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Sunday, February 9, 2003

10:21PM - Hey, time to talk deadsy

k, my fav deadsy at the moment is Lake Waramug. I love it. Its my favourite to sing to. I mean, they are all really great songs. except "from beyond". i't annoying. if i HAD to choose 3, i'd choose Mansion world, future years, cruella. i can't exclude winners tho. so if i had to choose 4, it would be them.

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Saturday, February 8, 2003

9:38PM - Eh hey

I'm mkaing this update to see what it looks like with TWO entries.

To try to visualize how i want my design, that is ;D

so ya! i was told to charge 50$ per page for web pages. he (mr clark) first told me 150$ :| i was like, "whoa, i'm not good enough to charge that!".

Now i know i should be stern with this. he (the employer) said he couldn't afford that much. i coulda said NO DEAL!!! but that woulda been mean and its not like i can use my time any better. plus this will be real easy. so i bargained down to 30$ per page. for 7 pages. which IS 210$. but thats 140$ less than 350. oh well. money is money :D

So i am sooo gunna advertise my services in the paper! why didn't i think of this before???? i should tell kyle about it! he can make pages too. but then my competition rises :O. don't want that! gotta keep my monopoly ;D

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Friday, February 7, 2003

10:35PM - So I Got Blurty

And I don't know why! I will sooo never use this. I already have about 3 others i never use. i have 2 that i do use and check often. I check them more than use them. But if i can make this one real pretty, I'll try to use this one. After all, this is the only one where i am an early adopter! Go me!

Something I havn't done often:

Random song rating! I use the winamp random generator. so heeeeereeeee, weeeee goooooo! *next*

Razed in Black - Starfuckers
I don't like it. I don't think the original is very special to begin with. Mind you, I do like most NIN. But this cover seems too techno-y for my likings. And his voice is week. *shrug*. 1/5

System of a Down - Picture
I havn't herd this really yet. Sounds like the usual soad. Not bad. But it sounds like a mix of a all their other songs. Catchy nonetheless. 2.5/5

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
I like. catchy. he has a good voice. 3.5/5

30 Seconds to Mars - Year Zero
Love the style. Very intresting way of putting lyrics on music. Although, i will say his voice is pretty generic. But thats ok, it fits well for the style. 4/5

Static-X - Bled For Days
Oh, i do love! Simple yet original. And it's a beat your body can't refuse. This goes for most of their songs. 4/5

Sebadoh - Colorblind
Very nice. A few of their songs have grown on me. Including this one. 3.5/5

Videodrone - Alone with 20 bucks
Finally I hit videodrone! THey defintly have a few songs that would easily rate 5 by me. This one is not quite. Videodrone depends on its crazy effects. This ones chorus lacks in it. and is not overly catchy. so i give it 3.5/5

*skips until he finds a 5 worthy song*

oh jeez, i skipped over many great 4 and 4.5 songs trying to get a 5-er.

Deadsy - Brand New Love
Bah, i skipped a many a great songs. probably equally as 5 worthy as this, but i wanted one that was especially 5 worthy. Not so much just the song, but also the band. this is a 5 worthy band. and so is this song. 5/5

don't like it? good.

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