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I haven't up-dated in a while!!! [15 Oct 2003|08:31am]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | "I Love This Bar" Toby Keith ]

OKay I know I'm Slacking! It's not my fault I'm a slacker!! Lets see what's been going on! We will start with Thursday: My Friend L**a** Called and we talk for like 30mins! She told me that this guy that I like and that has been "friendly" with me, has a girlfriend! Friday: I found out that one of my other friends is really sick! She's okay and its along story!! Saterday: I stayed on the net most of the day, and hung out with my cousin's new baby!! Sunday: I didn't leave the house only for like a min.! I'm such a home body!! Oh and Saterday I talked to this really great guy and we will just call him F.D.!! Sunday, While F.D. was coming to see me he got into a car wreck! He's okay, no harm, no faul! Monday: I spend the day at school!! Tuesday: At school again!! An Air Force Recruter(spelling is terrible) called me to try to get me to join the AF! Don't get me wrong but I love the Millitary, but it would be easier for me to marry a man in the Millitary then for me to get in!! Why? I'm a fat girl thats why!!!!! Well that brings me to today and if something good happens then I'll let y'all know!

Peace, Love, And Hair Grease!!!!!!!

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First Love!! [07 Oct 2003|08:36am]
[ mood | crappy ]

*He gave me what I wanted,
Only for a minute!
*He warmed my heart,
Only for a minute!
*He cared about me,
Only for a minute!

*I gave him what he wanted,
Only for a minute!
*I warmed his heart,
Only for a minute!
*I cared about him,
Only for a lifetime!

By: Sarah A. Chandler!!

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[12 Sep 2003|08:31am]
Well Welll Wellll

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hum [14 Jun 2003|11:01am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Im feeling....hum......deathly!!!

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What's going on?? [14 Jun 2003|10:25am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I called a Lawyer yesterday! He said that she could try to take it to court, but they would laugh her out! I haven’t really heard anything from her, so maybe they are not pressing charges!


I haven’t talk to Josh in two days! It’s killing me! I love him so much!


Powell Valley and Appalachia are combining this coming school year! We barely have enough room for use, let alone 200 Appalachia students! People say that we are going to have a kick ass football team now, but students from Appalachia properly won’t even play! I don’t want to see Jenny Parsons next year! She is going to aggravate the hello out of me! What am I going to do?

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Yah [03 Jun 2003|10:40am]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA ]

Well here it goes!

*~*~ ANYWAYS~*~*

My room is a dredfull! My dad has the "remodeling" bug! now there is a wall missing in my room and another one is coming in!!! Its really bad! They (my lovely parents) are repainting and recarpeting my room!! AWHHHHHHHH GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This sucks so bad!!! My room doesnt even look like my room!!

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I have been Betrayed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [28 May 2003|02:30pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

A surtian someone, well I will just say his name Jayson!!! Has been tell some of my friends that Im a little slut and a fucking whore!! I confronted him about it and all he said was "I said that because guys use you" WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! Just because guy use me doesnt make me a whore or a slut, it makes me a idiot!! Jayson your suppost to be a friend of mine!!!! OH and by the way Im not a slut or a whore if I was either then I would be sleeping with ever guy in town!! Yeah I slept with one guy, Just one!!! GET OVER IT!!!! Your not perfect either!!! I hate to be the one who brakes it to you but no one likes you nobody!!! Cant you take the daum hints!!!!!!!! You wonder why you cant get a girlfriend its because your a bigger drama queen then girls and you cant keep you


month shut!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh goodness [27 May 2003|08:23am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!! ]

I meet the amazing guy! He's name is Josh! He makes my heart melt! Gosh I am so in love with him!!! We were on the phone all night last night, it was so great!!! I Want him so bad!!!!


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hey [24 May 2003|01:21pm]
Where has everyone gone??? Noone comments me or even notices that I am a live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell is wrong with all my friends????? this is BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want my life Back!!!!

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I am really dispointed [23 May 2003|08:31am]


I want a rematch between Clay and Rubunn!!!!!!! Go Clay Make Us Proud!!!

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Hey [22 May 2003|11:41am]
[ mood | crappy ]

It has been a while and alot has happened!! I found out that Mike was cheating on me way before I was cheating on him!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!! That really pisses me off!! Jane Doe Is Back And she is leaving with her dad!!!! OMG!! THAT IS BULLZHILLEZ!!! THIS IS REALLY TICKING ME OFF!!!!! Paul called me Friday night!! Im in love with him!!! He is the one!!! He is alot older than me tho!! He told me that he loved me like five hunderd times!!!! Sorry guys for not updating!!! Im slow!!!! CLAY LOST!!!! I AM SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey [22 May 2003|08:32am]
[ mood | angry ]

Hey Im leaving Bye!!!!!!!!!

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WO WHO!!! [16 May 2003|11:14am]
[ music | MRS. P'S PREACHING!!! ]


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hey [16 May 2003|08:30am]
Im updating because jay told me too!!! Me and Tressi got Tom YaY!! Pre school Graduation is today!! Im going to cry!! My kids are leaving me!!! Me and Nate do nothing but aggue!! I like him alot and I try hard not to!!!

