•22 Sep 2003 • 04:07pm


This journal is now closed. You can check out my livejournal. Which is friends only. So if u want to be added, ill add ya


or my greatest journal..which isnt friends only..so check it out


peace out
xo rach

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•12 Sep 2003 • 04:17pm


Im so sad john ritter died. :( he was soo funny, i loved threes company and 8 simple rules :(

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•26 Aug 2003 • 06:26pm

Friends only

This Journal is now Friends only
im taking off everyone, asked to be added.

xo rach

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•24 Aug 2003 • 10:37pm

Katie n Elise sleepover/agree sleepover

so on friday, i went i got a hair cut, and got highlights. Then i got picked up with katie m to go to elises house, we brought or stuff there, then went to birmingham to see uptown girls. Then we saw something hmm hmm.. in the theature..lol, i cant believe it :0 lol katie and elise. Then we came back to elises, and saw perrywinkle-pear bear. Then we chilled at her house, played mario party, watched dacing videos, and just hung out, then went to sleep at like 2. Then we woke up, and got ready and walked to mcdonalds for breakfest/lunch. Then we walked back, and we went to get manicures. Then i went home, and got ready for my agree get together. I went over sala, and then she got to drive there, so we went, and then got dropped off, and then maya and hannah were there, then hil came, then jenna. We all chilled for a while,ate pizza and then we watched joseph and the amazing techincolor dream quote on dvd..best movie ever. Then becca came, then lina :) Then we waited till mayas parents came back, from where ever they were, and then we went in the hot tub, and played pass the shoe!: which guys we liked at agree, wow, brandon everyone liked that kid. Brandon and jay were the biggest pimps, and they got with no one lol. Me and hil got vert into the water, and blew, and sunk into it. It was fun, then we all got out, and then just chilled in the basement, watched zoolander, played nitendo, mario and just talked. Also tripper olga, slept over with mayas sister, so we talked to her. And that night aaron lebovic came over, and we ran outside, and in the car was zach yost!! that was earlier tho. Then at like 4:30 we put back on zoolander, cause we didnt finish it, and i fell asleep during the walk off part. Then we woke up, and got ready for our coney agree get together thing, it was only all of us who slept over, rachel l,sammi,sammy u, dennis and aaron the boy. Fun stuff, all the people who said they would come, didnt. Next week there might be another get together at sammys, or somewhere, i cant wait.

tommorows school :/

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[ music shake your tailfeather ]

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•22 Aug 2003 • 01:32pm


day 1
english - mead
marching band - VOIGHT
spanish - anderson
dance- blackwell

day 2
bio 2- nadeau
econ - goldberg
seminar - cameron
geometry - roll

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•20 Aug 2003 • 11:37pm

what up

today was the last day of band camp, since i missed a week, cause i was at agree. So i only had it mon-wed. Today instead of there being a one hour lunch break, it was from 12-2. So we went to elaines,the the gas station, to taco bell, then to taylors to chill for like a half hour, then me,meg and hil walked back to the field. So we had our performance, and bryan,dan and tom came. Bryan hugged me.it was beautiful. They also had paper plate awards, not everyone gets one, like a few people from each section, i was joking around saying one for clarinet will be mine (i was joking, cause im not a band spirited kid) but i actually got one..it was best adapter..cause i like came in missing alot of days, and worked,and got the moves and playing parts or something. Yeah then i went to the hdub pool with meg, we swam, then saw brian mckenzie outside,walked to hise house, played the hottness scale game lol, then i saw julia s. audrey t., and becca, talked to them for a while, then went back to the pool and swam. Then we saw these kids from marching band, and me and meg kept saying yeah marching band, and they were like wooo hoo..then we said the thing..and there like "Go bears" Then we all did the marching band dance to abc in the water, it was so funny. Now im at home chilling.

then sunday, coney..agree get together :)

[ mood excited ]
[ music queen-we are the champions ]

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•19 Aug 2003 • 07:47pm


yesterday i went to the mall, after my first day of marching band. It wasnt so bad, besides the fact it was so hot out, i got a bigger tan, then one day on the field, then i did a month at agree. K, so then after that me, taylor, meghan, hil and clare went to the mall. I didnt get anything, except food. After that me,clare,laur and tay went back to tays, we walked up to the field, and had some laughs, then we chilled, at her house, then got picked up. I wanna uuhhh your uhhh haha. Tahja where is ur fahja..are u going to berkley hahja? lol. Then today i had band again, it was alot funner, we do a dance, and learned it..it was funny.

i miss camp sooo much!! everything reminds me of it..like in band..there like get behind the hash..and im like heavnly hash..
and hil said her clarinet smelled like pickles, and im like mr. PICKKLES!!

hehe, and they have this closing section..and they say we had a great day..and at the end..me and hil are like SHALOM..everyone to the troft..fun stuff

tommorow we have a performance..how exciting..

