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    Monday, November 10th, 2003
    7:33 pm
    CHEVY = MAJOR 'arse' KICKIN'
    wow this is the 3rd update i've made in less than 3 i have no life.

    CHEVY TAHOE fully loaded:

    9 speaker BOSE sound system with subwoofer
    DVD player and LCD screen
    In dash 6 CD changer


    ::(Imagine) BOONDOCK SAINTS in surround sound, on THE BEACH!!::

    if the Tahoe ain't mad pimpin, i don't know what is.

    Current Mood: excited
    Current Music: Chingy - Holidae In
    6:58 pm
    Everything that has a beginning has an End
    So i went and saw Revolutions last night...I must say; very good ending. Some ppl may have hated it, but then again, you gotta realize that what happened was a gonna happen no matter what. In fact the whole trilogy addressed life; Matrix I = Birth, Matrix II = Life, Matrix III = Death ["whoa" - Neo]
    I felt bad for sonja; revolutions was probably one big friggin head trip for her. Then again, if i saw it without seeing the first two, i'd wonder if i was stoned or not. The car ride home (lauren n' sonja)...but yeah, back in school again today. And i feel like absolute shit. Sisto got sick and some how i think i'm next (no comment on that Lauren!). anways, still happy about getting a parking spot again ( probably gonna be screwed for the next two quarters though, yay!), it'll be a big help now that drama is starting and stuff.
    Anyways, Tommy D is going to go fill out more college applications because he is a busy lad. He loves you all, especially Lauren.

    - about the survey this morning -

    Survey Question #5 - do you attend church, etc.?

    what a wonderful way to start my day!! i hate the school.

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    Current Music: Yes - Starship Trooper
    5:55 pm
    Well I finally got an online journal...too bad it's a "BLURTY" journal! thought that word up anyway? It sounds...oh shit it's feminine isn't it?! dammit there's estrogen everywhere I go. And you friggin girls complain that the world is dominated by men! jeez! But then again, i guess i can deal with the dumb name...i deal with alot of stuff i guess. Maybe that's why ppl think i'm so easy-going towards things. Ha. that's a laugh. maybe that's why ppl think i'm such a pushover and stuff. i don't see how anyone thinks i'm conceeded when i can't even think about myself anyway. so yeah life goes on. walk all over me see if i care...and i'm the one who wants to be a lawyer one day...
    anyways, Duke Nukem gave us that canterbury test today....shit....definitely failed that one! Bastard he least i found out that i got a parking spot and i guess that made me feel a bit better. I decided to quit Colucci's also, for a number of reasons. I feel bad about leaving john, sean, and collin on saturdays with that fucking prick of a manager, but then again, i have to start looking out for myself and putting my priorities and best interests up front and center. i've got to stop letting ppl tell me what i want. only i know what I WANT. and i don't feel bad about leaving the money either. money doesn't mean anything to me...

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Current Music: Pink Floyd - Breathe