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Barbie's Journal

13th April, 2004. 3:15 pm.

ryt from now on sarah is DEAD from blurty...note; barbie is dead, and sarah is not carrying on blurty anymore.i am taking the wise words of alex sharp "blurty is dangerous!" which i have unfortunalty found out. this diary has bin great for me! it lets ppl c the real me without physically trying. but NO more.sorry but if u r interested in what is happenin in my semi boring life..then email away! but from now on.i am leaving blurty forever! no more updates, no more comments. just ME! and i dnt wana b called barbie anymore.i dnt have a problem with the name barbie or sarah.but i am me.and i am gona start acceoting tht Sarah is born! (resurrected!) good luck in yr life. and with evrything u try/chieve....always here! :)

Current mood: accomplished.
Current music: incubus...sick sad little world.

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