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Riding on the Metro [24 Jul 2003|09:29pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | watching | queer eye for the straight guy ]

Mm. Metro.
So. Today, I woke up to my dad calling me. He wanted to know about my hearing tomorrow, the time, location, etc. I took a shower .. and ate .. and talked to Amanda. Woohoo. Um. Bullshit al usual. I left here after 4 sometime. Off to D.C. I went. Hoorah.
I did absolutely nothing. ::sigh::
Yeah. I just rode the metro. And .. rode the metro some more. And .. got off the metro and tried to find a bathroom somewhere. And couldn't. And then I got back on the metro.
So. Tomorrow is my perliminary hearing. Yipee. I'm .. only excited because I know the boy will be there. Mm...yes. I'm going to try to work out staying there until Saturday and then coming back for the show at the 930 club. Woot.
....did I just type that? Goddess help me -.-
Um. That is all. I guess. Maybe more later.

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