[ mood cranky ]
[ music what would you do-city high ]

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•18 Aug 2003 • 12:29am

hey hey

yesterday i went to the dream cruise with katie and hilary. Then we went to blockbuster rented bringing down the house and rented watched it at hils. "Bad Boys Bad Boys" lol katie

Today i sat around the house all day, then tay said come over and i did. Alexwas in town visiting, cause when i was at camp he moved :( So i got there, and saw meghan,tay,clare and hil. Havent seen any of them except for hil in a month, so i was excited. Then i saw the purcells t frosty freeze on the way there, so we went back to greet them, fun stuff. Then alex and kyle didnt come back with us, so i was like o, they dont want to see me. Then i was just talking, and i feel someone pick me up and it was alex :-D and then kyle..i was soo happy to see them again, then they left right after they said hi :(. So then it was just the girls, and we walked up to hurley field, chilled there, then me and meg walked hil back to tays, to get picked up. Me and meg went back to hurley field, clare had gone home by then, then me meg and tay just chilled at her house till 11, then got picked up.Band tommorow.

i found this. how exciting :) I scored a 85% on the "how agree are you?" Quizie! What about you?

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•16 Aug 2003 • 04:06pm

Agree 03' thats where i want to be

hey everyone, im back home..

Agree 03' BEST SUMMER OF MY LIFE!!!!! I love you and miss you guys already
who would of known, the 28 of us strangers, could be such amazing friends in one month!!

the first week we were with everyone- Where we met YOST!!! and the mighty ducks began..
donald duck cabin..miss u and love u

Russ the knuckle puck-hilary

1st week, wrestlmania. me and sala vs. sam the boy and dima. Best team ever, then goose games, yeah red team with yost. Then the incredible hulk group..best group ever!!
me.lina.maya.sam the boy.aaron the boy.robyn.and DIMA!
we rock climed,learned the "one sheet method", canoed and did intitives. We also had song sessions yeah proud mary!! and of cource our boycott, cause they rang the bong cong to early..hey mr.manmail and for taps.. saying Bommarito

then we found out our trips. 2 trips go hiking, to go canoeing
trip 1 hiking turned out to be amazing

me.Lina.Dima.Brandon.Jay.Becca boo and sammi

with our obese stories, and turning around and saying what, truth or dare. Dima: it has to be a smart dare, and nothing illegeal. pick up lines and fat jokes. The amazing story of the boy who didnt care.Farting contests.How rachel diskin had emit. Me and lina were barbies, i was barbie from the woods, and she was teresa from the hood. And of cource mine and linas dima loving. I miss dimas sayings: what are u smoking my boy. CHICKEN.what up my shizzles?.These are for my friends ed and eddy. Hello light. Excuse me very much.Oh im sry. and "sometimes even strong people need help".

Then after 6 days the two hiking trips came together.
Where we went to a and w. Ranch dressing, u criminal lol. Matt brewnay, then we went on our solos (being on a island for 24 hours alone) where u have to make a shelter, they give u tarp, then u get a little food, and a pen and paper u can bring,then stuff to make a dream catcher. It was pretty boring, i pretended to be pochahontas, and little mermaid. then i started to name every person i ever met. then i played a ? and answer Game.

then we came back, and after 1 week, we havent seen the canoeing trips. So when they came back from town, and us from our solos, and it was so exciting. haha, i saw sala,hil,sam the boy,sammy and all the other great kids again.

then we went to town,did laundry ate amazing food and got our cartolages pierced illegially. They called our parents when they found out.

Then the hiking trips left, the next morning, and the canoers (us) were gonna find out our new trips.. I was with lauren!!

it was me.lauren.emma.emily.sammi.brandon and lathan.

also amazing, the canoeing was so easy.

we played elimadate! haha i won a three way tie, with laurs and emily. Emily: guys shouldnt like me cause of these..they need to know me first, before they get in my pants
laur and rachel: Pants?!? who wheres pants haha
In our tent: random:you are my sunshine,its my party,hey mr.manmail, our puppet show:bonding, bonding my ass, Do you brake your water bottle on purpose? and the alphabet game. Telling my fielders storys. Lathan: would you rather do a small dick or chode ani: so lauren i get dehydrated very easily. Her name was lolita she was a kiddie porn star. The lip. and asshole, NORUP RULES!!

