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Barbie's Journal

14th February, 2004. 11:11 pm. so sick, so sick of being tired and OH so tired of being sick!

well i'm feeling rly good today! Apart from the fact tht i dint rly see mari and kerrie a lot today. i dint tlk to them on my break a lot, it was quite a shock to see them to be honest i thought they'd still have wigged out, i was so sure tht they wud be mastering the art of tequila shots again in the morning but suprisingly they werent! WIKID Tequila Shots rule mothafucking ass dude!
Any hows, i spent my day at work doing bugger alkl but offering myself to them to do extra hours...allowing me to have money and'll only be a little bit but what i dop manage to do will be so cool! Then after work i met up with martin. <3<3<3 and we went on a SKITTLES rampage! but we cudbnt find any...muthafucking shops neeed to start stocking the rainbow sweets! then we went to see "Haunted Mansion" all i say is WTF!!!! it was rly short and just really obvious and predictive. didnt watcyh a lot of it. spent our time talking to eachother and being "boyfriend and girlfriend" to be honest it was the first time in my life that i had felt like sum1 wanted to be with me, just to BE with me. that was cool and it was so fun sitting in the cinema with sum1 u rlylike and just sit there kissing not giving any shining shits who could be watching coz they kno nothin about the kind of relationship u have all they think is that u r deeply in love! WIKID! i felt rly cool today when we're on our own i feel gd about myself! for example, he kept putting his hand on my belly and i kept pushing or pulling it away and he was like "why ru self conscious about yr tummy" and was telling me tht he loved me and he loved everything about me and that he is so happy with me. its like all my dreams coming true at once. i am happy, i want this one to last a long log time, i just feel tht it is so much of a struggle to get his group and the girls together it is sooooo hard! i just want everyone to be as happy as me! ;)
Happy Valentines day to every1 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KELLY!
Love every1

Current mood: happy.
Current music: The osbournes back ground music...dunno.

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