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=( [19 Mar 2005|12:54pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Last night, i got into a car reck....

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"Other Chicks" [12 Mar 2005|06:40pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

I know you and her got something goin on,and I respect that,but you gotta admit,there's something between us..

Everything I want,you got it,
And I must admit that I'm..excited,
That girl aint right for you,
See I'm the type for you,
And what I'd like to do is chill...Feel me?

So let a girl be down and come and get with me,
No time to play around cus Im for real baby,
Im Feelin everything you do,
You know that you can win this too,
So lets..keep it real..
Cus I dont...

I dont care about them other chicks,
I wanna be the one only one that can get close to you,
I dont care about them other chicks,
Cus they aint gonna do all the things Ima do for you,
I dont care who you dealing with,just wanna know that you find a girl gon be down for you,
So forget about them other chicks,
Just forget about them other chicks.

By the Days when the song used to make you say
Ohhh what you do to me,
Im Feelin you so much its jus gettin like
Whoahh a fantasy,
Im day dreaming bout your love everyday and I must say that its on and its crazy..

So let a girl be down and come and get with me,
No time to play around cus Im for real baby,
Im Feelin everything you
do,You know that you can win this too,
So lets..keep it real..Keep it reallll..

Boy you got me trippin cus I dont wanna you know,
Everytime I think about ya,be without ya,best thing gon do..

Wanna be Wanna be ya girl,
You should get with me not her,
Gotta roll wit me come on,and help me sing my song...
Ready ready ready to get it poppin no stoppin so let me know is this what you want..ready ready,ready to get it poppin
after we can make it hot so baby come on
I dont care,
Baby come on...

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I LOVE YOU GUYS! [12 Mar 2005|02:47am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

OK... Last night, i had my frist waffle. Zach and Sarah were there to experience it. Carmen also was there but at another table.. So this is my thoughts about that. One, pancakes and french toast are still WAY better, and i don't think i need to ever have a waffle again.

Today! was a good day, a really good day, cause i got to go out with my DZ girls. I love them, they are so great. I went to Cullowhee Idol, and watch Anthea sing, god im going to miss her when she graduates. and ima miss the other girls when i go to Hofstra University =(.
Anyways then i went to a birthday party of one of the girls, and started drinking me some liquor. But, The party was busted almost as soon as i got there (Fucking po pos)
I really truely love my DZ girls.

SO here's the plan... I am going to Summer School in Hofstra University. So that i can find a job, and settle in there for a little, and that is pretty much garanteed to happen.

Then i am going to come back to Western for the Fall Semester and spend one last session with all my friends here. (im getting lots of pictures and making two big ass books, maybe three, One for DZ, One for Western in General, and One for my "Stoner" friends) so that i can keep the memories of them, and keep inttouch with them.

Then, come december I AM OUTTA HERE! i am transfering for good to Hofstra University. So that is were i have decided to have my life, in Long Island, where is almost always has been. Im so mad that i left in the first place heh. Also when i get to Hofstra, my first order of business is to start DZ there. Semester 1 Spring 2006 will be the opening of Delta Zeta (i dunno what our chapter is going to be because i dunno what number chapter we will be) but im going to be so happy being a little turtle with all new girls.

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... [12 Feb 2005|11:58am]
never make someone a priority when to them you are only an option
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Journal Plans [23 Dec 2004|02:29pm]
i am collecting various things that represent me, to make a kick ass colage outta it.

then ima use that for my background, and yes it'll include pictures of me =), and ima do two forms, one for this journal, and one for my live journal (i write more in that one) and it's gonna be a nice one too
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