We came back, the other groups were on solos, we went to the beach, then we came back and saw the hikers. Chilled at camp, then they suprised us and took us 5 pin bowling, so much fun, they had cds, and we played spice girls,hanson,nsync and backstreet boys!! Then we went to this beach, and had a bon fire, and heard the rest of the david story.

Then the next night we had our "banquet" they couldnt get us pizza, cause the power was out, so we had p.b and j and chips and pop,We were afraid, cause we didnt have enough gas to get us home, so we might of had to stay at agree another night, but we didnt. Then got paper plates award, mine was soo good

leon gave it to me
This camper no matter what trip we were on, gave energy and entertained the group, we heard about the field,leroy,kiki the brother chuck, so rachel you get the "field" sista award :) haha

Then the bus ride home: YEAH OPEN ASS SECTION!!!!! located way in the back, on the duffels, (me and sala getting seperated..haha) YOU CAN TAKE THE GIRL OUT OF THE OPEN ASS, BUT YOU CANT TAKE THE OPEN ASS OUT OF THE GIRL.

agree 03 i love u forever and miss u like crazy

[ mood lonely ]
[ music proud mary ]

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•19 Jul 2003 • 07:55pm


Last night i went to the sneak preview of freaky friday w/hil. I liked it. We had leos, yum. Then we walked to borders, and then got picked up there. Then today i went out to lunch with my grandma and aunt for the last time. Then i came home, finished up packing, and then called kyle. I went to his house, we rode to alexs, so i could say bye, he wasnt home, then i went to clares she wasnt home, then we went to taylors and she was home, so we hung there, and liv was there :) So we all just hung out, then we went over to clares,cause she came home, and we walked to mitchs house, and then we all headed over to the park, and matt perish came, so we all just kinda chilled there, walked back to taylors, liv left, then i got picked up.

last night i was on the phone with phill from like 10:30 till 3:30...he kept saying the f word, calling me a hoe, and saying take it or leave it cause i dont want it. it was rather annoying. but i still love him, for some reason.

ILL BE HOME AUGUST 15TH SO WRITE ME!!!! It also takes 10 days to get there. So write soon.

**Its Two Stamps Cause Its In Canada....BUT PLEASE STILL WRITE ME

* my name here*
agree outpost camp
P.O box 624
Wawa, Ontario
Canada P0S 1K0

xo Rach xo

BUh bYe foR a MoNth :(

[ mood excited ]
[ music on the wings of love-clay aiken ]

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•18 Jul 2003 • 12:55pm

i just got a letter..i just a got a letter.. i just got a letter..wonder who its from?

hehe, well im happy, cause i just got letters from Meghan and clare. From camp... i love them. I cant wait to see them agian, i hope i can before sunday, when i leave for camp:(

tamrack and dance camp comes today, and i see i got an im..im guessing its from lauren.

and i was right hehe

ThEm0nKeY8ChEeSe: RACHEL!!!
D i s k e y 62: LAUREN!!!
D i s k e y 62: YOUR HOME!!!
ThEm0nKeY8ChEeSe: yes~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

last night, i talked to phil,david,hil and jake on the phone. at like 11 they called. at 12:30 hil got off and i stayed on till 1. Phil got really made at me..cause i called him a jerk..i appoigzied..but i dunno

[ mood contemplative ]

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•17 Jul 2003 • 09:36pm


Yesterday i went to great lakes crossing. Then later on at night, i went to the games with hil. We saw kyle, and then we we walked with him to frosty freeze. When we walked back, we went to taylors house, and saw mrs.hornecker. Tamarack and Dance camp comes back tommorow!! Anyways we came back, and we saw jenny and laura. Had some of jennys nachos, and just talked to them. Then we got picked up, and hil came over and slept here. I talked to phil for like a half hour or so on the phone. Then went to bed. Then in the morning, we got our shorts done, and they say agree on the but, and '03 on the bottom corner. Then i dropped her off, and i had to go out to lunch with my grandma and mom. We went to max and ermas, and i got the best chicken sandwich ever :). Then i went home for a few minutes, then went to hils and waited for phil,jake and david puckett, to come over. Then they did, i did not talk at all. It was kinda a first for me, it was sooo akward, i havent seen jake since preeschool, and puckett..uh yeah. so i went over and talked to phil, cause i can talk to him. Then i guess i started talking more, then we walked to tot lot, then we saw paul demos, near vinces, with cory ciroch,and matt bernstein and vince. Then we walked back, and hil pushed me in the pool with my clothes on poo, then she jumped in.Then i ate dinner over. I left, im gonna go back. bye


camp less than three days away!!

[ mood content ]

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•16 Jul 2003 • 11:05am

Captain Jack Sparrow is a hottie

You're Mrs. Jack Sparrow!
You've got yourself Captain Jack Sparrow! Mmm, rum
and dirtiness!

