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Saturday, March 22nd, 2003

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    spring brake
    my life has come to an apparent standstill. that happens a lot when i got to switzerland. getting away may be wonderful, but it lacks the excitement one can get back at home. sure, its great to be young in europe. kids my age are out smoking joints twenty meters from where i sit, but of course, thats them, not me. i stood on a scale for the first time in a long time and was shocked out of socks. i say this while nibbling on a 17 grams of fat per serving piece of swiss chocolate. life is good. yeah so i was thinking about zenos paradox or whatever its called. really fascinating, in that stupid philosophy shit kind of way. so, the hands on a clock are moving right, but the question is, are they? see because between 3 oclock and 4 oclock, theres a halfway point. so in 30 minutes the hand has moved halfway. but then that has a halfway mark, and that has a halfway mark. arg. never mind i cant explain shit like this. not that anyone cares. does anyone care? this is an anonymous survey your responses would be appreciated. we are all mooses, looking for a place to eat grass and stuff. cracking open many cans of mellow BELLOW mwah hahahaha im so hilarious. stop reading this imbecile.

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