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Friday, June 27th, 2003
1:30a - Icon?
I was playing around in PSP and made this icon. I think P will like it because of the whole Necro thing. I was tempted to make a Druid icon, but the illustrations of the Druid looked.. weird.

Oh, and my Druid has new Rare Antlers, thanks to P. +2 to all Druid skills is NICE. :D Add that to my +1 to all Elemental skills amulet, and I have 4 points in all elemental skills without having to actually waste all the points in there. *nod*

Druid = happy. ^^

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1:41a - HELLO!!!!
I Heart Diablo, I am a diablo addict. I've played it through 2x so far. And I have a Druid, and he is awesome. :oD Bye for now!

current mood: awake

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