On Pirates of the Caribbean, is your mate Will or Jack?
brought to you by Quizilla

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•15 Jul 2003 • 02:16pm

ChEeDuM is G-d.

Sunday- I went to katies house, cause we thought we were playing tennis with elise, but by the time she got home, it was to late. So we just chilled, we played mario party, went to the park, and then went back home, got money and went to baskin robins and got real sprinkles!!! lol and then we went back to the park, and met this 7th grader from norup, and we asked if he knew people and he was all nice at first, then he went crazy, it was soo funny.

Monday-Sala came over, and we went to the h dub pool, thn it was closing in like 40 min, for a swim meet, so we were pissed, but my mom left, and were like crap, now we have to like walk home, but luckily, she stopped in the library next door, to see if they had something, so we got to her. Then she took us to the southfield pool, it was fun, but really dirty and gross. Then we went to the new southfield public library..it is sooo huge!! and cool!! omg, its like not a library. The kids section is the best. Then we just chilled at my house. We went outside, and hung out with, royal,laroya,and her cousin. We also talked to yoral,leroy,sabrina and others. It was so exciting. Except sala got bit my ants, and so did royal. Then I was just chillin on my block, i see a rollerblader... ITS CHEEDUM!!!!! ): i was like i heard u were an amazing driver, and he was like o really, i dont believe it ..who said that..and i was like liz finn and kim, and he was like amazing?..maybe good, and i was like yeah thats right, they said good, then like 20 minutes later..he was like u know this is really bugging me, i dont believe they said i was a good driver. He was also wearing this hat, and i was like "cheedum, wheres the bucket hat" haha, he was like its inside, i cant find it, im getting some new ones..haha Then he kept doing differet accents, and he was showing thm off to laroya, what a boy that cheedum.
So then me and sala went back inside and david puckett called me, untill he was being an ass, so i hung up with him.Sala talked to him to, which was good. Then sala left. So i went online talked to hil, then called her, at like 11, then i called phil at 11:30, we were just talking, then hil got tired and got off at like 2 something. Then me and phil talked to till 3:18. Cause my dad saw my door was open, and i wasnt in there, so they found out i was on the phone, and made me get off. So then i went to sleep, and now i am just chillin here, i think this is the first day all summer, im just sitting home and being lazy.

[ mood lazy ]
[ music feelin freaky- nick cannon ft. B2K ]

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•13 Jul 2003 • 02:00pm

pretty good weekend..

so yesterday was hils get together thing, it was pretty fun. It was me,taylor,hil,clare,liz,kyle,alex,elise,meghan,kristin,katie,andrew s. and phil, and ashley and miriam stopped by. I didnt swim at first, i was trying to befriend phil. Elise and Meghan came late, so when they came, i said i would get in with them. I got in, and just layed on a raft, cause i didnt want to get wet, then kyle,andrew and alex, were like running to tip me over, so i ran out the pool, before they got me. Then alex and kyle picked me up, and was about to throw me in, untill i kept kicking, untill i got away and alex went away cause he said he didnt want to be mean :) luv him. Then andrew started chasing me over the backyard, and i almost left, untill i fell down, and kyle and andrew picked me up, and threw me in :(.. Andrew said i was like a greasy pig, like when people chase pigs, and there slippery and stuff..i dunno hes wierd :-p. Then me,elise and meghan had some laughs (turn around) WHAT?!?! haha..Then everyone left pretty much,and phil walked to vince achos house, cause they used to be friends, it was so funny. Then he walked back over, and we waited for katie and elise to get picked up. Elise drove. Then we just sat around, with phil, we waited till vince got home, even tho we found out he was there the whole time. Then he left, and me and hil got ready and her brother who is in from florida, took us to birmingham. We ate at coney, and then saw pirates of the carribian, it was a pretty good movie. Johnny depp is a hottie. Then we came back, and i slept at hils, we played the noodle game, we named dif. noodles, hours of fun. Then we woke up, and went to an art fair. Now im home, i want to swim, i got the pass to the hw pool, and have only used it like twice. But maybe tonight, im playing tennis with katie and elise..

