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Sailing away [21 Aug 2003|10:19pm]
I'm sailing away this weekends!!
I'm going to the beach with my classmates. Yup, we're going to the beach in the rainy season, and maybe we'll get stuck in some island and the storm would not let us go back to the main land. We'll be hanging there for about 3 days, starving to death. And then no one would look for us. We'll be forgotten.'s fun just to think about.

See ya
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The Newborn [18 Aug 2003|09:05pm]
Did I mention that my lovely Mimi got pregnant? She delivered the baby-kitties last night. They are so ....... cute!!! aw... There are four of them; all look like their mommy :D My heart melt >_<
Just can't take my eyes off them. They are one day old so they are kind of ugly right now.. but aren't they cute? (wtf??) haha I'm a sucker for cats :D

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I can really use some help right now: I don't know what to name my lil' kitties. All I know is one of them will be named Julian :D
Any idea?
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