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    Sunday, November 7th, 2010
    9:58 am
    "Realize that falling in love with someone is just the results of a series of generic events that can occur between you and basically anyone who meets your standards of attractiveness. It's just an emotional manifestation of a handful of chemicals bouncing back and forth. It's not the holy grail of living, it's not your reason to exist, and it's definitely not something reserved for 'that one person.' Accept that you are just an animal with a big brain that allows him to fret over what only amounts to a game of hormone pool. What you're feeling is not your soul dying a gurgling, ugly death, but withdrawal. All the happy chemicals that saturated your body when you were with her are kicking out cold turkey, and your body is screaming 'bloody murder, where are my fucking endorphins?' it's just chocolate. Find a new bar."