i cant wait to buy it when it cums out....speakin of movies, theyre making a CHICAGO 2!! i cannot wait!

ok, now to get serious, this next message is for 2 of my best friends in the entire world. caitlin sue abrahamson and carissa murray; girls u have done so much for me for the past couple years i dunno where to start. ill be writing you everydayy for as long as i can till i cum and see you both(caitie-arkansas, carissa-georgia). Kat, me meg jess and court are deff cumin to see you spring break, and carissa when i cum down to visit my aunt and uncle ill eb sure to stop by! lol. nomatter where life take u both, promise me ull never change for anyone or anything. ur beautiful, nothing more nothing less. dont forget me, like thats possible....and go easy on ur new homestates!!! with love more then life <33always ***sky***

ok, thats it for today, ill check back in lata to fill u in on more of my gay ass life :-( feel the love*sky

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