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Friday, April 30th, 2004

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    i am just tring to be me
    whoever that person may be
    but life won't let me

    i wanna go to maine but school handuffs me
    to my bedpost of new york

    i wanted to dye clothes
    but it turned out like shit
    one tye dye looks like crap
    and they won't stop running color

    and i am working so hard

    i dont' know why i am crying for
    i just can't do anything right
    and it tastes like i am gonna cough up blood

    but don't worry i won't kill myself
    i am not brave enough for that
    cause in my sick little twisted brain
    through this hyperventalating pain
    i still something will change
    and maybe a delicious boy would come
    or someone will appreciate what i've done
    but for now i am left in the mud

    drowning in my own saliva and tears

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