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hey [13 May 2003|10:21am]


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Im so annoyed!!!!! [10 May 2003|01:33pm]
Heres why:

jimmyrabbit85 (1:18:07 PM): what you up to
dixie_princess4ever (1:18:13 PM): nothing much
jimmyrabbit85 (1:18:29 PM): me neither
dixie_princess4ever (1:18:36 PM): okay
jimmyrabbit85 (1:19:08 PM): what you doing at home right now
dixie_princess4ever (1:19:18 PM): im not at home
jimmyrabbit85 (1:19:26 PM): wear are you at
dixie_princess4ever (1:19:38 PM): my granny's
jimmyrabbit85 (1:20:03 PM): ok
jimmyrabbit85 (1:20:17 PM): your up thier again
dixie_princess4ever (1:20:52 PM): yes
jimmyrabbit85 (1:21:09 PM): when are you going home
dixie_princess4ever (1:21:32 PM): i dont know
jimmyrabbit85 (1:21:51 PM): you still want to hook up
dixie_princess4ever (1:22:02 PM): i dont know
jimmyrabbit85 (1:22:29 PM): cause i would treat you like a queen
dixie_princess4ever (1:22:46 PM): i dont know
jimmyrabbit85 (1:23:11 PM): i want you to be my girl
dixie_princess4ever (1:23:40 PM): take a number
jimmyrabbit85 (1:24:15 PM): thats the same thing my ex used to say
dixie_princess4ever (1:24:33 PM): well i guess your number came up with her
jimmyrabbit85 (1:24:56 PM): her name was kayla
dixie_princess4ever (1:25:14 PM): so
jimmyrabbit85 (1:25:46 PM): shes my ex i cant even call her cause her mom blocked my number
dixie_princess4ever (1:26:01 PM): i care because
dixie_princess4ever (1:27:58 PM): -Bad- You're the exact opposite of what any guy
wants or needs, unless he happens to need a
quick lay. You're cruel. You toy with people.
You're probably a bitch, and i don't think i'd
like you if i met you. Oh go screw a random
male already.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

dixie_princess4ever (1:28:30 PM): that was my test results
jimmyrabbit85 (1:29:04 PM): i never do that
dixie_princess4ever (1:29:15 PM): but i do
jimmyrabbit85 (1:29:19 PM): to any girl i date
dixie_princess4ever (1:29:32 PM): but i do it to every guy
jimmyrabbit85 (1:30:48 PM): i make them breakfast and bring it to them in bed i cook dinner for themand i was dishes was cloths and scrub floors and vacume and shampoo the carpets for them
jimmyrabbit85 (1:31:17 PM): and rub thier feet
dixie_princess4ever (1:31:28 PM): and this is suppost to impress me
dixie_princess4ever (1:33:08 PM): ???

jimmyrabbit85 (1:33:28 PM): ya
dixie_princess4ever (1:33:42 PM): you are trying to hard and its getting really annoying
jimmyrabbit85 (1:34:10 PM): cause i would not mine waiting hand and foot on you cause you would be my queen and id bee your king
dixie_princess4ever (1:34:56 PM): your getting really annoying

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[10 May 2003|10:54am]
You like to be in control, by keeping the man where he belongs...on the bottom!!
Girl On Top

What Sexual Position Are You?
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Hum [09 May 2003|11:11am]
I talked to nate last night and early yesterday he called my mother and was asking her if she ever fantised about younger guys or if she ever went down on my dad!! OMG if you are trying to get with a girl dont hit on her mom!!! thank god for seniors!!! if it wasnt for them i would be doing accounting work right now!!!!!!

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A to Z guide to picking up girls!!! [07 May 2003|04:06pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]
[ music | hahaha ]

X, I dont know to many words that strt with x so we are going to use experance!

*A* Always dress in your best!
*B* Bring Breath Mints!!
*C* Call a girl when you say you are going to call her!!
*D* Dont forget your breath mints!!!
*E* Every pick up line is a bad one!!!
*F* For getting your breath mints are wrong!!!
*G* Give her rome to breathe!!!
*H* Have breath mints!!!!
*I* In case of an emercancy, dont't forget breath mints!!!
*J* Just in case you for got bring breath mints!!!
*K* Keepiong your cool is a must!!!!
*L* Look in her eyes when she talks to you or when you talk to her!!!!
*M* Mints Breath mints!!!!
*N* Never mention your "mommy" on the first date!!!
*O* Orbit gum if you dont have breath mints!!!
*P* Peach roses are great!!!
*Q* Quick use a breath mint!!!!
*R* Remember to much after shave is nasty!!
*S* Spearmint breath mints!!!
*T* Take some breath mints!!
*U* Use Breath mints!!
*V* Victory only comes with a good night kiss!!
*W* will you bring breath mints??
*X* eXperance is always a great plus!!!!
*Y* You need breath mints!!!!
*Z* Zebra sounds are not sexy!!!

*~*~ Guys if you didnt get the hint, BRING BREATH MINTS, ZEBRA SOUNDS ARNT THAT SEXY!!!!!!!!!!

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GOD I AM SO PISSED OFF [04 May 2003|10:08am]
[ mood | pissed off ]


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