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__!; So here i am its in my hands
__!; And i'll savor every moment of this

[01 Feb 2003!11'44am__]
__ mood | curious ;!
__ music | dashboard confessional - screaming infidelities ;!

You're more than likely at a show to beat people
up. You can be found wearing your trucker hat,
plugs, and lots of tattoos. You either embrace
or hate straight edge. You of coarse hate those
damn emo kids. You're all about unity even
though you hate half the kids that go to shows.

whats my scene?
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yeah i'm sXe 'hardcore' haha. Actually i like a mixture of bands limiting yourself is just extremely gay

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. [01 Feb 2003!10'56am__]
__ mood | aggravated ;!
__ music | manson - fight song. ;!

Isnt it funny when you look at lyrics to a song you like and think 'WELL FUCK ME IN THE ASS WITH A NON-EXISTANT PENIS! THOSE LYRICS ARE SHIT' then when you hear them in the actual song they sound much better and make alot more sense? well if you ever have enough time on your hands then download InMe - Neptune. The song is genious but the lyrics are really crappy (dont get me wrong. i love that fucking band to bits) hmm well yeah i've done ranting on about how shit my favourite band is now i'll rant about red hair dye.

RED HAIR DYE - if you have naturally blondey brown hair like me then if you ever dye your hair red (no matter what shade) does it always seem to fade really quickly? it does with me.. so yeah i need more dye but this time i'm going to get my hairdresser to do it for me. Any suggestions of colour would be appreciated.

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[31 Jan 2003!05'50pm__]
__ mood | accomplished ;!
__ music | Blur - Song 2 ;!

You can be my heroin. says:
fooken hell. how the heck did u manage to fall into a window lol
no one iz perfect but i come pretty darn close says:
You can be my heroin. says:
aww poor sameh.
no one iz perfect but i come pretty darn close says:
it was in her door
You can be my heroin. says:
no one iz perfect but i come pretty darn close says:
now it lookz like mcdonalds drive through
You can be my heroin. says:
no one iz perfect but i come pretty darn close says:
my sisters door the window

sam's funny. silly child.

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[29 Jan 2003!04'37pm__]
__ mood | confused ;!
__ music | Reuben - lets stop hanging out. ;!

I've been invited to a 'party' huzzah. Micheala's ok i suppose but she can be fucking annoying. So far i've managed to keep my fat mouth shut about her annoyingness.. lets just say i probably wont for much longer. I had an R.E exam which was shitty because i pay noooo attention in R.E what so ever. I'm expecting a D maybe C if i'm extra lucky in that subject. Uhh what else.. oh Charlene (i talk to her now and again, she's the shit lol) wanted to 'play' with my eyebrow piercing which i found strange. zee end.

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holey crap and a half! [27 Jan 2003!05'20pm__]
__ mood | tired ;!
__ music | InMe - Underdose ;!

i feel like i've been up a goats ass. [trust me it sounds funnier in my accent.] i've got a ujournal >> here bi0tch.<< i've ordered >>these<< pants off of the net so they better arrive shortly. i miss lee :'( i havent seen him in a while so that bitch better show himself soon. <33 ;d

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[26 Jan 2003!11'36am__]
hey look Erin's changed her layout. woo. yes the lyrics for the links etc. are from The Used. i love that song even though its not usually the type of music i'd usually take the time to listen to. I need an lj code *hint* i need to get off of my arse too because i didnt do anything yesturday and i really dont know if i can be bothered to do fuck all today. laziness gets the better of me. I also might make another blurty for the sake of it. I will STILL keep this one, i just want another early adopter.
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[26 Jan 2003!10'04am__]
__ mood | irritated ;!
__ music | The datsuns - harmonic generator ;!

My personality is rated 32.
What is yours?

well i find that amusing. look at the description;

Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

i guess that's alot like me (lmao) nah i dunno.
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Who likes Vex Red kiddies???? [25 Jan 2003!04'04pm__]
__ mood | fuct ;!
__ music | Vex Red - Itch ;!

You're never satisfied... its fucking me inside... you really shouldnt question me..

Great band.
very good lyrics.
i heart terry.

