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damn doctors [03 Mar 2004|09:27pm]
[ mood | nervous ]
[ music | lost prophets: start something ]

hello again....lately ive been real bored..idk y and when i got home 2day after skool i had this weird feeling...and everthing reminded me of something..like music and pizza and ICE CREAM...ne ways my rite leg is acting weird..were the hip is i thnk its all hurtung. its a feeling like the 2 bones and scraping..and of course i got teased from walking weird..thanks sam!!!..lol

ne ways 2morro isnt gonna b that great..i figured that it will b wither really great during skool and after will suk big time...or the whole day will suk....i have a damn doctors appoitment..and i need a SHOT!!..just the thoguht makes me quisy.great.

also 2 day my writing space 4 my homework on my hand was all filled up...during this practice emergancy crap justin and mary wrote on my hand..justin wrote i c/<3 u and mary wrote hi, im a geek in love with samantha...and latersome1 else..(idk how 2 spell there name) wrote zap...idk what that means...so i erased it..lol..

ne ways thats all....byes

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