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friend cut [03 Sep 2003|12:14pm]
i'm sorry to do this, but i just felt the need to...

crazycindy2k : i'm sorry girl...but you type/spell things weird. i don't know if you're doing most of it on purpose of if it's just a lack of spelling/typing skills. but it's really hard to read and understand. i'm sorry, but please remove me :-\

p1mp : justin i'm only removing you cause you don't update anymore. i know life is goin GREAT for you right now and i'm really happy for ya. if you ever decide to start updating again, please lemmie know so i can add you back :)
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~*friends only*~ [15 Jul 2003|01:08am]
yes that's right... this journal is.....

cause i can ;)
[{(.2.)}] cause i wanna know who's readin it

comment first
[{(.2.)}] be nice and respect my opinions and those of my other friends
[{(.3.)}] update at least every once in a while so that i know that you're still alive (otherwise, i will remove you)
[{(.4.)}] ABSOLUTELY *n0 tYpiN lYke dIz. jeSs cuz iSh c0o d0nt meAn nOthInnN tEw miIi. cuZ eye hAytE it* (**or however you people do it!** it's hard to understand and takes too long to read)
[{(.5.)}] don't update a million times a day with little one line posts about nothing at all. and don't make seperate posts for quiz results when you're going to be posting like 10 quizzes (it floods the friends page)
[{(.6.)}] don't add me just for journal help (i had somebody help me get mine fixed up and i made my graphics, but i'm just learning how to work w/graphics so i'm not taking requests or helping people yet)

~*Dixie Princess*~ my bio for information about me
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[08 Jul 2003|01:02pm]
hey ya'll...go join melissa (broken_promise_) and her friend's community (little_j0ker_)
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