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[24 Jan 2003!09'34pm__]
school's the same boring shit. I want to move schools. You dont know how much it sucks. Its full of townies [preps] and such stupidity. GAH. i need a new icon too. i'm just nipping awf to make one. *cough*
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[23 Jan 2003!03'39pm__]
OH MY FUCKING GOD! InMe were fucking awesome last night. I got right to the front and Joe was just to the right of me talk about humpable. i got stood on no end of times but i really didnt care. After the show i picked myself up a hoodie and a shirt. woo go me.
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[21 Jan 2003!08'39pm__]
LJ,UJ,DJ and blurty users make me laugh with their critisizing of how 'punk sux' and how 'Mohawks on white people look stupid' fuck that shit. Punk isnt a fashion statement whether that person is a poser or what the fuck you want to call the people that ruined your precious scene, but the fact is it isnt your scene or anybody else's, not now anyways. Back when punk ACTUALLY meant something and was seen by others as some sort of ugly noise that was when punk ruled. Punk is not Blink 182,New Found Glory and Avril ugly-racoon-face Lavigne [which may i add all suck cock.] punk WAS the Sex Pistols and The Ramones. Its over. They'll never be a punk band which had the effect the Sex Pistols had ever again. And to them 'anti-punk' communities fucking get a life and grow up.
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[21 Jan 2003!07'47pm__]
__ mood | blah ;!
__ music | futurama theme ;D ;!

InMe concert tomorrow at 7:30. Cant wait ;x i hope i dont throw up or anything while i'm there. I'm getting a bass guitar for my birthday how spiffy.

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[18 Jan 2003!06'20pm__]
__ mood | working ;!
__ music | violent delight - i wish i was a girl ;!

Kids, download Violent Delight - I wish i was a girl. They're an English teenage punk band. sorta. I have some pics below jefjwekfjhdfdjfhjksdhfkjhfkjsfhkasjoiqwjrosdfh i really shouldnt be that violent towards the keyboard.
Btw my cam fucks up colours. my hair isnt brown gah.

Read more... )

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[18 Jan 2003!10'38am__]
__ mood | cold ;!
__ music | Audioslave - Cochise ;!

Soon i'm going to get changed out of my PJ's and get ready. I swear. I have to baby sit which isnt exactly great but hey at least i get paid. i might post some webcam pics but i dont know it depends if i can be bothered. ;x Amy said she missed me with being off school and crap which is nice to hear because i'm sure nobody else really cares that much. So i appreciate she said that. uhm she has a new boyfriend so yay for her :D Now excuse me while i murder Andrew W.K.. where's mah shot gun maa?

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be a lazy ass and watch a film you can sleep through. [17 Jan 2003!06'20pm__]
__ mood | sick ;!
__ music | The Hives - Hate to say i told you so. ;!

I've been ill for like 3 days. It sucks hardcore. I have a virus and on top of that i have a nasty cold. My eye hurts and i wish i'd stop moaning and putting these whiney little rants into short sentences. I used to think Christina Aguilara was 'pretty' but now i've seen her in that 'beautiful' video on dreaded Mtv she has a big nose and strange eyes, but hey i dont care. Oh and i saw Thir13teen ghosts or where ever that damn 13 goes.I just laughed at the murder scenes. They were funny. I dont think i am a psycho.. they are seriously. watch it. other than that i found the plot tedious.

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[15 Jan 2003!05'01pm__]
__ mood | sick ;!
__ music | foo-fighters * times like these ;!

Well fuck a duck. My mum's trying to bribe me. 'help more round the house and when we move, you'll get a parrot!' WTF?! despite the fact i find parrots dumb and completely un-interesting i only want one to teach it obscenity. Good lord and merciful heavens! just think.. jehovah's witnesses come to the door, low and behold from a corner of the room you hear a loud ugly bird shout 'you cunt'. Amusing.

Anyways. I'll make an icon at some point during tonight although i have my doubts about how good it'll be because i have no animator ;( sniff.

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fuck? [12 Jan 2003!11'01am__]
__ mood | cynical ;!
__ music | White stripes * on mtv2 live weekend. ;!

I REALLY need to go into town to get some more hair dye to re-dye my hair. The roots are starting to come through and that sucks. My eyebrow [i had it pierced] is bruised and swollen, never the less i've sworn to myself i'm not going to take the damn thing out and let it heal because i paid a hefty £22 to get it done [£6 of that went towards the jewelery] so i want my money's worth heh. i also need to get some fabric for my textiles class. joy of joys.


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[11 Jan 2003!02'40pm__]
Insert some funny,sarcastic and ironic introduction here.
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