[ mood creative ]
[ music nelly,murphy lee,p-diddy~shake your tailfeather ]

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•12 Jul 2003 • 12:42pm

im dory :)

You are DORY!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

i got dory, without even changing answers :)

two days ago. i went to the mall with elise and hil. Didnt get anything. After we went to hils and watched the video of us where we burid our box at the end of 8th grade. Then we watched mine hils and lizzys cooking show/whose line is it anyway. It was pretty funny. Then we went around oak park, and then to huntington woods rec, and burton park, to make a new video

Yesterday i went to secretary of state and got my permit!!! Then i had to get a tetnis shot :(, it didnt hurt, but now it sore.. Then i hung with noa. aka no ass lol. I drove to her house!!, we rollerbladed to the rec, then to nellos in royal oak, then on the way, we saw julia s. in her car, and she was getting home from dance camp, so she joined us. We ate, then went to julias for a little. Then me and noa went back to her house, we took pictures, then went to burton park and took pictures. Then we came back and then i got picked up.

today is hils swim party thing, it should be fun.

[ mood busy ]
[ music go go go joseph ]

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•10 Jul 2003 • 01:56pm



ill miss my bcmfl :( =best car mates for life, katya and jay! haha
yesterday jay wore a big baggy outfit,and i said jay..u need to look like a gentlemen, where a suit or something..and he said ok tommorow ill wear a suit (i thought he was kidding)
he came in today with a suit!! haha

i waited for him to see if he passed, he got a 96%
i got an 88%

Barbie Got Back
Barbie Got Back! Go you! You're the closest thing
ever to a true black Barbie. Shake that fat
ass of yours.

If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
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•08 Jul 2003 • 09:20pm

"i found nemo" :)

today was sooo much fun. Drivers ed, im pretty sure i passed my drivers road test with the encouragement of my best friendforever jay there, and of cource katya

then after i went home, and me,meghan,lauren and kristin went to the hdub pool. At first it rained, so we just played on the park and sang dance songs, and then went to a bench and talked. Then me, meghan and lauren got in the pool. Kristin was out tanning. We had some laughs. We saw this guy doing some where stretches lol. And we kept on finding nemo with my orange stick!! we almost lost him for good, but lauren asked the life guard, if he saw an orange stick lol, and he did! so we got it back. Also nemo,fell to the bottom of the pool, and i had to go get it, and it hurt my ears going down. We also went on the waterslide once, and this girl told me and lauren u had to be 48 inches to ride, haha. We also did races, handstand, and breath contests. We also played "surfer" and "water skiing" o and of cource tea partys. Me and meghan attempted to learn laurens syncronize swimming dance, didnt work out, so we did the "washing machine" dance instead. After we were done swimming, i talked to laurens friends, great kids. Then meghans mom dropped me home.

we are planning on going to the zoo, that should be fun!

I have to start packing for camp!! Agree 12 days!! GET EXCITED!!! lol

[ mood tired ]
[ music surfin usa-the beach boys ]

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•08 Jul 2003 • 09:11pm

charlies angels

You're Natalie! A charming, sweet, and at times,
ditsy Angel! But you don't let that stop you!
Somehow you pull through tough and embarassing
situations without so much as a scar! Good at
diversion and used as "bait"
sometimes, you're a kick @$$ Angel when it
comes to protecting yourself! You're not so
innocent after all now are ya?

What Angel from Charlie's Angels Are You?
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•08 Jul 2003 • 12:24am


today i got home from drivers ed early. then i went to alexs and kyle was there, and we went to hils. Alex had finding nemo, bootleg from newyork, we watched it..it was kinda blury, better at the theature..went home, ate dinner..then went with hil to the baseball games..hung pretty much with taylor,alex,kyle,clare,laura. Then met taylors bf connor, and hung with mitch. i love that kid..he is soo funny,he laughs non stop..it is crazy..(he has such a big mouth..in elementry school, u couldnt tell that kid anything haha mitch)

me and lauren..talking about where do u swim at camp?

ThEm0nKeY8ChEeSe: were barely outside!
ThEm0nKeY8ChEeSe: just to swim..and play like a few games
D i s k e y 62: swim
D i s k e y 62: in a lake
D i s k e y 62: a sea
D i s k e y 62: a pool
D i s k e y 62: o swamp
ThEm0nKeY8ChEeSe: lake
ThEm0nKeY8ChEeSe: haha
ThEm0nKeY8ChEeSe: river
D i s k e y 62: stream
D i s k e y 62: a puddle
D i s k e y 62: hahah
ThEm0nKeY8ChEeSe: we swim in a cup
D i s k e y 62: a bucket
D i s k e y 62: a sprinkler
D i s k e y 62: a hose
ThEm0nKeY8ChEeSe: haha
ThEm0nKeY8ChEeSe: hOse!
D i s k e y 62: haha
D i s k e y 62: a faucet
ThEm0nKeY8ChEeSe: sink
D i s k e y 62: hte rain

[ mood grumpy ]
[ music i am the walrus-the beatles ]

