I'm excited!   
01:48am 04/01/2004
mood: bouncy
music: Mudvayne
Greetings my friends. I'm soooo excited! Practice was amazing! We sounded sooooo good. The bassist of my band is cousins with the current drummer of Shai Hulud (yes I know they are breaking up after their upcoming shows in Japan) and he is coming to the Emergenza Festival to see us play! O my Jebus! If he likes us then we can open for his new band. This is great because he is still in contact with many bands and people in the music industry. Great things are to come for Asylum! If things go according to plan, I'll be able to buy a big house with a pool and a dog named pepper for a special person (you know who you are)....plus weekly Shadows Fall concerts. I'm just looking to play some shows and entertain people because thats what I love to do. Long live Shai Hulud!!

Today was cool. I went to dinner with family and friends. Not knowing where we were going, I dressed in my latin gangsta clothes (beanie, baggy clothes, chucks). It looked like my papi was driving towards the city so I started to freak out. I was relieved to find that we were not heading towards the city. I don't feel comfortable wearing my latin gangsta clothes in the city....mainly because I dont wanna be approached by one. My cousin was a latin gangsta and he has been shot 4 times in his lifetime. But he still breathes and he is no longer causing trouble. Moral of the day: gangstas get shot.

Thats all for today! So long my friends!
Fun Fun Fun....   
11:37pm 21/12/2003
mood: amused
music: Fear Factory
Practice today was interesting. After we were done playing, we kicked a ball around the garage aimlessly. We weren't aiming for anyone or anything. We just booted it as hard as we could and watched to see where it bounced or what it hit. We ended up not breaking anything, but Tim's mom came down and asked what was going on which was really funny. The moment she opened the door, Tim (our drummer) put the ball behind his back and we all stared at his mom with an innocent smile, halos and all. It was almost as funny as when Tim threw me through the ceiling. His mom ran downstairs and was like "What happened?!", as I'm bleeding on the floor. While we were taping it, she stared right in the camera and said "No more throwing people through the ceiling." It was sooooo funny.....yet soooo painful. I think I had a concussion and I cut my hand alittle bit....but it was definitely worth the humor. That's all for today!
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I have the best g/f!   
11:37pm 20/12/2003
mood: cheerful
music: Korn
Today was awesome. I went out with friends and family to see the new Lord Of The Rings movie. Before we went to see the movie, my g/f and I exchanged gifts. I got her a locket, a plush penguin, and a snow globe. She got me an a perfect circle shirt, a Cheech and Chong bobble head, and a cd player. My presents are so awesome! Infact, I'm wearing the shirt right now and I'm listening to Korn on my new cd player. She spoils me.

I'm usually not one who would express any serious emotion, but I love my g/f soooooooo much. She is such a beautiful person. She has the most amazing blue eyes. I can't help but smile whenever she is around. Well....enough with the mushy talk....it makes me feel awkward.

Tomorrow I get to be a rockstar. I have practice at 2:00 and it should be fun. I don't think I'm gunna headbang much though. Last time I did it too much and I had a stiff neck for a week. Well that's it for today!
Just me and Charlie   
07:07pm 05/12/2003
mood: optimistic
music: myDownfall
I'm finally back on the internet.....fucking AOL. My best friend/drummer of Asylum is going to California and I'm looking after his dog for him. The dog's name is Charlie. I'm glad he staying at my house for a little bit because this is the first time there has been a dog in my house since my dog died in May :0( My parents have to work on Saturday, so it's just gunna be me and Charlie.

So far, Charlie has made a big mess in the kitchen by spilling his food and water everywhere and he didn't want to come back in the house this morning before school. It's ok Charlie.....I still think you're kinda cool.

ASYLUM!! Soon we are going to record a cd for all you metal fans to enjoy! Before we record, we are gunna write 5 more songs. So this weekend Charlie and I are gunna write some lyrics. If anyone would like to inspire us in any way, e-mail me at voiceofasylum@sbcglobal.net. If you would like to know more about our cd, e-mail me and I'll give you some info. So far, the cd will feature such tracks as: Admire The Fire, Blood Soaked Pillow, Mother Mary, Solitary Confinement, Man Vs Hobo, Sunday Morning, Infinite Damage, Forest Of Shame, Handle With Care, and Overcast.

Stay tuned people.....
11:24pm 22/11/2003
mood: bored
music: deftones
Last night I had a dream about an apple. What did this apple do? Nothing, it was just an apple. I wish that apple did something interesting.....but it didn't. I wonder what the apple in my dream symbolizes.... If anyone knows please notify me.

