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    Wednesday, March 24th, 2004
    6:08 pm
    I was driving through my neighborhood on my way home from work and I saw three gradeschool kids blowing bubblegum bubbles and playing with hula hoops. It made me very jealous! If I do anything like that now, people would say I am insane.

    Current Mood: nostalgic
    Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
    9:56 pm
    What Women REALLY Want
    If you only know the number of times a woman has told me that she thinks of me as a friend, like an older brother, a good friend, someone who really listens to her, the nicest guy she knows, and basically anything else that means she will never think of me romantically. Ever. I even had a pact with a female friend of mine that we would get married on a certain date if we were both unattached. We were dead serious about it, too! Two months before the date, she quietly married the guy who was STALKING HER IN COLLEGE! She had a restraining order on this guy! Me = 0 ; Jerks = 1

    Most women will tell you that they want a nice guy with a good sense of humor who will be loyal to them. The man's income doesn't matter, as long as he has goals, hopes, and dreams. Most women lie. Unfortunately, the only person they're fooling is theirself.

    At best, a woman wants a "fixer upper". This the guy who is basically a good person, but he gets so drunk or stoned that he fucks up a lot. She loves him but he can't control himself.

    Then there is the "changeable man". He makes a lot of money, is great looking, is a great lover, or is extremely popular. The "cm" may have multiples of these traits. He is, at his core, a complete asshole. This guy will screw anybody and anything, and not feel bad afterwards. If you are dating him, and oops!, you're now pregnant you count on him saying that you have a choice between an abortion or him, or he just walks out on you, or he tries to cause you to have a miscarriage with his fist or a good kick. Physical, mental, sexual, and emotional abuse are what keeps him large and in charge. God forbid you two have kids because they will get the same abuse. But none of this stuff will happen because you know in your heart that if you love him enough and ignore the little outbursts, that you can change him, and he will love you as much as you love him.
    And you are completely INSANE if you think that ever works!

    "Macho man" doesn't need to call if he's going to be late (or not going to show up), remember your birthday, remember your anniversary, or ever give you ANYTHING other than a quick roll in the hay and then he's off to hang with his buddies or he rolls over and goes to sleep, leaving you unfulfilled. This guy will never marry you! He refers to you as "my old lady". And he isn't trying to be cute or funny by saying it! You will be spend less time together than you will wondering where the hell he is at 4 am. Oh yeah, and he will borrow as much money as he can and never repay you.

    So, what women really want is a hunky guy with lots of money who is drunk and/or stoned most of the time and treats them as their punching bag and doormat all of the time.

    There are ladies who are exceptions. I just wish I could find one of my own.

    Current Mood: rejected
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