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•06 Jul 2003 • 11:43pm


yesterday i went to hils, we went on a walk, to break in our boots for camp..14 more days!!..then we came back, and her mom said she got a call from a david, and he said he was a friend from camp..we tried to figure out who it was..we didnt think it was puckett, she thought maybe it was dw..cause he was at camp..then we thought dave the tss. he said he would call back at 10. we waited then got picked up to go to my house. Her mom called her back, and it was david puckett!! haha..then he called back, and we talked for lil while. Then today i went to salas swim club for "chicken and bingo night"..it was great, sala has alot of stalkers there..one was just following her, and asking her ?s then asked me ?s about her, cause they go to the same school..and it was really creepy..

now im bored:
if i were a month id be: June
if i were a day of the week id be: friday
if i were a time of day id be:12 am
if i were a planet id be: pluto
if i were a sea animal id be: sea otter
if i were a direction id be: west
if i were a piece of furniture id be: couch
if i were a sin id be:uhh..
if i were a historical figure id be: rosa parks
if i were a liquid id be: wine
if i were a tree, id be: maple
if i were a bird, id be: A flamingo
if i were a tool, id be: hammer
if i were a flower/plant, id be: rose
if i were a kind of weather, id be: Sunshine
if i were a mythical creature, id be: Dragon
if i were a musical instrument, id be: a guitar
if i were an animal, id be: dog
if i were a color, id be: pink
if i were an emotion, id be: happiness
if i were a vegetable, id be: potatoe
if i were a sound, id be: a laugh
if i were an element, id be: oxogen
if i were a car, id be: rolls ryce
if i were a song, id be: where is the love-black eye peas
if i were a movie, id be: a comedy
if i were a book, id be: a love story
if i were a food, id be: chinese, or pasta
if i were a place, id be: somewhere nice,sunny with a beach near by
if i were a material, id be: platinum
if i were a taste, id be: sweet
if i were a scent, id be: perfum
if i were a religion, id be: jewish
if i were a word, id be: funny
if i were an object, id be: jewlery
if i were a body part id be: mouth..if thats a body part
if i were a facial expression id be: confused
if i were a subject in school id be: english
if i were a cartoon character id be: arthur, or hey arnold
if i were a shape id be a: Circle....b/c they go on and on forever they never break
if i were a number id be: 62
if I were a pattern id be: plaid

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•05 Jul 2003 • 05:44pm

4th of july

Yesterday was fourth of july

happy fourth of july everyone

but on july third i went up to tamrack w/sal, it was fun. Saw specialty which was good, said hey and gave hugs to a few counclers i saw. Like none of the guy ones were back.Mosticholli was there. then saw my 9th grade hillelians, and others. Also saw like berman.finn twins, my cousin. I saw CHILLEN IN BOX!!!! lol liz, i was sooo happy

at 8:30 i had to get up, cause i was marching in the huntington woods parade, had to be at this bank by 9:30, by 10 we were marching. It was hell. It was sooo hot, and i my legs hurt. Finally we finished, and i went to hils to swim. Then we got out, and started to watch not another teen movie. then had to stop it, cause her cleaning lady had to clean that room. We ate mac and cheese, and it was soo windy and stormy. Then it stopped and we walked up up to baskin robbins, and they had real sprinkles!!!!! lol Then we went up to kmart to see if they had jimmy neutron or finding nemo underwear. Then we went in the toy section, then we saw this nickelodeon trivia game, it looked to cool, so we had to buy it. i told my mom to bring me up some more money. So we got it, then called katie m. and she met us at averys park. Then we went back to hils and played it, it was soooo cool. It had like new nick and old nick, like gullah gullah island questions and pete and pete. Then hil had to go out to dinner, so me and katie walked down the block, and my moms friend was having a forth of july party, and my family was there, so me and katie just went to waste some time. then we went to the park again, then to katies called, and went back to hils. Finished up more of the game, then taylor came over. Then we all left to go to the hdub fireworks

It was soo good, so many people were there. At first i saw katie olds and went to her, also was lauren,noa,julia,audrey,brian voight!, and liz,kristin,lauren. Chris r,brian m,jesse,andrew s. Then i saw alicia and audrey, talked to them, then greame and andrew game over..this time it was actually graeme! lol..he looks hot now. i cant believe it. His hair was like longer, a good look for him i told him. Then we sat down, and i was talking pretty much to graeme,andrew, brian, hil and katie when we actually watched the fireworks.of cource i brought up greames career project again lol. Then andrew stonehouse came and sat down and talked to me. he said it was good seeing me again lol, and we chatted it up. Then me and hil, resolved our problem with jenny. shes to cool that kid.

me, katie,tay and hil went back to hils, frank rootbeer, then hils mom drove home katie and tay. then i went back to hils, and we had a sleepover, we decided to memorize, the music part "prom tonight" from not another teen movie. Then we went to sleep, woke up and went home. Went to the mall and got a shirt from forever 21.

im scared im not gonna pass my drivers ed test :(, i better study this weekend.

camp in 15 days!!

