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Sunday, October 24th, 2004
8:49 am - Day 1 - Ready to Roll
Yep, so here we go. Day one... so far it feels like any other day. I know it's not.... because a day without junk food is not normal... in time it will be. I set up diet power - and once again my goal is 199 by October 1st, 2005. My calories intake is around 1955 a day. Of course once I add in aerobic exercise regularly and such, it will change. For the moment though, that's my goal. I went shopping yesturday with my boyfriend... and we read labels, and decided on healthier foods. It was nice to have someone there with you to hold your hand through it all.

I also got some different exercise dvds - taebo of course, which is my favorite.... and some pilates and yoga. Try em all out.... decide what I like to do.

I'm feeling tired today from lack of doing anything yesturday.... so that means I've got to make a diffrence today.

So, for the moment, I'm off. Wish me luck and support....

Day one...


current mood: anxious
current music: Jet - Look what you've Done

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Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
12:21 pm - First Impressions...
Well now... my first Journal entry. Amazing. Anyhow... I guess I should explain who I am ... and what I am doing:

Name: Cecilia Monroe (No relation...)
Gender: female
Age: 20
Occupation: Sales

Height: 5' 4"
Weight : 260 lbs
Pant size: sz 22-24
Top size: sz 20-24

And now... what I am doing. I started this journal in a final effort to help me lose weight and become more physically fit. As you can see, I'm like twice the size I should be for my height. This causes a lot of problems for me in daily life. Thus, I am going to change things once and for all...

and I don't mean just what I eat, and exercise. It's about attitude and emotion too, both of which I need to rethink.

How am I going to do this you might ask?

With a few tools

This Journal
A program called diet power that helps me keep track of what I eat
A variety of workout tapes and exercises machines.
Lots of support from family and friends.
Will and desire to make my life worth living again.
A notebook to keep track of everything

Honestly, I've been overweight since I was a kid. For years I kinda hide it well... until I got out of high school. I've balloned up 4 sizes, and I feel worse than ever. So it's time for a change.

When will this start? I think it already has... but my official date to start this new program is

October 24th 2004.

I figured it's better to start setting everything up early.

My Goal:

To be better in shape and lose weight. I am hoping to be belwo 200 lbs by next October. That gives me about a year to achieve this. 60 lbs in a year? I know I can do it.

I will be writing atleast once a week on how I am doing... emotions, thoughts, the good things and the bad.

I am ready to do this.
I will do this.
It's no longer an option.
It's a goal.


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