Today I saw the Matrix Revolutions.

That's all for today. Exciting huh?
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07:18pm 18/11/2003
mood: content
music: Shadows Fall
Wow, it rained ALOT today. I had to swim to school. Everywhere was flooded. I finally had the chance to practice my backstroke. Later I'm going scuba diving with my family in the backyard.

"You cry your tears like the oceans poured upon you. You like to start the commotion." Lyrics to the song "Overcast" brought to you by Rafi, vocalist of Asylum.
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Potentially Suck-tastic Day   
06:47pm 17/11/2003
mood: sick
music: The Used
Today had the potential to suck....but it wasn't that bad. My mami usually wakes me up at 6:30 every morning to get ready for school. Today she knocked on my door and didn't check to see if I was awake or not. I woke up at 7:15! I usually leave for school at 7:20. I didn't have time to do shit! I can't get super sexy in just 5 minutes. I was sure the rest of the day was going to be horrible.....but it wasn't really.

I've got a cold and it sucks monkey ass. I think I got it from either my g/f or my Jewish friend Matt, being that they were both sick and I made out with both of them.......I'm kidding sickos....I only made out with Matt.....I'm kidding!! No, seriously.....I'm not gay. Really!! I'm not!
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Emergenza Festival   
06:19pm 15/11/2003
mood: tired
music: Static-X
My band and I met up with this french dude at 10 am to discuss the Emergenza Festival we are gunna be playing at. I wasn't happy waking up after a fun night with my g/f.....but anywho, I'm excited for the festival. The Emergenza Festival is basically a huge battle of the bands contest which takes place in 17 different countries. The finalists get sent to Germany for the final competion featuring bands from those 17 countries. The winners of the competition get to play on the Warped Tour. The Warped Tour would be a sweet gig. That would be fun explaining to my friends what I'm doing over the summer, "O I'm just hanging out, maybe read a book or two, play the Warped Tour...." The Warped Tour isn't the only prize for the winner. The winning band also gets a record deal from Columbia Records. It wont be too bad for the losers either. Scouts from various record companies will be attending the various shows within the festival. So everyone, mark your calenders! Come see the metal band "Asylum" play at The Note in Chicago, IL on Feb. 13th at 8:00. Children under 18, bring your parents!

I had never met a French person until this day. I also met a guy from Italy. It was interesting because the french dude is fluent in French, English, Italian, and German. I heard him speak all these languages (he was probably insulting me and I didn't even know it). While engaging in random converstation, he told us that there aren't any gangs in France. That would be funny to see French gang bangers; a bunch of guys from Paris wearing backward berets and holding their noses up high. If there were any French gangs, I bet any gang from Chicago could whip their ass. I have come to this conclusion mainly because the french dude said that French people don't own guns. Then again, a gang from Chicago would probably lose in a fencing match........

Children, gangs are bad, even if you live in France. They only lead to death or a very long stay with Big Burley Bob in cell block 6, and Big Burley Bob seemed to have lost his interest in women.......

And that was the moral of the day brought to you by Rafi, vocalist of Asylum.
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Kung Fu Hamsters   
08:54pm 12/11/2003
mood: busy
music: ill nino
My pants are still missing and I refuse to wear any pants until whoever took them returns them. I blame my missing pants situation on the agile kung fu hamsters. Kung fu hamsters are implements of verbal and physical abuse. They sing about kung fu fighting until one feels as though it is necessary to stick a #2 pencil in his/her ear. Once his/her hearing is impared the kung fu hamster moves swiftly and will take out anyone in its reach with its technical kung fu manuevers.....and possibly steal his/her pants. Kung fu hamsters are my #1 suspect of pant theft. #2 is Ronald Reagan.

My day sucked. No one likes me anymore cuz I dont wear pants. School blows . Fight the man!
Please return my pants.......   
03:41pm 11/11/2003
mood: artistic
music: The Mars Volta
Today was pretty uneventful. Halfway through the day I realized that my pants were missing. That is strange because I dont remember ever removing them.....eh, o well. So now I sit here pantless, typing in this journal of mine. Pants are overrated anyway.

Being in a band is great, especially if it's a good band. My band has been playing shows and passing out demos and we seem to be getting a good response. Being in a band is a great way to express yourself artistically. It's also a great way to get more hugs. I'm in it for the hugs.

Peace, love, plus romance, romance minus the pants.
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