[ mood worried ]
[ music prom tonight-not another teen movie ]

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•03 Jul 2003 • 03:10pm


two days ago, i went to hils to watch the real cancun..then i left, and she said she was walking to frosty freeze with her mom at 8:30ish..i was going rollerblading with my dad, while he ran..6 miles..and we pass frosty freeze, so i said maybe ill see ya..then we passed her and she was there. I talked to her for a little..then my dad kept running..so i kinda ditched him..but then hil and her mom, turned down taylors street, then we saw liz in a parking lot and said what up..then near taylors house we saw this guy..and we thought it was kyle..but it wasnt.but then i saw clare, and i screamed clare and she turned around, and she came running. Kyle actually was there..just wasnt the guy who we thought was him. Then him, taylor,laura and alex came running out. and it was soo happy..we havent seen these kids in a while. Alex was in new york, and laura was at camp. So then we chilled there for a sec. other kids like mitchell were there to. Then clare left, then a minute later, hil and to go with her mom. so i walked with them, cause i had to go to clares to get a shirt she borrowed. so i went to clares, then back to taylors chilled there. Now only me,taylor,kyle and mitch were there.Chilled then got picked up

then the next day, went over tays house with kyle. and laura was there.then i rollerbladed back home and kyle biked.and he went to his house,then i went to mine to get some clothes for them and me. We changed laura did my hair and make up and got ready. And then we went up to the baseball games. It was ok. Then kyle came and it became funner. Then i called up hil, and she came up to. Then meghan was up there! and she hung out with us for a while. Then someone said that was dws sister, and her shirt she was wearing said the last name. it was sooo scary, her and dw look the exact same!! it was soo creepy. Then we went to the football field, andre was there with a friend, and jenny was there now to. Then me and hil decided to march, on the field. Then we went back to tays for a little, hung out. and then got picked up.

today also was marching band, he said does anyone know paul demos.and i said omg thats my best friend! and mr.voight was like of cource, but besides bryan cohen..heh

today im going to tamarack :)

[ mood anxious ]

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•30 Jun 2003 • 10:21pm

Today and yesterday

yesterday i went on a bike ride with katie. It was fun. We were gonna get little ceasers, but there power was out and every resteraunt on that street, so we went to the other side of berkley and got hungry howies. We ate it, and had a huge sprite to share, we asked them for cups..and there like its not for alcohal is it?? and were like no. We think they were joking, but it was in berkley so we dunno. It kept raining, then stopping then raining then stopping. When we went to the park, it was pretty much stopped. We swung on the swings, then the tire swing, then sat on a ramp and talked. Then went back to her house for like 5 min, untill i got picked up. We thought we were only gone for like a couple of hours, but it was actualy like 5. were were like wtf?

then today was drivers ed. took a quiz, then was on the range.

then i had an eye appt. i dont need glasses :) i might someday tho..cause my right eye is messed up

then me meg and hil went to bham, we saw finding nemo...that is like the best movie ever! lol it was sooo funny. Dory was the best character, she was sooo funny!! Then we just talked about random things and we were just crackin up the whole time..let me tell ya..We had leos, and when i was eating i thought i saw greame and some of his new friends..so we were on a mission to find him..then we were so scared, cause we saw them in an alley, and we wanted to pass them. We like screamed out "lindsay karsama" and my name, and remember that time u went out with hilary greenberg" and we even threw shoes, so we would be like hey, i lost my shoes, here it is..infront of u guys. We finnaly got enought courge to just walk in front of them..but hil thought it was greame..and i wasnt sure..then we just said screw this, and walked up to them again and said are u graeme..wasnt him haha after all that..then we walked around got picked up, and danced to music

[ mood cold ]

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•28 Jun 2003 • 08:33pm

charlies angels

Last night i had the best dream ever..<33

Today i went to bham with meghan. We went shopping then to a movie. I got a pair of pants from Frankie and Debbies, there really cute :). Then after that we got olgas. Then saw our movie. We saw Charlies Angels full throttle. I have to say i really liked the movie. I hated the first one, so it was good. mary kate and ashley were in it for like one sec tho(they looked soo pretty. Shia was also in it, but he had like a role!! he was in it like 5 times, i was happy :) yeah then we got picked up. I dropped meghan off, then went to moosejaw to get some more things for camp.

