jump in lets go.. sit back  enjoy  the show, there are miles to go

[ mood .. aggravated ]

-shifts at the keys, wondering why the fuck he was doing this again?.. oh yeah. because.. everybody else was and it was manditory? oh whatever ; rolls his eyes, starting to peck the keys-

I broke it... I BROKE THE FUCKING PHONE >:D Figured I'd start out with a confession -- the fucking people on the other end were.. annoying me. ;x I'm not fixing it. No way in hell, you'll just hafta go out and buy another peice of shit. Fuck if I care.

-blinks, really not sure why he did that in the first place.. decides to blame it on the fact that -- violence is fun.-

We all know what happened... and with him I.. now that I think about it, I really don't think I could of..killed him. I think I remember telling some people why..not the obvious reason most people would think. -raises an eyebrow, shrugging..-


Stuff's been going on. He's soulful again. But now I'm fucking pissed at him because of something that happened. But whatever, I'm not going into that.

But I do happen to honestly believe that he could hurt me. And last night -- he practically said the same thing.

So fuck him. Just.. whatever. Now I just got mixed feelings about some people being "together". -grumbles, leaning back for a second, stretching-

But her.. I'm glad she's here. But don't expect me to go all... sappy and everything, because just... no.. -blinks, stretching some again.. acting as if he hasn't already went.. soft?.. on some people.. which.. he didn't even notice at the time.. so now all he's thinking is "skJDKSjfaskjflkashfstupidstupidstupid"..- .. -shakes his head, trying to get his thoughts off things-

Uh-huh..oh and apparently knifes and other sharp objects like to hurt me. My hands..rather. -grumbles, looking at his hands before putting them back down- Fuckers. I need to get out of that 'bad habit' of juggling things... do that while I'm thinking about stuff or.. nervous or something.. -stares, wondering why the fuck he just shared that -- now people'll think shit..-

Fuck it. Whatever -- I'm done.

-apparently leaving out.. things .. but he's not even sure exactly what to say about 'em-


[ mood .. bored ]

uh yea hi.... -scratches his head, looking around- Cleveland, huh? anywhere away from my dad is cool with me...

Yeah, I'm Connor.... Angel's son. Got tired of LA and so yeah...

whatever, I got AIM though : Connor is Mad

because I'm mad a lot? -laughs-

um... guess that's about it yeah.


[ mood .. sad ]

-sighs... scratching his head lightly, he grumbled, eyeing 'blurty' before he began to type..-

Not sure what to say...this is all too weird. Faith..is...er..Faith...but old her..and she's beginning to make a lot more sense than I'd hoped she would...

-shakes his head, pausing..-

I don't know...what if she never..gets switched back..or anything...

-takes a dreep breath, letting it out slowly- Something she..er...old her?.. yeah. Something she said though.. "You think I'D fall IN LOVE with YOU?".. she has a point.

..a really good point...

Screw it.

-sighs, rolling his eyes slightly... clicking out-


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