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Mixed mixed... [23 Oct 2003|02:25am]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | No mood ]

I'm feeling so happy now, just so excited man!!
Sudden feeling of freedom, like birds begin released from the cage.
Ahhh, i just ate a bowl of tou hua from the famous geyland road.
Gee, sis bought it for me man, but it wasnt sweet enough so i added!

Tomorrow is my advance theory and yet i'm still wandering about at this hour...
I read until page 70 only, hahaa don't intend to read the rest cos i have the questions already. *Winks
Ya know, i just wanna let things go naturally.
I saw a wonderful smile today, a warm one.
Ahhh, so nice to have this kind of feeling again... hehee!

Well, u must be thinking about that way but it's not, but nevermind carry on. :P
I wanna catch a ninja movie acted by this chinese woman and some americans.
I forgot what show is it but i know it's showing soon.

Ahhh, my buddies are going to some holloween party tommorrow leh...
I feel so left out, cos tml i'm having my advance theory, kinda excited and tensed u see.
Holloween holloween, is it because of this, i feel butterflies around in my stomach?

Well well, just about now something's bad man...
Someone had made me rather pissed. She maligned me that i had been involved in a 3rd party before i broke up with my ex. And this i can swear to hell to heaven i didnt!
I don't encourage 3rd party and i know what i'm doing please.
3rd party is a no-no to me. Involving in a 3rd party is just like placing everyone's heart into a blender machine.
You toy around and that's it. Some sarcastic remarks you properly call 'Bitch slut bastard'.
I know she's blaming me for doing that and with no apparent reason.
Sigh, What's done cannot be undone. It's all over i can say.
I cant expect a turn back or what.
I know i have hurt someone alot, but i'm always feeling sorry and messy as to whether i'm worth living on this world or not. I have sense of guilt, sense of sadness, shameness over me.
Why would i hurt someone, why can't i just behave properly? Am i to blame? I think yes.
It's really tough begin a human... Humans hurt you and humans begin hurt by one another.

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Oh cute babies! [22 Oct 2003|12:42am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Baby's crying! ]

My sis bought my niece this baby!
I just borrowed it and play for awhile and find it cute!
Don't you think it's very cute?
This baby never stops talking in fact, your ears go blast open when she cries.
Kinda irritating but looking at it gives me the warmth haha!
It sings songs when she's happy, shakes her legs when she's happy too!

There are varies of other babies too, heard from my niece there's one green one with a hulla hoop and not sure about the others... :X


Your from clan Ventrue -
Old-fashioned and tradition-bound, the Ventrue are
sophisticated and genteel. They believe in good
taste above all else and work hard to make
their lives comfortable. They are most
frequently the leaders in the Camarilla, and
are cautious, honorable, social and elegant

What Vampire the Masquerade clan are you from?
brought to you by Quizilla

The picture is quite scary for what it is. Just a quiz, take it easy. :P

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混乱しました。。。 [21 Oct 2003|10:50pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | Sun yan zi - The moment ]

I'm just feeling so confused today ya?
Brain cells in construction. And what am i thinking of man.
Something has just come and i'm just wondering whether is it for me? Or it isnt meant for me?
Though i have not been waiting for this moment, i'm kinda excitied.
Well, perhaps this thing has not given me enough better impression, probably i need a mature one.

Someone asked me for a date, and yes well, i'm also always the one running away.
How could i not face reality? You ask? I didnt even give it a chance man. Am i right or am i wrong?
I have no idea either definitely too...
Yes, i'm shy... very shy to the fact. Maybe that's what love is about.
Unless the pasts have been given off, i might consider. If not, i won't place my trust on it. Never...
What is love without trust? Then it's fully rubbish!
I hope i will make the person realize about the importance of impression and behaviour.
Ahhh, let's hope for the good results ya? Now it's giving me endless headache thinking... Hehee...

Yes this thursday, aint sure about my preparation for my advance driving theory test.
Haa, i just finshed reading page 50 and hopefully by tomorrow i will read 3/4 of it!
Oooo, shopping has been my everytime dream.
I got myself a mesh cap the other day when i went out with orochi gang.
Gee, was so shocked by shermie chan's hairdo.

Kinda japanese samurai ninja girls' feelings!!
Those that have a front layer cut shorter and like a staircase.
Well, it's not bad actually, but she keeps complaining she feels lesser hair.
The man gave us his name card and guess wat shermie told him her name?
Wahaha, same "shermie is my name". It's kinda funny when thinking back.
We gang are too into kof, kof madness!!

I'm so glad that people started giving me comments on my streetwear.
I'm really glad to hear them say it's nice!
I'm happy that i'm following the japanese style very well. Feel happy yea!!! ^_^
awww man, my blog is full of fashion...
Gomen to those who aren't interested.
*winks blog means journal and journal means talk whatever craps u want rite?
Heehee, i saw a very nice nike dunk over at refugee and a shop beside 77th street in the edge.
Refugee has got a pink and grey nike dunk!
AWWWW, that's what i wanted before i got my brown hi. *sobz...

Alrighty, here's a one thing i did out of boredom to use as my wallpaper... Ayu again! :PPPP~
PS: I got another angelfire account but i built it so hopefully they wont do another removal again! :D~

Well, here are some drawings i did in past few days! Enjoy too!
Basically i just draw Jim kun, Henry kun, yashiro kun shermie chan and myself! :)

.::. Done on 19-10-03 .::.

.::. Done on 19-10-03 .::.

.::. Done on 20-10-03 .::.

.::. Done on 21-10-03 .::.

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DAmn angelfire! [16 Oct 2003|05:58pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Voyage [Sweet Mix] ]

Holy shit! They removed my every files inside cos i did not build a website using their URL.
And they mentioned about violating their rules and some other shits. So sad, all my files were gone but i'm lucky i have back up.
Now i'm trying to back up everything i have using Boomspeed. This is the only hope for me. Boomspeed is nice and forever free man. But too bad they closed for registeration due to overwhelming and usage from users.
I made 3 accounts before they stopped the registeration. Was so lucky!!!

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