[ mood silly ]
[ music get a clue ]

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•27 Jun 2003 • 11:05pm

made an EDIT:

New layout..you like? ( i have had it for a day before..and now its back :)
::The only thing is, when u click on my info, its katies info..and when u click on my icon, it says all pics:dracos girl, so i have to tell her to change those things::thanks katie:)

today was aight

drivers ed, was on the road, it was ok, better than last time.

then i went to some camping places, didnt get anything. Well i got a milkshake from an ice cream place.

then after that, went online..talked to clare, got dropped at her house and then we rollerbladed. First to the games, then around the street ( i made her go muahah) i guess i saw his car, if that was even his,and relized he wasnt going to the games. Then we got back and i saw lindsay walk up, and wasnt sure if it was her or not, so kept going. Then i saw her and said hey. Clare had to meet some friends at 7 to play tennis, so i went back with her to get my sandals, then went back up to the games, and sat with lindsay, also talked to mr.hill. Well me and lindsay talked for a while, untill her brothers game looked like it was over, so i used to her phone to call my mom, but my bro had one car, and my dad had the other, so i rollerbladed home. then came home and played with the fielders..

EDIT: also at the game, i saw tom purcell, and mama p. I said tom is that u, and waved..and he looked at me like i was an idiot, and mama p, just kinda stared..(i guess this relationship is coming to an end)

also when i was rollerblading home, i heard these guys and they were like hey..and i didnt look,then they said hey diskin, and h waved..and i just waved back, and we were on different sides of 12 mile..so i didnt even know who it was, then i turned the block..then i kinda relized who it was..im pretty sure it was dean ackers..hmm

[ mood cold ]
[ music here comes the sun-linda eder ]

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•26 Jun 2003 • 10:28pm

rollerblading and biking around

Today was really fun.

First drivers ed. it sux. I got to go home today.

Today i went rollerblading/biking with katie o. It was soo fun. First we went rollerblading around the Hdub, then i saw chris and sean again. Then we decided to stop by and say hey to elise, she was just leaving, so we just were there for a second. her brother is so hot let me tell ya. Then we went down the block to noas house and chilled there for a while, she had a friend over we all talked and then i got to see the norup yearbook, im in it..cause last years track team is in it.Then we left and it was poring rain. So we went back to her house, and the rain stopped. So we rode our bikes to berkley, to go on a certain street lol. Well i took a phew detours, first i went to kyles cause i havent seen him in a while, so i stopped and said hey. Then we went to taylors, she wasnt home :( she was at an all night babysit job. Then we went to clares, talked to her for a little. Then we went back to the street again, and i was like the only person im missing to say hi to, is alex, but i would never go there, just to say hi..plus hes in new york. So i went down the street, and i hear someone yell "RACHEL RACHEL" and i was like who are u, and shes like its me mackenzie (alexs sister) so i turned back, she was in a van, beacause people were looking at her house cause shes moving, and her mom made her stay in the van with her friend, while her mom was gone. So we all talked,it was great. Then they mentioned they had pizza, and gave us a slice each :) then the people left there house, and im like im thirsty and she gave us pop. Then we left, and we were talking about farting, and people in our grade heard us..we were soo embarased, but got over it and some were like people i talked to, so i just sped up. Then we went back to katies house, and went on her computer, then watched the 2nd half of the even stevens movie.and now im home

[ mood morose ]
[ music swing set-jurasic 5 ]

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•26 Jun 2003 • 04:14pm

water water

my icon is made!! thanks katie!
this was a great idea..wasnt it..lol katie,liz,and meghan :)

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•25 Jun 2003 • 08:06pm

swimmin in the hdub

today was pretty fun

in drivers ed, i was on the range. I had to drive threw cones, i only hit a few.Then after that, me and meg went to the H.W pool. We say bryan he said it was closed, it was but we got there at like 2:20ish and it was gonna open again at 3. So we just stayed. It was closed cause someone pooped in the pool. Then it was just boring, cause it was just me and meghan, kinda talking to bryan and dan..but not really. I could tell they were soo happy to see us, it was great. Brian voight was there!! hes always a hoot. Then katie o. and liz were there, they were just in the rec, so then us four chilled. Katie said a great joke to bryan. Then we went in the rec, and scott lustig was there for a second, great kid. Then we waited and then the pool was open again till 4:30 for a swim meet. We swam, then ordered jimmy jons and swam again and tanned. Then played at the burton park, on the swings, then walked to katies and chilled there till me.meg and liz got picked up. Then my mom took us to rite aid, so i could get the vanity fair issue with the teen stars.

[ mood worried ]
[ music katrina and the waves-walking on sunshine ]

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•24 Jun 2003 • 11:23pm

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